Summary: The Scooby gang subscribe to a magazine sent out by Wolfram and Hart once a month. The magazine consists of Wolfram's 'Hit List' and hot stories of the month. While reading it, they stumble across the infamous Winchesters. Stalking and humour ensues.

Pairings: SpikeDean, AngelSam, FaithCastiel, BuffyDean, etc.

A/N: The pairings are not actual pairings. Scooby and Angel groups never meet the Winchesters, so it's more like crushing on their photos and accomplishments. I might do a thing where they meet, if people want. Let me know. Also, the chapters are not long. Its pretty much just covering the scoobies etc reactions. To my knowledge, I am the only one who has written a fic like this, but if not, send me links? I'd love to read them.


Warnings: mentions of Slash (no actual kissing, sex, etc). Stalking. Mentions of violence. Slight spoilers for Season 4 of Supernatural. Slight OOC ness.

Disclaimer: I do not own any characters or places from Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Angel the series. Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke, BtVS and AtS belong to Joss Whedon.

Paranormal Monthly

October Issue

"Angel! Come and look at what I found!"

Angel sighed, his ears ringing from the exuberant shouting from Wesley. Brushing a hand over his pants, he walked out into the main office.

"Wesley found something useful. For once." Cordelia muttered to him, her gaze fixated on the surprisingly chipper ex-Watcher turned Hunter. Wesley was flipping through a magazine, Ooh-ing and Aah-ing over the images and articles within. He glanced up and grinned.

"They have a hit list for the most deadly hunters of the supernatural!"

"Who's on it?" asked Angel, leaning over the table slightly.

"Mm... let's see. I am number 45 from the list of... oh. 50." He pouted, "Um, Cordelia is ranked 50th due to her Seer abilities. You are apparently not classified for this list due to your vampiric status."

"Seriously?" Angel leaned over the magazine, "that's speciest."

"Who the hell is Chuck the Prophet?"

Angel and Wesley ignored Cordelia.

"Rules and regulations, old chap." Wesley pointed to a name on the list. "Faith is ranked 4th, Buffy 3rd."

"Wait. Isn't Buffy like, the big bad slayer? Why isn't she and Faith listed as first and second?" Cordelia asked, a frown on her face.

"Hm... Well, two fellows, brothers by the looks of their last names, are ranked as first and second. Dean and Sam Winchester."

Angel cocked his head to the side, "Why are they considered so deadly?"

Wesley inspected the column intently. "Apparently they have been raised as Hunters. Dean also reportedly went to Hell for a few months, and Sam has demon blood in him."

Cordelia snorted. "Lawyers. Always know everything."

"What?" Angel grabbed the magazine, flipping it shut. "Wolfram & Hart made this?"

"They wanted to help out their clientele, supposedly." said Wesley.

"All the same, we better keep an eye on it. Do Buffy and her gang know?" Angel headed towards the phone before they could reply.

Behind him, Wesley muttered to Cordelia, "Lucifer want's Sam's body."

There was the sound of a table being broken from behind them.

Spike was a very happy vampire. The Ponce had called to let the Scoobies know about a new magazine (two copies of which Spike currently had under his arm), and the bleach blond vamp had a new obsession.

Dean Winchester.

While flipping through the magazine, he had stumbled across a special on the Winchester brothers. As soon as his eyes had rested on the picture of Dean's mug shot, Spike was lost.

"If I go on a 'omicidal rampage, wonder if they'll drop by..."

He slammed in through the doors of the magic shop, grinning. "Oi! Watcher! I have what you asked for."

Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Faith were seated around the main counter, Dawn working the register. They glanced over at Spike, curious looks on their faces.

"Thank you, Spike." Giles handed over the cash, accepting the magazine from the grinning vampire.

Buffy peered over from her seat. "What's that?"

Giles flipped through it, replying "A magazine Angel called about. Wolfram & Hart published it."

"Oh? What's it about?" Willow walked over to Giles, accepting the magazine from him. "Ooh! Deadliest Hunters of the Supernatural? Hey, Buffy, you're ranked third."

"Who's first and second?" Dawn asked, leaning over the counter.

"Um, a Dean and Sam Winchester." Willow passed the magazine to Dawn.

"Why do they have a higher rank then me?"

Spike snorted as he flipped through his own copy, "Look at page 25, nibblet."

Dawn flipped through until she reached the page. In big bold letters written across several pictures of two young men was 'Winchester Report'. "Wow. They have their own monthly article."

Faith snatched the magazine from Dawn, leering at the pictures of the brothers.

"Says here that they recently killed a demon named Azazel, another, higher ranked one named Alistair, Samhain, let loose Lucifer, and the Arch Angel Michael wants Dean's body." Faith read, her eyebrow cocked.

"What?! Bleeding pillock better keep his hands of Dean!" Spike glared at the report, his eyes flecked gold. He had not noticed that before!

Willow and Buffy exchanged looks, their eyebrows raised.

"Mm. Lucifer wants Sam's body."

Spike grinned. No wonder Angel had sounded so annoyed over the phone. Sam was just his type.

Faith continued reading, her eyebrows raising with each sentence. "These guys are pretty impressive hunters. Like, biblical proportions impressive. And they have a mysterious friend who randomly joins them. But whenever the photographers try to get a picture of him, the camera melts."

The Scoobies stared at each other. What?