Officially the longest chapter! Based on the original storyline for TF's (basically set before G1).
Because I'm using different terms for time than what I normally do I've decided to put up roughly what the terms equal in our time:
Mega Cycle (or mega for short) = 1 Day
Stellar Cycle = 400 days (1 year)
Vorn = 83 years
Quartex = ¼ of a Vorn
Orn = 13 days

Warnings: Light Slash/ Light Humour/ Established relationship.
Orion Pax (Optimus)/?

A kiss on the forehead means I want to be with you for the rest of my life…

Explosions rocked the golden city, the roars of the feverish crowd echoing in the silence after each blast.

A lone mech, barely out of his youngling frame, stood high above the charged mechs and femmes, wincing slightly as another loud boom vibrated the platform he was standing on and the jeers of the mob reached a passionate crescendo.

Royal blue hands gripped the railings of the balcony tightly as yet another blast racked and vibrated the buildings; he watched in awe as a multitude of colours, shapes and light danced across the skyline.

He smiled and almost felt the temptation to scream in delight with his fellow mechs at the positively brilliant display of fireworks. His red and blue frame glittered in the glow of falling lights, changing the white of his armour to a mixture of exotic hues.

The young mech leant forward in excitement; it was nearing his favourite part of the display, when the seekers themselves would take to the sky and perform daring maneuvers amidst the crackling fireworks. It was a site everyone in the city crowded to come and see, the beautiful and deadly seekers dancing through the skyline that they alone owned. It was amazing.

This was his favourite Mega of the Stellar Cycle…'Protos'.

One of the biggest Cybertronian Jubilee's only celebrated every Quartex; it was the celebration of their creation.

The mech jolted as another explosion interrupted his thoughts accompanied by an answering roar from the crowd, although he enjoyed the festivities of this holiday he was much more interested in the history of the event. Gold optics sparkled in amusement, he supposed the fact he was an archivist was proof enough how much Cybertron's history fascinated him.

'Protos' was a holiday named after the mythical moon where they're God and creator, Primus, was said to have created the very first robotic beings that would serve as the basis for The Thirteen. Great sons of Primus, birthed from the God's own spark, the very first of the Cybertronian race.


The data clerk paused in his musings to watch as the first Seeker trine took to the air, following the synchronized flight as best he could. They were magnificent, the Vosnians armour sparkled sinfully in the light as they twisted and turned, performing outrageous stunts to the delight of the crowd below them.

As the Seekers landed and bowed, receiving a round of thunderous applause from the crowd –and himself- he thought back on the story of this much-anticipated event.

The celebration was as much about their creation as it was about unity and faith. Though thirteen brothers originally existed and ruled Cybertron peacefully, one fell to shadow and corruption. The great Chaos God Unicron polluted and twisted the mind of the Prime, until nothing but madness and despair remained. Unicron convinced him that his brothers where plotting to kill him, the Prime enraged by this went after his brothers one by one until only he…The Fallen remained. Consumed by grief and guilt once he realized the depth of the Dark God's manipulation he ended his life to join his fellow Primes within the Matrix, safe from pain.

The legend of the Thirteen was told as a means to show the strength and bond of Brotherhood, how even though you may become hurt and lost during your life, the Matrix, Primus and all those who came before would accuse you of no wrong and welcome you to join them.

It was a tale of Unity shown before corruption, of the strength the Fallen had to finally throw off the chains of his damnation and of the faith that through whatever happens, there is a place where every weary soul comes to rest in eternal peace and love.

The archivist smiled slightly, he loved the tales of the Original Primes, of the true Primes. A true Prime hadn't existed on Cybertron since the originals; every Prime after them had been an elected government official chosen by the Senate of Iacon. Not even close to the legendary sons of Primus.

He pursed his lips, frowning in thought; he was one of the few who believed the thirteen Primes had really existed, as such he was a firm believer that Primes should be chosen by their God, not some power hungry old mechs who desired nothing but wealth and more power.

Golden optics shuttered in surprise before he began giggling to himself, Primus, he was starting to sound like his grumpy partner.

"Having fun are we Orion?"

Said mech jumped, whirling around to meet the fanged grin of the intruder. Calming himself Orion grinned back.

"Well I have to do something when your not here, skulking around like you do."

The larger mech scoffed, dropping a rather heavy looking bag by the balcony door.

"I do not skulk."

Orion chuckled as his partner strode towards him, sweeping him into a tight but quick hug.

"I brood."

"Oh?" The lithe red and blue mech laughed, "That's better than skulking is it?"

Amused red optics caught his own, "Of course it is, brooding makes me appear dark and menacing whilst skulking implies I'm some evasive coward."

"And of course your so scary darling." Orion quipped, pecking his love on the lips.

The darker mech laughed, the sound deep and rumbling.

"I thought you'd be out with the others tonight" He said, waving a general hand where the Seekers were still twirling around lazily.

A pleasant chuckle graced Orion's audios as the bigger mech turned away, back to the bag he had previously abandoned.
"I had better plans for this evening."

The mech stood, red optics glinting with triumph. He waved his prize in the direction of his little lover causing Orion to gasp in shock.

