Chuck Verses The Future.
Introduction, Disclaimer & Teaser.

Authors introduction:-
I should really finish another story rather than start this one. Problem is good ideas seem to come all too fast. This came about because of a couple of shows I've been able to keep up with via iTunes.

I like Chuck. It's a fun and entertaining show that tells a good story and you have fun watching it. It's balanced, fun light hearted moments mixed with intense drama. Most impressive to me is how it keeps its arc plot in the air and juggles character development with jokes. I love the way that it is continuously developing, but is still easily understandable to newcomers.

Another show I like, this one met an early end thanks to Fox, is Terminator; the Sarah Connor Chronicles. It's complex, interesting and intelligent. A far better follow up to T2 than Terminator 3 or Salvation My problem is it shouldn't have been given a 22 episode second season. Ten or twelve episodes would have done the same job, but would have kept it snappier and trimmed a lot of the fat. It would also have slashed the budget, giving us a third and maybe fourth season to watch.

So here's my crossover for the two shows. Hope you enjoy.

I do not own any of the characters used here. Chuck belongs to Warner Bros. and strangely so does Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. so this isn't that far fetched if you stop to think about it.


'This is such a bad idea.' Chuck muttered to himself, peaking around an SUV. He should have just let it be, but after a flash like that curiosity got the better of him. Forgetting that's what got the cat in trouble Chuck followed the three people across the parking lot.

They had just been leaving the Buy More when he saw them and flashed. Sarah Connor; escaped mental patient, wanted by the FBI for the destruction of Cyberdyne Systems, the murder of Miles Bennett Dyson as well as any number of smaller crimes from theft to out right terrorism. Her son, John Conner, wanted for just as many attacks, helped out with the bombing, fraud, embezzlement and a handful of other petty crimes. Thing was they were both supposed to be dead.

The third was a girl, Chuck had only one image of her in his head from the intersect. It was from a bank robbery all three had been involved in that went wrong. They were seen on the security monitors and locked themselves in the vault. When the police got there a massive explosion destroyed the place. Supposedly taking them with it.

As usual all this hit him at once. Then the next wave hit him, before the explosion Casey was part of a team ordered to "extract" the Conners if the FBI ever found them. If he was curious before now he was going to get answers. Like why an NSA agent was supposed to pick up a family of crazies.

So Chuck did what anyone would. He followed them. Still, he wasn't a complete idiot, pulling out his phone Chuck tapped speed dial as he ducked behind a car. After two rings he picked up. 'Casey, it's Chuck.'

'I know who it is moron. Did you flash?'

'You got it and it was weird.' Chuck whispered, poking his head over the bonnet. Does the name Sarah Connor mean anything to you?'

'Only in a dangerous psychotic terrorist way.' Casey on the other end paused. 'Moron, you're not...'

'They were just in the Buy More. Get this, they bought a laptop and a kettle.' Chuck explained as he ducked behind another car. 'Connor, her son and a girl that was at the bank that blew up.' Standing up he crept past another pickup truck.

'Get back here idiot.' The NSA agent growled.

'One min...' Chuck never got a chance to finish. Something hard and fast came from his left. Next thing he knew he was on the floor, a sort of fuzzy blackness in the corner of his eye. Blinking he was able to make out a sort of shape stepping out from the other side of the truck. It was tall, man shaped and had a shotgun. Seeing this Chuck tried to crawl back, away from the shape, but the darkness swamped him.

'What the hell?' Sarah asked, coming up besides Derek. 'It's just a clerk.'

'Nerd Herd.' John corrected. 'They're like tech guys. If you've got a problem with a computer they can help you fix it.' Sarah looked at her son, raising an eyebrow. 'I was thinking summer job. You know, something to keep me out of trouble.'

'That's really helped.' She sighed at him. It was a good idea, bringing a little bit more money in the house would help and it kept the image of just a normal family. But now she had this to deal with. 'So what do we do with him now? Sarah asked before she caught the look in Cameron's eye Knowing what the Cyborg was thinking she stopped it. 'That not being an option.'

End Teaser