Emmett: The Right to Fear

"Jasper, Peter and Charlotte sent Rensemee a gift, please don't let her open it in front of you." Alice said coming in with the mail.

"Why not?" Jasper asked as he saw a wrapped package with a fake address to Renesmee, they knew were Edward and Bella lived, why would they send it here?

"They think they are being funny, when they are really not." Alice explained as he shook it and heard movement, he couldn't help but wonder what it was, he knew his niece was coming this afternoon but unsure on how soon. He was determined to find out what they would send her that Alice wouldn't want him to see.


"Here you go Renesmee." Jasper smiled giving the poorly wrapped gift to Renesmee.

"Jasper…."Alice warned.

"How about we open this when we get home?" Edward suggested reading Alice's mind.

"No, I want to see what it is." Japer said as Renesmee opened it up to see brightly colored plastic snakes sticking out of the box.

"What the?" Jasper jumped as everyone turned to stare at him, everyone apart from Bella and Renesmee weren't surprised by Jasper's reaction to this gift.

"What happened?" Emmett said coming in to see Jasper as far away from the box as possible.

"Nothing, Peter thinks he's being funny, now let's get that box out of my sight. Shall we?" Jasper politely suggested as Bella went to get the box and closed it.

"What did he send her?" Emmett asked taking the box, opening it and started to laugh. "Yes, he was being funny."

"Jasper…..are you scared of….plastic snakes?" Bella asked confused.

"No, I just can't stand the sight of ones." Jasper said firmly. "They are the just tiny slithery little pests that deserve to be wiped of the face of the earth. Peter knows I feel this way, as a matter of fact that's how we became friends."

"Do you mind explaining a bit more?" Bella asked confused.

"Every time Maria made us move to a new place, I would take Peter aside and tell him to get rid of all the snakes. He would ask why, and I would replay explaining how unnecessary they are. He would proceed to ask why we can't just let them slither. I then pointed out if we do that, then I would have see them, so shut up and get rid of them like I ordered you."

"How did that…." Bella asked even more confused by this.

"Well, one time, he let one go, and I saw it, it was big and its tongue was pointing at me as it rattled. He watched as I jumped to the roof and killed it for me. We then made a deal, I let him live and won't tell Maria about my snake problem." Jasper stuttered.

"I know, I really shouldn't be asking about your experiences in the South, but I do have one question." Bella interrupted. "What exactly did you tell her?"

"I told her, he could be of use, to keep an eye on those venomous creatures that we can't control, and we let her form her own idea. She never caught on that tiny, little, back slithering creatures scared the hell out of me." Jasper smiled. "Now, why don't we all burn the box?"

"Edward, remember when we figured this out?" Emmett let out a laugh.

Prince Edward Island, 1960

It was a simple afternoon, I was sitting at a desk reading a car magazine listening to The Drifters when out of nowhere, I heard a blood curdling scream coming from Rosalie making me rush instantly downstairs, as she flew up the basement and at my side in an instant.

"What happened?" I asked extremely worried.

"Sn-sn-snake!" Rosalie screeched pointing down the basement stairs with her nails pressing in my arm.

"What?" I asked. "Was that what all the commotion was about."

"Yes," Rosalie said coming to my side, I smiled that she wanted me to defend her. "down there, in the basement coming right up to me."

"You do know they can't harm vampires?" I asked as she nodded hastily.

"But it put its tongue at me." She said as I let out a laugh, finding this rather amusing.

"Don't laugh, kill it!" Rosalie demanded instantly coming to my side for protection as Jasper and Alice came in.

"What's wrong?" Jasper asked as he felt Rosalie's emotions.

"She found a snake in the basement." I said trying not to embarrass her.

"O-Oh," Jasper said stuttering. "Is it still down there?"

"Yes." I answered as I notice him standing up straight.

"W-Why?" Jasper asked as his voice shook.

"I don't know, we need to get rid of it though." Rosalie answered.

"Jasper do you mind helping me out?" I asked looking towards him.

"No." Jasper let out a gulp as I went to get a bag to let the thing loose, we dealt with snakes all the time in Tennessee, so it was a very small thing. "But why don't we wait for Edward, I think that's a very, very good idea. That way I can keep Alice calm because right now she's very terrified."

"I am?" Alice looked over confused.

"Yes," Jasper stuttered quickly. "you are shaking, I can feel it."

"I am." Alice said at ease but still very confused.

"Or we can just catch it now." I suggested, this was a rather simple task but will need more the one person, one to scare it and another to catch it.

"Yes, but Edward can read its mind and tell what is doing?" Jasper answered.

"It should take no more than a couple minutes," I said as he nodded. "Let me get ready." He went upstairs.


We were in the basement, I felt a tap behind me and found Jasper with kitchen gloves and a hockey stick. "What's that for?"

"To catch the snake." Jasper answered.

