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Pairing: Creddie, C/OC, and Seddie friendship.

"And that's how you shoot hamburger out of your nose." Applause broke from Sam's blue remote. Both Carly and Sam took their bows, and Freddie rolled his eyes in amusement. As long as he lives, he could never get tired of these shows.

"Join us next time on iCarly," the brunette chimed in.

"And we're clear." Freddie Benson said after hitting a few buttons on the computer. Carly took a few swigs of water to rehydrate herself. "That was one of the best shows yet." The boy of the trio exclaimed.

"Tell me something I don't know Fredward." Freddie opened up his mouth to retaliate, but Carly interjected.

"Don't you guys have something better to do than fight?" She asked slightly annoyed. This fighting of theirs has continued over the last three years. She figured that they should be over it by now. When they started to spout off excuses Carly simply shook her head. Spencer took that moment to enter the room. He grabbed Carly and pulled her into a bear hug.

"That's my little sister."

"Hey Spencer, can we go to the Groovy Smoothie?"

"I don't see why not, " they all took off towards the door, "As long as you bring me back a smoothie!" He yelled after them, but reality hit him that he probably wouldn't be receiving a smoothie later.

The Groovy Smoothie had been their top hang out spot after the show for years. The place was jammed packed of memories from their freshman and sophomore years. The three teens sat down and stared daunted at the long line for Smoothies. T-Bo had a special going on which included buy two smoothies, get one free.

"I get the free one," Sam declared. Freddie turned to Carly.

"Want me to go in line?"

"No, I'll go." Freddie handed her his share. "Promise not to kill each other while I'm gone?"

"I can't promise that." Sam said in a monotone voice. Carly rolled her eyes. Freddie wasn't in….immediate danger.

"The usual?" Both friends nodded and she turned back to the line. Fifteen minutes passed before she reached the front of the line where T-Bo stood.

"The usual?" He asked slightly amused at the amount of time they spent in his store. She handed over eight dollars for the three smoothies. When she went to turn to bring the smoothies to her table, she ran smack into someone knocking her and Freddie's smoothies all over the guy's shirt and shoes. Carly's mouth fell agape, words trying to drown out, but she had failed. When her body registered what had happened, she rushed to get napkins. It wasn't till then, that she realized the massive problem, she had spilled smoothies on a really hot guy.

"I'm so sorry." She heard herself say.

"T-Bo, get me two of whatever she ordered, my treat."

"You don't have"-

"I want to. I mean what kind of person would I be if those people didn't get their smoothies. Who are you here with?" Carly pointed towards her table.

"So you're here with your boyfriend and best friend."

"He's not my boyfriend, just my best friend." She corrected nervously.

"So you're single then." His blue pools caught her eyes as a wildfire of color spread across her cheeks.

"Yes," he flashed a smile.

"What am I thinking," his eyes dazzled with delight. "I'm Travis Henderson," the blonde hair blue eyed beauty of a boy smoothly introduced.

"Carly Shay," she said the blush becoming permanent on her cheeks.

"You go to Ridgeway right?"

"Yeah, and I also do a web show called iCarly."

"I'll check it out sometime." He flashed another smile.

"Here you go Carly." T-Bo interrupted. She started to leave, but then he gently grabbed her shoulder.

"I hope this isn't too fast, but can I have your number?" His voice made her heart skip a beat. She smiled; he seemed like a good guy.

"20-49-0518" She recited.

"Thanks, see you around Carly Shay." Carly felt like she couldn't breathe as she walked back to the table.

"Who was that, and where can mama get some?" Sam greeted Carly taking her smoothie. Freddie grabbed his smoothie and place d it in front of him, only to cross his arms in defense. He saw the guy, but he didn't like how he was looking at Carly.

"Well what did he want?"

"Well I ended up spilling our smoothies on him, and he was nice and introduced himself, he goes to Ridgeway, and he's going to check out iCarly."

"Nice, and then what?" Sam asked hanging on practically every word.

"Then he asked me for my number." Her face became flushed once again, her eyes found the table really interesting at the point.

"Did you give it to him?" There was a slight bitterness to her voice.

"No, no, of course not." Sam picked up on her little white lie, but didn't call her out on it. She knew that Carly was only protecting Freddie which was confirmed when Carly gave him a small smile when he gave a sigh of relief. The moment was interrupted by Freddie's phone ring. The name mom flashed across his screen.

"I need to get this." He excused himself from the table.

"So when is he going to call you?" Carly shrugged.

"He said later."

"Why didn't you tell Freddie the truth?"

"Because I don't want to hurt him Sam"-


"Hey guys, my mom wants me to run a couple of errands before the rehearsal. I'll see you at rehearsal." He said goodbye to both girls. Sam watched Carly and Freddie hug. Freddie was in a kind of longing state. She bit her lips in slight bitterness, but not because of what people might think. She knew Freddie would die instantly for Carly without a second thought. She was angry that Carly would blow that off. She would give anything for a boy of that devotion. She hated to admit it, but she had awful taste in guys. She felt depressed as she counted the last two years of her dating experience. There was only one guy who didn't end up cheating on her. Carly had all of the luck with the guys. Her eyes turned towards her best friend in the entire world. When her eyes lingered on Carly she felt a weird feeling shot down her spine. She felt as if something was going to go terribly wrong. Her face flushed of color. As Freddie headed to the door, Carly turned back to her.

"Sam-Sam, what's wrong?"


"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, brain freeze." She lied. Carly continued to talk about her experience with Travis, Sam couldn't shake the feeling. Her words backfired.

"You'll get used to it; soon you'll won't feel it at all."

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