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'The meaning of seven Kisses' rated T to be safe. Pairings are:

Red/Inferno, Perceptor/IH, Jazz/Prowl, Skywarp/TC, Ratchet/WJ, Blue/Twins, Prime/?....Chapters are in order of pairings

First Pairing for this chapter is: Red Alert and Inferno

A kiss on the cheek means were just friends...

It was all the humans' fault he thought bitterly, swiping at another piece of tinsel as it fell into his face; again.

If only they had kept their little mouths shut then Bumblebee would not have learnt about this 'Christmas' and would not have then proceeded to beg Prime to celebrate this stupid Earth holiday. Prime had said it was a great opportunity to explore the traditions of their human hosts. 'Screw it' he thought angrily, he did not like the humans and he especially disliked their obsessive need to celebrate everything and anything, he also didn't like the fact that they had to urge to cover everything with 'decorations'.

He ripped down a garland as it hit him square in the face; these things had it in for him. He saw his companion Look at him in amusement quickly before continuing to talk nonsense; there was one upside to this holiday though, he mused. Mainly the sight of Sunstreaker being harassed by earth children claiming he'd be perfect as a Christmas star because he was so 'shiny' proved incredibly hilarious, the blackmail material was just an added bonus.

Red Alert was currently walking back to his quarters with Inferno trying to convince him that Christmas was 'the best thing ever!' He snorted slightly but quickly covered it with a cough as Inferno glanced at him in concern.

"Sump'n up Red?" Inferno asked his thick southern drawl laced with concern.

Red Alert looked up at him and was about to reply when two childish giggles cut him off. Both mechs turned to see Bluestreak and Bumblebee trying to, unsuccessfully, cover up their snickers.

"Do I want to know?" Red scowled, crossing his arms.

The two younglings, still chuckling, pointed to a spot above their heads. Both mechs looked up and Red Alert felt his jaw drop. Inferno's head was moving so quickly from Red's face to the younglings' it was a wonder he didn't get whiplash from it. Red however was staring at the mistletoe with a dawning look of horror filled amusement.

"You could just walk away…" Bumblebee grinned at them.

"But then you would have bad luck for the rest of the year" Bluestreak continued, smirking.

Red Alert snapped out of his trance to glare at him, then Bumblebee and finally Inferno.

"Wuh'd I do?!"

"You stood under it!" He snarled, pointing accusingly at the mistletoe.

"So did you!" Inferno argued looking slightly put out.

"Aren't they cute?" Bee asked a grinning Bluestreak, who nodded in reply.

"Well, what are you both waiting for?"

Red growled at them before facing Inferno, who was currently pleading with the young mechs who looked like they weren't about to relent anytime soon. Red Alert sighed and put a hand on Inferno's shoulder and used it as leverage to pull himself up to his friend's height. Inferno faced Red his intakes stuttering as he realised how close they were.

"You know you…" Inferno stopped speaking as Red Alert gently reached up to kiss his cheek.

The kiss was chaste and Red Alert was already disappearing around the corner when Inferno finally got his bearings again. Inferno shook himself and ran after Red Alert, his optics blazing.

Bumblebee and Bluestreak just grinned to each other knowingly.

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