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These will all be one shots based off a challenge found on Psychfic

This first one is I believe....that the people you care about most in life are taken from you too soon.

He wasn't awake, but he could smell her tropical shampoo. He turned his head and opened his eyes to find his beautiful wife. Now he was awake.

Juliet Spencer was still asleep, curled up in a little ball. Shawn loved how she slept. She was like a small child all squished and snuggled safe in the blankets. His fingers twirled her wavy hair that fell off the pillow.

It was fair game. It was no longer on her pillow, but on their bed. He twirled it as she turned to face him. She was still asleep. He smiled.

He went to the Santa Barbara Police Department to bring his lovely wife lunch. Her favorite order from Mr. Chang's: Sesame Chicken and fried ride.

He smiled as he saw her, looking grumpily at her caseload. He plopped the container on top of her work. "Det. Spencer, time for a lunch break!"

Juliet looked up and smiled. Shawn smiled back. He didn't need Chinese food, that smile filled him up. Lassiter looked over from his desk and sighed. They were a good couple, even he had to admit it.

He wasn't awake, but he could smell her tropical shampoo. He turned his head and tried with his eyes still closed to find her wavy hair that always fell off the pillow into the Switzerland territory. He couldn't find it. He grabbed her pillow instead and hugged it. He could still smell her.

He went to the Santa Barbara Police department to bring his lovely wife lunch. The usual from Mr. Chang's made anyone's day better.

When he walked in, he knew they were staring. They were all staring at him, to see what he would do. They wanted to see if he would crack a joke or break down in sobs. Well, what he was doing was delivering Chinese food.

He went straight to her desk and dropped the Chinese food on the stack of papers. He expected to see Juliet's smile. Instead it was some mousy haired woman with big glasses.

Shawn frowned. "Det. Spencer's lunch is here. Can you tell me where Chief has relocated her too? Most likely some nicer desk with a better chair."

The woman began to open her mouth, but someone intercepted.


"Lassie, where's my lovely wife?"

Lassiter sighed and lied. "She's busy interrogating someone."

Shawn nodded, knowing full well he lied. "Again." He laughed. It sounded so hollow and empty, even hoarse like it hadn't been used in awhile. It bothered Lassiter. "She's a hard worker. So wanna have some Chinese? She doesn't like her partner to starve."

Lassiter grabbed the Chinese food and Shawn followed him to the desk.

Lassiter looked at him seriously. Shawn tried to avert his eyes. He didn't need anyone searching his soul because Shawn knew what Lassiter would find in one second and Shawn didn't need it, especially not from Lassiter.

"Spencer, this is the third day you are pulling this. I can't eat anymore Chinese food."

Shawn nodded and plopped the Chinese container into the trash. "No problemo." Shawn patted Lassiter on the back and walked out. Lassiter noticed him rub his wedding ring just to make sure it was there before he waved to Buzz and exited out the doors.

The mousy haired woman looked at Lassiter, questioningly. "Detective? Isn't he the one with the really good memory, the one I heard about?"

Lassiter shook his head and looked at O'Hara's replacement. He twitched, staring at her. She, his partner, should have been sitting there, smiling stupidly at stupid Spencer who was her stupid husband. They should be eating their stupid Chinese food that was instead, sitting in his garbage.

"No. He's the one who just lost his wife. He's the one who just lost everything. Get back to work all of you."

He looked around the room as everyone stared at him. They were thinking the same thing they thought about Spencer and like Spencer, he didn't want their pity. He like Shawn just wanted one thing and the sesame chicken growing cold in the garbage and the mousy haired woman sitting in her desk was proof that they couldn't have it.

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