Broken Angel

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:: This is the first time I write something for Supernatural and also the first time I did a slash story. Seeing Dean and Castiel together inspired me.

:: Spoilers for S05x01 – Sympathy for the Devil


Rain was wildly hitting the window and thunder was roaring endlessly, as if Zeus and Hera were having an undomestic war or better, wild sex. Sam had volunteered himself to grab something from the nearest diner ten minutes prior. Dean suspected that his brother had had enough of his ranting. Dude, even a PMS-in chick couldn't be half as bad as you, was Sam's parting goodbye.

"Michael's vessel, huh? Well, I'm not some cheap motel room that can be rented away anytime they feel like it," Dean barked, directing the words at Castiel's reflection in the mirror. "It a great honor my ass. Maybe they should put a damn freaking advertisement on the paper and see how many people would die to be an angel's condom,"

Castiel looked at him solemnly. With those kicked puppy eyes, stubbly cheek, coat and a grim expression that never seemed to waver from his feature, Cas could have easily been mistaken for someone who had just returned from a funeral. "I hate it, Cas. Your people are playing with my life, with Sam's life. It's like we're a couple of fuckin Barbie dolls!" His breath came in short, ragged gasps while his body was shaking from repressed anger. His face was contorted with guilt, pain and anguish. "I don't even know what I have done to deserve this great honor," Dean spat sarcastically. "I have this huge responsibility on my shoulders, why can't they see that I'm a weak sonofabitch, a nobody!" What had started off as a vent about heaven's plan for taking over his body was swiftly turning to self-deprecation. Images of his failures from the past few years were running in front of his eyes like an old movie reel, haunting him, tormenting him.

The angel that had pulled Dean out of hell stepped forward and stopped behind him. Cas put his hands around Dean's forearms, giving him a firm pull until he stood up straight. Being a few inches shorter and less well built, Cas' head stopped just right beneath his chin.

Outside a thunder howled and the nearly blinding light filtered into the room. It was a dear reminiscence of how Cas had revealed his wings to clinch his identity as an angel of God in Dean's mind not so long time ago. Only now they're really there.

Castiel's wings were wide and white with tints of darkish grey. The dim street light escaping the closed curtain illuminated his wings, emphasizing their beauty and strength. It was a heart wrenching sight.

The way Cas was standing behind him created an illusion that the wings belonged to Dean. If only he was in a better mood he might have cracked up laughing at the imagery. Now he could hardly utter a word.

"You're strong, Dean. You're here because God believes that you can save people. I believe in you and in time I trust you're going to have faith in yourself," Cas' whisper was followed with a soft kiss on the back of his neck.

Dean inhaled deeply, soaking himself in Cas' presence. "You're my angel,"

"No Dean, you're mine,"


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