Abby Covers for Sarah Chapter VI

Tim walked into the bedroom to find Abby still standing in the corner where he had left her. She looked different though. Her defiance was gone. As he came up next to her he found she had tears streaming down her face. He took her hand and led her over to the bed where he pulled her into a hug.

Abby wasn't scared of a spanking .Tim knew this. She didn't like it (for punishment anyway) and nearly always put up a fight but she wasn't scared. Knowing what HAD upset her was hearing Sarah getting spanked.

He turned her to look at him "Sarah's fine." he said gently. "She even has her sass back." Tim said with a smile.

"Really? She doesn't blame me?" she said brightening up.

"Why would she blame you?"

"Because if I hadn't covered for her things probably wouldn't have gotten this bad." she said lowering her head.

"Well you're partly right, but Sarah played her part too. She manipulated you into covering for her. She new she was doing the wrong thing." He was glad she at least understood part of what the problem was.

"Thing is Abs she's a kid she's gonna mess up. That's what kids do. Then they get punished and hopefully they don't do the same thing again. It's up to the adults to make sure they understand what their mistakes are and to teach them."

"I tried Tim!" She said somewhat indignantly. " I did punish her myself!"

"Yeh Abs, I heard about the whole not watching tv thing and the staying inside." He smirked.

"Not hard enough?" she asked.

"You think Abby?" he was battling to hide a grin. "She cut school, AGAIN and brought the whole senior class around here for a party and served them OUR beer and OUR food with a side of cigarettes which they put out on your favourite cd's! You think she got the message?"

"Guess not." She said and he shook his head. Again with the 'guess so' 'guess not' thing.

"What about the 'PLAN' and what you TOLD ME about the 'PLAN'. The whole I just worked out a study plan thing. YOU LIED TO ME! Not once but over and over again. And that little 'PLAN' was like a green light to Sarah that it was ok to lie to me. That shocked me more than anything."

Abby opened her mouth to speak but Tim stopped her. "I know you promised Sarah and I know that you thought you couldn't let her down, but Abs, you never should have made that promise in the first place."

"I told you to think about your place in this family. Have you done that?" Abby nodded.

"Well?" Tim prodded.

"I guess you're sort of the dad and Sarah's the kid and I guess that makes me the mom. Well not really the mom but we look after her and cook for her and do her laundry and go to the school and that kind of stuff but she still has her own mom and dad they just don't live with….."

Tim stopped her again "I can see you got the picture Abs. We can't be her best friends. She has friends. What she needs from us is to show her the right path. Not to run up the wrong one with her." Abby nodded.

"Let's get this over with so we can get some sleep." Tim said

She stood up and let him pull off her skirt and thong and she lay over his knee. By herself. First time for everything!

Tim didn't waste any time as his hand came crashing down in a flurry of stinging spanks which brought tears to her eyes in a couple of minutes. He didn't spank her for long , she was still quite red from their earlier run-ins. Finishing up with a half a dozen spanks to the top of her thighs he stopped. He pulled her into a soothing hug with one hand while he pulled back the bedclothes with the other. Gently he laid her on her tummy while he stroked her back and hair. Thankfully this part of their evening was over.

Across town Ziva was getting ready for bed. What exactly does one wear to get spanked, she thought sarcastically. How did I end up in this mess? I told Abby to tell McGee. She would not. It was not my fault that she did not tell him.

Still, she felt bad for deceiving Tony and she knew he was right. She had done the wrong thing not telling Tim.... Not telling Tony. She had hurt him and she wanted to make that right.

Out in the other room Tony was also thinking. He wasn't really angry. At first he was. Ziva frustrated the hell out of him sometimes. The things he loved about her were the things that also made him crazy.

Her stubbornness. Her bravery. Her smartass attitude and the HEADSLAPPING! What is with the constant HEADSLAPPING? It didn't matter how many times he told her not to do it, she didn't take any notice at all.

Today though, she had crossed the line. She lied to him. Well a lie of omission but where he came from, same thing.

That was it! He was putting his foot down!

As he walked into the bedroom he had to hide a smile. Ziva was half naked and she had at least four pairs of pyjamas laid out on the bed. It looked like she was struggling to decide which ones to wear. Grabbing her hand he pulled her over to the bed.

