I believe... that just because two people argue, it doesn't mean they don't love each other and just because they don't argue, it doesn't mean they do love each other

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-I guess you'll see I kinda only applied this first half of the statement...oops

Juliet heard a tapping.

She was lying on her bed, reading a magazine, trying to distract herself from the earlier morning.

"Shawn the milk container is empty again…"

"No, it isn't."

"Yes, it is."

Shawn walked into the kitchen. "Let me see it." Juliet tossed up the air light container to him hoping that that would be enough of an answer for him. He proceeded to catch it, ignore its lightness and opened the container. He poked one of his eyes through the opening.

"Huh. I guess it is." He grinned and threw it back at Juliet. "Catch."

Juliet barely caught it and Shawn chuckled. "C'mon Jules I thought that we were both great softball players."

"Shawn." She put the container in the sink and turned toward him, arms crossed. Shawn's mind registered that this was her angry pose. Uh oh.


"Shawn, I really wanted milk."

"Just use some subsititute"

Juliet glared at him. "For my coffee. I don't think so."

"I'm sure you can."

Juliet sighed. "I'm gonna go in the shower."

An hour later… "SHAWN!" she screamed. Shawn looked up from the bed. Previously he had been viewing the food channel upside down.

"That's my name!" He said back.

"Did you forget to drop the heating bill off at the post office?"

Shawn flipped over and shrugged. He then flipped back over realizing she couldn't see him shrug. "Dunno, you asked me that yesterday? What do we even need a heating bill? We leave in Santa Barbara for pineapple sake."

Juliet stormed out of the shower, hair in towel while the rest of her body was just in her underwear, Shawn ginned foolishly. "I thought you were mad at me."

Juliet walked over to the bed and undid the towel, a stream of wet cold water into Shawn's eyes. "Ahh… Jules, you are still mad."

"You didn't pay it. Tell me psychic, how do you think I knew that?"

Shawn brought his hand up to his head. "The water dripping from your head is very cold."

"Great at least that part of the brain works. Question Shawn did you at least remember dinner tonight at your dads?"

"That was tonight?"

Juliet dragged her hand through her wet hair, the loose water spraying him. He groaned. "I take that as yes."

"Can we reschedule?"

"No. Your dad has dinner planned and I took off double duty for this."

"So you have dinner with him. He likes you better anyway."

"Shawnnn, can you just not be so…"

"So handsome...so awesome...so great." Shawn stopped speaking as Juliet's eyes seemed to resemble daggers, extra sharp daggers.

Shawn finished the statement taking the hint. "So none of the above."

"Yeah that's correct Shawn. I have to get ready for work and for that to happen, you need to leave the apartment."

"I don't see how that works."

"Your psychic, you should figure it out."

"Juliet, why are you throwing a Gus/Lassie/Henry fit?"

"Because Shawn I can finally see why they throw those fits."

"Ouch." Shawn picked himself off the bed and gave a half smile. "The spirits are telling me to leave."

"At like always, the spirits are right."

Juliet had gotten dressed, had black coffee, gone to work and quite frankly she was angry and miserable. She had even yelled at Buzz. She was surprised that even Shawn and Gus hadn't showed up to torment Lassiter. Actually she wasn't that surprised. She had been angry at Shawn and he had known that. They had never really fought before about such stupid things, but it was one thing after another and this time Shawn's charm didn't help win this time around.

The magazine was no longer captivating her attention. It also probably had to with the tapping.

She looked to her window as she heard it again. She saw something tap it. She got up and looked out her window. There was Shawn throwing pebbles at their window.

She sighed, slightly smiling, and opened the window, "Shawn what are you doing?"

"It is the east and the Juliet is the sun."

Juliet leaned on the ledge. "Rome where art thou?"

Shawn froze, flustered. "Juliet don't skip around."

"Why not?"

"Because Gus and I only rehearsed this one part."

"Poor Gus."

"Poor Gus? Poor me. I don't do so well with old English."

"Shawn. You can come back inside."

"If that is what my lady asks of me or something."

"I will like to formally invite you in."

"Sweet." Shawn dashed to the door and Juliet grinned as she closed the window. She would have to remember this next time when he forgot to buy the milk or to drop off the bill. Anyway as she heard the door open up, she didn't date him for his inability to remember to pick up milk, but it might have to do with his lovely quirks and that fabulous hair.