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The Intruder

Quinn Fabray stopped at the door. Rachel Berry was practicing in the auditorium, as always when she could find a spare minute at school. How high could she go? The high F, she hit perfectly. But after that, it was difficult going up. She tried not to put too much strain on her voice, but granted herself a self-congratulatory smile when she finally hit a perfect high A. Impressive, Quinn thought. Rachel looked up. Crap. Busted. No wait, not busted, the Auditorium is a public place. Everyone can come here. It's just that no-one but Rachel ever does... "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have just been standing here, I just saw you practicing and thought, well, I just wanted to see how you did it. And Gleek to Gleek, you're an amazing singer, your range is really incredible, you know that?"
"Thank you. A lifetime of practicing."

"I can see that. You're the best we've got, and I always wonder how you do it. But your performance does create some magic."

A smile broke across Rachel's face. "Thank you so much!"

"You're welcome." Quinn put a strand of hair behind her ear, looked down, and left.

2 days later, in the auditorium, Quinn was there before Rachel, sitting behind the piano, playing one of the few tunes she remembered from piano lessons.

"You play the piano? I had no idea! Why do I know this tune?" Rachel asked.
Without looking up, she answered: "Of course you didn't know. You and I don't really know anything about each other. And this is Comptine d'un autre été, the theme from the movie Amélie, almost everyone who plays the piano knows how to play this." She stopped. Better get it out of the way, and though she technically didn't really need Rachel's permission, she felt like she wanted it anyway.

"Do you mind me being here, and sharing the auditorium during lunch break? Now I no longer sit with the other Cheerio's, I'd rather be here then in the cafeteria, knowing people are saying crap about me. But technically, you were here first, and I almost feel like I'm invading your space."

"Don't be ridiculous!", Rachel answered, "This is a public space, so everyone should be able to use it! And I can see where you're coming do you think I started coming here during lunch break in the first place?"
"That's true." Quinn knew the guilt read on her face and bit her lip.

"Right," Rachel scrambled for words "Of course I don't mind sharing, it's not my room or anything, and you can just do your thing while I do mine. Sounds okay?"
"Yeah, great"
"So you know, carry on!"

A laugh escaped Quinn's lips. "Sure will!" and picked up Amélie again.