"Don't worry." he said smirking "You won't be needing them for long." Ziva let out a gasp as she found herself tumbling over Tony's knee.

He brought his hand down with a sharp smack and she screeched something in Hebrew which luckily for her Tony didn't understand.

"What was that ?" he asked.

"I said IT HURTS" she yelled. That's not what she said, but Ziva wasn't stupid and knew it wasn't in her best interest to translate correctly.

As Tony picked up the pace a little he lectured.

"You will not lie to me again."

"You will not cover for Abby or anyone else again or help her to hide stuff from McGee and damn it! You will not SMACK ME IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD!" This didn't have much to do with anything that had happened but hey, you had to take your chances where you could get them.

It wasn't long before she was squirming.

SHIT she thought this really does hurt but she was determined to not show weakness although her resistance was slipping. Tony started on her sit spots……Ow …..OUCH…OW….. That hurt DINOZZO…Please Tony stop……ENOUGH .

I'm sorry! As soon as he heard those words he stopped. She climbed up onto his lap and clung to him. He held her as she cried. As they lay down on the bed together Ziva said softly "I am sorry if I hurt your feelings."

"It's all over now. Just remember no head slapping."

"And Ziva?"

"Yes Tony?"

"I love you!"

"I love you too Tony."

Back at Tim and Abby's they were all finding it hard to sleep. Tim and Abby were cuddling and talking and Sarah was just laying on her tummy staring at the floor.

"I don't think I'm gonna be able to get any sleep Tim until I talk to Sarah. I need to see her face to know that she's really ok."

"Probably couldn't hurt, she was worried that you were mad at her and that you would want to send her back to Mom and Dad."

Abby was horrified. "Why would she think that? I hope you told her that that would never happen."

"Because she broke a promise to you and she cut school and your cd's got ruined. And of course I told her that would never happen."

" She's just a kid. She messed up, I understand that. Geez when I was a kid I…"

"Um Abs? Go and talk to her by all means but it's probably not a good idea to tell her stories about when you were young. No need to put ideas in her head." He chuckled

"Very funny McGee." Abby said punching him in the arm.

Her mother hen instinct took over and she was out of the room in a shot.

Sarah heard a gentle knock on the door... ..."Come in." she called softly.

"Hey." Abby said laying on her tummy next to the young girl. "You Ok?"

"I guess so" she said.

"Anything I can do to help?"

"Not unless you can tear me a new ass." She said smartly.

Tim's right, Abby thought, she does have her sass back.

Abby tried extra hard to control her laugh before she spoke. "Well you did kind of deserve it Hun."

"Spanking is archaic and Tim's not my father and anyway I'm too old!"

"OK, first that's only a matter of opinion. Second, Tim's your guardian which makes him kind of your father and seeing as how we're together it kind of makes me your mother. Thirdly, I'm laying here on my tummy next to you and I'm way older than you!"


"OK we're getting right off the subject here. What else is bothering you?"


"Tell me Sarah. I can't help you if you don't tell me."

"I don't want you to hate me."

"Hate you. Why would I hate you?"

"Because I got you to lie to Tim and then I broke the promise I made you and I've caused all this trouble between you and Tim and you stuff got wrecked." Sarah burst into tears.

Abby hugged and soothed her, brushing the hair out of her eyes and kissing the top of her head.

"Listen Sarah I'm the adult. Nobody made me lie, I made that decision myself .It was a bad one. I made a mistake and I've paid for it."

Abby continued trying to reassure her. "You broke a promise. It was a mistake and you paid for it."

Now as for there being trouble between Tim and me there isn't any. We're good. We know how to work out our problems and they're not for you to worry about.

What was the last thing? That's right my stuff being wrecked. It's just stuff! No stuff is more important to me than you. I love you and so does Tim. We're a family."



"Are we still grounded?" ……Now what Abby would have liked to have said was ' You are butI'd like to see him police me being grounded.'

But what she actually said was "Of course we are." Abby pulled Sarah into a massive hug.

They lay together like that for what seemed like ages but it wasn't long before they were fast asleep.

Tim crept in a little while later to check on them and his eyes misted at the sight of his Abs comforting his baby sister.

He really would have liked to have Abby to himself in there own bed but he couldn't bring himself to disturb them. So he covered them with a blanket and slipped out of the room quietly.

The End

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