"Vosnian high grade?"

The potent and sometimes lethal mixture of Seeker brew was incredibly expensive…and illegal outside of Vos.

Orion accepted the glass his smug partner handed him, inhaling the heady aroma of the toxic sweet blend. He took a small sip and sighed, it tasted even better than it smelled, sharp like the tang of bitter oil but ooh so sweet like the dusting of iced rust. Taking a larger sip he moaned as a pleasant heat washed his frame, a low rumbling laugh caused him to online his optics –when had he shut them off again? - Glaring at the shaking form of the mech towering over him.


The older mech continued to chuckle, raising a clawed hand to stroke gently down Orion's flushing cheek.

"Nothing, just if I'd known you'd enjoy Seeker grade so much I would have bartered for some much sooner."

Red optics flashed in poorly concealed amusement and Orion felt his flush deepen as his embarrassment grew.

"What's the occasion anyway?" He huffed, turning away and trying to preserve some of his dignity making his tall lover laugh harder.

"It's our third Stellar Anniversary."

Orion blanched, turning back to stare at his lover in horror. He had completely forgotten! He'd been so busy in the archives the past Orn he had forgotten all about their anniversary!

Feeling incredibly ashamed of forgetting, he guiltily raised his optics to meet the calm red gaze of his partner.

"I'm so sorry!"

Whatever else Orion might have said was cut off by a swift kiss on the lips, he sighed at the warmth of the gesture.

"You've been busy Kitten"

Orion frowned, placing his half full glass down and reaching for the clawed, scarred hands of the mech in front of him.

"It's no excuse…you obviously went to a lot of trouble for tonight…and spent a lot of credits" He paused to glare halfheartedly at the taller mech, making him squirm.

"And I'm sorry I forgot."

Squeezing the hands he held gently, he looked up at his love in earnest.

"Let me make it up to you?"

Kneeling down the bigger mech keep a firm grip on the small blue hands of his kitten, smirking at the doleful look his little lover sent him.

"I can think of a way you can make it up to me."

"Anything Love."

"As I said it's our third anniversary and I…I…" The mech paused, venting deeply and fidgeting uncomfortably causing Orion to tilt his helm in confusion. His near unflappable lover looked…nervous.

"Love?" Orion asked worriedly, pulling a hand out of the suddenly tight grip to stroke his lover's face.

Red optics suddenly snapped up to his own gold, the dark face filling with a fierce determination.

"Orion, we have been together for over three stellers and we have known each other for more than double that time."

The young archivist nodded confused, as his partner stared hard at him.

"We have faced many trials together and through all our hardships you have always been there, by my side…even when our future looked bleak and I never knew when my next credit pay was coming in, you were still there. Always.

Orion I never knew that I could ever love someone as much as I do you, I never thought it was possible to have the love and devotion we do."

Orion vented hard, his vision starting to blur at the edges. Oh Primus, he couldn't be? Could he?

"When I picture my life vorns form now I can never imagine it without you by my side."

He was…

"Orion Pax I love you, more than I ever believed possible, so I ask you…"

The mech watched him fearfully but his optics was filled with a glimmer of hope.

"Would you do me the honour of becoming my bond-mate?"

Orion felt his jaw drop as his vents whirred loudly in the sudden silence; he couldn't hear anything, not the scream of the seeker engines, not the thunderous roar of the celebrating crowd or the sudden thu-dump of his stressed pump.

Just when the silence had stretched on for too long and he felt the bigger mech begin to shake everything seemed to snap back online.


The silver gladiator looked up at the whisper of his name, a hesitant smile gracing his face.

The noises seemed to increase tenfold, the lights were now blinding and his pump was practically screaming in protest but through it all, Orion only saw the fearful red optics of his lover. His lover, Orion felt a grin stretch his face as tears welled in his optics. Not just he lover now, no, his bond-mate.

He flung himself at his broad, dark gladiator and laughed through his sobs.

"YES!" He screamed.

"A thousand times yes!"

He heard Megatronus cry out in joy before black hands reached to cup his face, the larger mech leaning forward to place butterfly kisses all over it.

"Orion, my Orion." The Kaonite murmured between kisses.

The younger mech sobbed, completely overwhelmed by his excitement and love.

Megatronus placed a final searing kiss to his helm before pulling back to gaze lovingly into golden optics. Thumbs gently wiped away the tears that refused to stop flowing, Megatronus smiled, a wide blissful smile.

"I love you."

Orion hiccuped, laughing happily through the tears.

"I love you too."

The large gladiator beamed, pressing a beautifully tender kiss to his little lovers forehead before leaning their helms together.

"Forever and Always."

Orion's lips trembled as he was overcome once more, with intense happiness. Gazing lovingly into the searing red optics of his betrothed he whispered back…

"Forever and Always."

Because so many people voted for Starscream and Prime as a couple (Megatron won out by one vote!) I'll now be including a bonus chapter for that pairing!

Also other terms I used in this little one shot:
Kaonite: refers to someone 'born' in Kaon (the Decepticon city state).
Vosnian: refers to those born in Vos can also refer to items imported from Vos. 'Seeker' is also a term for those 'born' in Vos.