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February Issue

In which Chuck feels his fans love (or not)

And Ghostfacers gossip.

The Prophet Chuck (aka Chuck Shurley, aka That Idiot Over There, better known as Carver Edlund), let out a great big sigh. Ever since finding out that his so called fictional characters were real and that he, he, was the next Great Prophet who was protected by an Arch Angel, life had been hell.


Not entirely. Sure, he still had crippling headaches and horrific visions of what was happening to Sam and Dean Winchester, but he had recently learned the depth of his fans obsession.

A few days ago he had received a mysterious letter. Inside there was a fan letter (always glad to hear from the fans) and a check. The check, at first, had stunned him. He hadn't seen that many zeros in... well, ever. But the letter had quickly helped him get over his shock.

On the nice crisp paper (scented with some feminine perfume) was a beautifully written death threat. Essentially, if he didn't start publishing the books again, he was going to be hunted down by a girl who called herself the Slayer and her group of friends (called the Scoobies, and boy if that didn't cause massive Scooby Doo flashbacks).

The letter had ended with a too cheerful smiley face.

Okay, so life was Hell. With the capital H.

So here he was, desperately attempting to contact the Winchesters and apologize before they noticed the newly published Supernatural: Resurrection novels.

No matter what Sam and Dean threatened him with, a girl who wrote letters like that was far more terrifying.


Spike giggled. Actually full out femininely giggled. The Apocalypse was coming.

Er, yet again.

In his hands he clutched not only the latest volume of Supernatural: Resurrection (for some unknown reason the author had been publishing a book a week since receiving an inspiring fan letter), but also a copy of the latest Paranormal Monthly magazine.

This months issue, according to the front cover, had an exclusive interview with two men who got to hunt with the Winchesters twice. The article supposedly had all the dirt to dish and secret little things the guys had learned about the brothers.

So here he was, giddily making his way to the Magic Shop where the Scoobies were gathered. Entering, he meandered over to where the freedom fighters were gathered around a table, seriously discussing some new development in the paranormal world. Buffy glanced up from the map before her and grinned.

"Oo! The latest book?" She cheerfully hopped over to Spike and pried the novel from his grasp. Relinquishing it to her, he quickly took her vacated spot and started to read the article.

Hm... Ghostfacers...

Willow peered over his shoulder. "Look kinda like Andrew, don't they?"

Spike shuddered. Well, that ruined this issue for him.


Angel frowned as he studied the material before him. Hunched over his desk, he zoned out everything as he made sure to commit to memory the text before him. His life could depend on it!

So engrossed was he, Angel failed to notice when Wesley limped into his office, his heavily bandaged hands carrying a mug o' blood.

Edging his way over to the vampire, Wesley placed the mug down beside him as he tried to make out what Angel was reading. It looked rather like...

"Is that the latest Winchester Report?" Wesley cocked his head as he peered down at the paper.

Angel shifted slightly as he reached out for the mug. Taking a sip, he shrugged.

"Ah," Wesley said. "I hear that the Ghostfacers hate the Winchesters. Used this magazine as a chance to promote their show and insult the Winchesters."

Angel 'Hmm'-ed, clearly zoned out as he kept his focus on the magazine.

Wesley frowned. "You're not even listening to me, are you?"

Angel 'Hmm'-ed again, trailing his finger down the text before him.

"Wesley Rules, Angel Sucks."

The same reaction. Nothing.

"Well, this is bloody boring." Wesley frowned as he spun and stalked out of the room. It seemed like Angel was going to have to wait to read the latest Supernatural book.

Oblivious to the existence of a new book, Angel smirked into his mug 'o' blood. As soon as he finished reading about Sam's adventures with the idiotic Ghostfacers, he was going to remind Wesley about how much more kick ass he was.