"A hockey stick?" I questioned.

"Yes, so we won't have to actually touch it." Jasper answered as if it was obvious.

"Alright." I answered confused as we went down the stairs, I notice him slowly creep down the stairs behind me.

"I think I smell it." I said as I felt a type grip on my shoulders, Jasper was holding on to my shoulder tighter than I ever felt. I let out a laugh, wondering who someone from Texas would be so bothered by snakes.

"So how old were you when you became the youngest major in Texas?" I had to ask him out of the blue seeing he refused to get off the bottom step.

"Stonewall Jackson was scared his organs would collapse if he sat down, I can be scared of a snake." Jasper snapped quickly.

"That doesn't have to do with anything." I asked confused out of all the fears I think Jasper would have, this wouldn't be one of them. "You're from Texas, you spent years deep in battle, yet your scared of snakes."

"Well….when I was five." Jasper started.

"Oh, my god." I said instantly.

"My father took me hunting," Jasper continued. "We were in the desert, and I fell in a hole, and in it was snakes tons of them, crawling on me, with their rattles. They were crawling on me, with their tongues pointing to me."

"Oh, my did you survive?" I asked sarcastically.

"Then my father, and his men came and they shot at them, killing them, in front of me. Yet, their bodies stayed, straying at me." Jasper then stopped thinking about it. "Now I'm going back upstairs." I turned went upstairs to see Jasper rushing out, I followed him, and saw him running into Edward and Carlisle coming home.

"What's going on?" Edward asked as they notice Jasper standing staring at the basement door.

"Is everything alright?" Carlisle asked noticing the tension in Jasper's face.

"There is a snake in the basement." I explained trying not to laugh. "Carlisle, I think you should have Jasper stand on the washing machine and shoot it."

"Why?" He asked looking towards me confused as Edward read my mind.

"It might help Jasper overcome some old childhood memories." Edward answered.

"Would you two be quiet?" Jasper ordered instantly, then look towards Carlisle.

"I'll go down and find it," Carlisle said as I shrugged going down to help him, we all went down as Jasper remained on the landing of the stairs looking down.

"Edward!" He called holding onto to his arm. "What is it thinking?"

"It's thinking about going up to your room, and attacking you in your sleep." Edwards said sarcastically. "I don't know, it's a reptile."

"And it's not here." Carlisle said as he looked through the basement.

"What?" Jasper exclaimed.

"It's not here." I answered looking at every box we had, I couldn't see it, and I couldn't smell it.

"Well, were did it go." Jasper said still holding onto Edward.

"Probably to a secret den to alert the comrades." Edward was truly getting annoyed with Jasper's thoughts.

"If you have been through, what I have been through, you would not question my fears." Jasper said instantly.

"Are talking about the first eighty years of your immortal life, the Civil War, or being shot at by your father in a snake pit?" I asked.

"Didn't you get freaked out by these things?" Jasper asked standing between us.

"Yes, Chicago, being filled with the wild creatures." Edward answered. "They just laid their eggs in the smoke stacks."

"You, Emmett?" Jasper asked.

"We ate them," I answered giving a glimpse of honesty about Appalachian life during the Great Depression.

"Alright, boys, quit teasing him, when Esme get's home we will be sure to tell you and find it so…Jasper can find some peace with himself." Carlisle said nervously, we could tell he found it amusing but trying hard not to show it.

"Hello." We heard Esme coming in.

"Esme," Rosalie came rushing down the stairs right away. "Come on, we're going shopping."

"What?" Esme asked confused as Rosalie handed her gloves before she had time to take back her coat.

"There is a snake in here, we're going shopping." Rosalie demanded instantly with her purse ready to go.

"Carlisle?" Esme called with mature but shaken voice.

"Yes, Dear?" Carlisle said as we all came to Esme with a smile; it was easy to see the nervous tension hiding behind it.

"I heard there's a snake in my house," She said calmly. "Is that right?"

"Yeah, it's in the basement." I answered shrugging.

"Oh, and did you find it?" She asked with a wide smile.

"No, when I went down to the basement, it wasn't there." Carlisle answered.

"Oh, well, perhaps it went out, that's a possibility….right?" Esme asked shaking her head.

"Well, it depends; those things can fit anywhere not to mention they are wicked fast and great at hiding." I smiled as Esme nodded. "Trust me when I was a kid, I would find those things curled sleeping in my shoes, sometimes they would be right under the floor." I then notice Esme put her foot up and looked towards Carlisle.

"Honey, may I speak with you alone." Esme smiled walking nervously past Carlisle. "Now, it won't take long."

"Alice," Rosalie yelled instantly getting her coat.

"You're leaving the house because of the snake?" I asked.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I am." Rosalie answered as I shook my head. "And you're going to stay here and get rid of it for me."

"Why should I do that?" I asked trying not to laugh.

