In this story Sarah is 17 and staying with Tim and Abby while she finishes high school. Her parents are overseas. Tim is acting as her legal guardian.

Chapter I

"Please Abby! Please!" Sarah pleaded. "He won't understand. You know he won't." He'll ground me and make my life miserable. He doesn't know what it's like to make mistakes. It was always so easy for him to do everything right. Mom and Dad didn't leave him. Tim always had their attention." Tears streamed down Sarah's face.

Abby had a really bad feeling about this but she did feel sorry for Sarah. She hadn't been an angel herself when she was young. Besides she only had a suspension for three days, that shouldn't be too hard to hide. Everybody ditches school sometimes. Besides, Sarah was right about one thing. She doubted that Tim ever had ditched school.

This might just be an opportunity to build Sarah's trust. If she treated her like an adult she was sure she would do the right thing in the future. Then there would be no need for Tim to find out. Anyway, what was the point of worrying Tim about this if she could handle it. It would be taking a load off his shoulders really. Abby looked into Sarah's pleading eyes and she just couldn't let her down. She loved her like her own sister.

"O.K Sarah I'll tell you what. I'll give you just one chance. I'll sign this note and I won't tell Tim. But this is a one time thing. You can't get into any more trouble. I'm trusting you to act like an adult and do the right thing. Tim's gonna kill me if he finds out. Actually he'll probably kill both of us. Me first because I'm supposed to be the adult."

As she said those words she mustn't have been listening or she would have heard what a bad idea this sounded.

Oh thank you ,thankyou, thankyou Abs I knew I could rely on you. You won't regret this I promise! Abby returned Sarah's hugs and kisses and was pleased to make the young girl so happy but she felt kinda bad about deceiving Tim. Even though she was probably just saving him some worry she had a sneaking suspicion he wouldn't see it that way if he found out.

She signed the note putting her cell phone number as a contact number just to cover all her bases. Alarm bells were starting to ring but it was too late to do much about that now.

She had to make sure Tim didn't find out. "Sarah you'll have to get up every morning for the next few days and get ready like your going to school. Then you'll have to come back here when the coast is clear. Then you stay here. You can't do anything that'll make your brother suspicious." As she was saying this Abby felt sick. She was REALLY thinking. This is bad. Really BAD. I'm encouraging a kid to lie. What the hell am I doing?

Still, as she looked at Sarah's face she couldn't disappoint her. When Abby tells someone she's gong to do something she does it. "While you're home on suspension, you're not to leave the house. No friends visiting and no television. You catch up on all the work you missed while you weren't at school. As well as all the extra work they have given you for the next three days. Clear?"

"I promise Abs!" Thankyou so so so much.

Just at that moment they both heard Tim's key in the door. They looked at each other and then at him. "Hey girls," he said kissing Abby and giving Sarah a hug. "How was your day?"

"Good" "Ok" they answered at the same time. Sarah drifted off to her bedroom mumbling something about having to study, quietly leaving Abby to handle the details.

"How come you left early today Abs?" Tim asked casually.

"I forgot that Sarah had a dentist appointment." Abby fibbed, convincingly she hoped. It was only a white lie wasn't it?

"How'd it go?" he asked studying Abby's face. She didn't seem quite herself. "You OK? You seem a bit off."

"I'm fine but I have a bit of a headache, I think I'll go and lay down. Can you fix something for you and Sarah?" she asked.

"Sure" he said looking at her with concern. "Can I get you anything? Did you take something for your headache?"

"No I'm fine. I took something already. I just need some sleep."and with that she kissed Tim and went off to bed quietly.

Tim stood staring after her. What's wrong with this picture? He felt like he'd just entered another dimension. Sarah went in her room to study without being hounded. Abby's in bed at (looking at his watch) 8.15 because she's tired. Abby's never tired. Somethings goin on around here. His head hurt though to even imagine what it might be.

Later that night while she curled up in front of a sleeping Tim, Abby stared out into the darkness. Sleep just wasn't happening no matter how hard she tried. She loved laying with Tim liked this. His arm protectively around her, his breath on the back of her neck. Always so loving and caring.

Abby had never really lied to Tim. In one night , in one conversation, she had told more lies than she could ever remember telling. To the one person she could trust and who trusted her .

What had she done.