Couldn't resist this: the final AN.

Some of you guys hate me for the ending, and I'm sorry. But this way, Tigerstripe completely redeemed himself. StarClan might not have considered him totally redeemed, even though he made the right choice by refusing Tigerstar; by sacrificing himself for Foxfire and his kits, he proved that he was not Tigerstar, and that he had become a different cat entirely, thereby securing himself a place in StarClan. I had to think long and hard about the ending, but I think I made the right choice.

I didn't want TR to end on simply a sour note, so I expanded the Epilogue; originally, there wasn't going to be one at all. This way you all saw a glimpse of the future, a sign that things returned to normal for all four Clans, and that through his actions, Tigerstripe had helped save the forest.

Swiftpaw, Blackheart, and the other goodies that died all made it to StarClan; I was going to have them welcome Tigerstripe "home" to StarClan, but I thought it would be more powerful if it was his father that did, the cat that he had always wanted to see and know.

I wanted to give you guys a huge thank you, for standing by me the last month (month and a half, almost?). Coming home to your reviews and love always made my day. 3 This story was a huge experiment for me, as it was the first fanfic I ever actually intended to complete, and the first one that I used canon characters. Apparently I did something right, according to the number of reviews: IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND~

It was also an experiment because I've never killed off characters before, honestly. Even in role-play I would hang on to them, building up a mass of characters. This time though, I had to let some of them go, although rest assured they all (or almost all) made it to StarClan in the end.

Now, to reply for the final time to my lovely reviewers:

Cinderpaw, I'm sorry I made your head explode. Even though this story is over, there's more to come, I promise! Not about Unke Tiggystwipe, but other cats. I think you'll love them too.

Rhavis, I'm sorry I made you cry, but Tigerstripe is dead, yes, but he's still there. He didn't disappear, he still exists, and he'll be waiting for Foxfire so they can be together in StarClan forever. Who could ask for anything greater than an eternity of love?

Ultraviolet, I'm going to point up to what I said to Rhavis. ;)

Ally, I'm glad you appreciated the ending. And of course I had to use Dusk-kit, you were my first big fan. Love ya~

N/N, Blackheart, eh? Sounds interesting. I could do that some time in the future, but I've got four warriors fics, plus a LK, plus a Poke fic planned. Fics are pouring out of my ears…but I'll think on it. ;)

Warriors06, I can actually see myself doing that. If it is any consolation, I'll keep writing in general until I'm that age. ;)

Foxleap, you summed it up beautifully. Thank you.

Now, there are a few details that never got cleared up, and if you want to debate them or something, feel free:

Did Gingerpaw make it to StarClan? Was it Tigerstar that helped Tigerstripe to save Foxfire, thereby redeeming himself in the Dark Forest a bit? Or did StarClan help? And is Streamstar dead, or lurking out there somewhere…?