"Because that's your job." Rosalie answered simply.

"Since when did I become an exterminator?" I asked pulling her close to me.

"When you were born," Rosalie answered promptly coming up to kiss me. "As the man it's your job to get rid of anything that creeps, crawls or squirm so we woman don't have to look at them."

"Says the one who just gave the man at the gas station a lecture on women's liberation." I smiled at her.

"But that's different." Rosalie explained.

"I don't understand." I stated trying not to laugh.

"Men were created to get rid of these things, so we woman won't have to deal with them. If we could, then humans would be able to reproduce on their own." Rosalie answered. "It's just a fact of life. Alice!"

"What?" She asked coming down.

"Come on, we're going shopping." Rosalie ordered.

"Alright, how long will it be?"

"It depends whenever Emmett finds the snake." Rosalie answered simply.

"What?" She asked coming down putting on her flats.

"We're leaving." Rosalie answered simply. "We are going shopping."

"Well, alright is Esme going with us?" Alice asked nervously.

"Most likely because I heard her freaking out over the snake when Carlisle told her." Edward said coming in. "Perhaps you should see if Jasper wants to go too."

"Alright, I'll ask him." Alice smiled as Esme came back to get her coat.

"Rosalie, I had a little conversion with Carlisle, don't worry, the snake will be gone by the time we come back." Esme said simply.

"Good." Jasper sighed relived as they all looked towards him.

"I just don't want it scaring Alice." Jasper backed up.

"What's there to be so scared of?" Alice asked confused.

"Because it slithers." Rosalie said shivering as if she had chills.

"Jasper, do you want to go with us?" Esme asked kindly seeing his discomfort.

"Yes, would you like to go shopping with the girls?" I asked sarcastically.

"I am sure you can do some bonding with them," Edward continued.

"You can go with us, if you really want to." Alice said excitedly. "There's a sale at umm…..Rosalie, what's the name of the store we like going to? The one with the pink..."

"No, thank you, I'm fine." Jasper answered quickly glancing towards Edward and I who were finding this quite amusing.

"Are you sure?" Alice asked disappointedly.

"Yes, I am very sure," Jasper answered looking back towards Edward. I could tell he was thinking of telling his future mate Edward enjoys shopping, because every time he made one of those remarks, he had the exact same face I did.

"Alright, well, I'll miss you." She came up and kissed him on the cheek and they left. I then want to give Rosalie a kiss as they left quickly.

"Let's go hunting." Jasper said instantly.

"I think Esme made it very clear that we are not to go anywhere in less we are buying something to get the snake." Edward explained.

"How do you know, you weren't even here?" I asked finding a bit humorous that this little slithery thing had chased two vampires out of the house and scared one of the toughest vampires I ever knew.

"Trust me, she made it clear that the snake is to be gone before she comes back." Carlisle nodded tiredly. "Alright, how are we going to get this thing out?" Carlisle said gathering everyone together.

"Call the zoo." Jasper answered.

"Jasper, that's where the snakes go to see real snakes," Edward explained.

"Animal control?" Jasper suggested.

"Jasper, we are not going to call anything that will involve a human coming in here when you're in this condition." Carlisle said firmly. "Now I am sensing it, and it's somewhere upstairs. Edward, do you have the bag?"

"Got it." Edward answered.

"Emmett do you have the stick?"

"Yep." I answered.

"Jasper, do you have control?" Carlisle asked looking towards him.

"Yes." He answered firmly as we went up stairs sensing were it was, it was so strange how fast these things travel, because an hour ago it was in the basement and now it somehow manage to make its way to Jasper and Alice's bedroom.

"What's it doing in there?" Jasper asked, now he was angry.

"Laying a nest." Edward said still being a bit sarcastic.

"What are we going to do?" Jasper asked looking towards me.

"Capture it….." I suggested as he slowly open the door.

"Do we have to touch it?" Jasper asked.

"I never thought I would say this to one of my sons, but don't worry, I will make sure the snake doesn't come near you." Carlisle said calming him down. "Emmett, Edward, why don't you two go in there and get the snake."

"Sure, no problem." Edward said as we came in. "I guess we can take on the problem in Jasper's bedroom."

"Shut up and get the snake out of there." Jasper said in one breath, I couldn't help but give Edward a pat on the back for that one and shame myself for not thinking of it myself.

"Alright, that's enough; get the snake out so when Esme comes back she it would be able to feel comfortable setting one foot in here." Carlisle explained as Jasper opened the door for us.

"It's by Alice's desk." Edward said pulling it out of the way.

"See it." I said as I grabbed the thing by the tale and let it wrapped around my hand taking it out to the hall, where Jasper stood and instantly back all the way to other room behind Carlisle.

"Don't worry, we'll take it far from here." I comforted him as Edward and I took the snake about a mile away setting it free, so Jasper could feel comfortable again.