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Hunter misses his family and his home in the outer world. The oracle decides to let Hunter leave the inner world for two month. Since Aracna is at peace with the invectids the spider riders, all Eight of them(except quake), travels to Hunter's homeland only to find a unhappy conflict.

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Hunter sat by his window in his room and sigh loudly. Shadow came over concerned. This wasn't the normal Hunter Steele, all jumpy and excited to do anything adventurous. The sunset outside made the nearby forests seem to glow with adventure, yet Hunter didn't even smile. "All right," Shadow began," What's keeping you?"he asked. Startled by the sudden voice breaking the silence, Hunter flinched at Shadow's voice. " Nothing." Hunter replied,"Why would you asked?" He pitched in with a smile. It was obvious that that smile was fake. Shadow look at him and said," You just haven't been your normal self today. You're usually running around the castle at this hour trying to see if there are any secret passages to explore."

Hunter looked at him and said nothing. He continued to stare at the sky outside. The oracle sun was growing dimmer by the minute ready to sleep. shadow look at him and said," Well I'm heading out to seek some company. Maybe someone that will actually talk to me and not bore me." He left the room and down the hallway. Hunter sighed and crawled into his bed with a nice book. Shadow was right. This was not himself not ever would Hunter be in bed with a book. He was known to be lazy and not liking to study or read. He put away his book and took one last look at the Archnean sky before slipping away to sleep.

---------------THAT NIGHT---------------------

Hunter was walking to school. Weird he told himself. One moment he was in the inner world. This looked nothing like it. Horses sped by and people bypast him in a hurry to work. Then he finally realized what was going on. This was his homeland. He was back in the outer world! He was back in Greenlord village. He began to break into a run, heading towards his home at the egde of the village. As he ran carrages whipped past him. Horses and people were hurring to work.

Hunter stood at the doorway of his cottage. He suddenly remembered the grim news. His parents were dead and Greenlord was supposed to be close to ruins. His smile was gone now as he rounded the corner of his house. His parent's graves were at the back of the house. Hunter kneeled and began to say some prayers. His eyes began to tear. The scence began to fade in fire as well.

---------------THE NEXT MORNING------------

Hunter woke up with a start. He was back in his room in the castle. It was all just a dream, he told himeself. He wiped away his tears and got dressed for another day. Corona can in the room. "Hunter good morning!" she said cheerfully. She then noticed the grim and pale faced Hunter." Hunter!" she screeched. "What is it? Why are you so pale?" So was worried. Never had she seen Hunter like this. Corona made him sit down on his bed. "Now tell me why are you so grim? Shadow came by my room yesterday and told me that you were actiny strange as well."

Hunter was about to explain when Magma, Igneous and the rest of the spider riders came in. "Rise and shine." Corona gave then a stern look and they turned to Hunter.

Hunter began to explain. "I guess I just miss my homeland." He said.

Suddenly their manicles began to shine. The oracle's voice was heard all of a sudden. "Would you like to go back to the outer world for 60 days? I'm sure Arcnea would be fine without you for a while." A portal began to shine.

"Hunter wait!"Everyone shouted. " Take us with you."

Hunter had a smile on his face now at the though of going home."Sure."

The spider riders stepped into the portal and they began to fly through the portal. Hunter grabbed a sword from inside his closet before stepping into the portal.

---------------ABOUT 5 MINUTES LATER--------

Spider riders fell downards rom the sky. Apparently the portal had opened in the sky. One by one the friends fell on each other. Hunter fell down last. He landed ontop of Prince Lumen."Ouch! Hunter, that hurt!" Hunter laugh for the first time in a few days. "Thanks for cushioning me guys, ah hahahaha."

After they got out of the confusion Hunter sighed," Ahhh nggg....This place looks worse than when I left." The Spider Riders faced where Hunter was facing. To their surprise, instead of seeing a peaceful homeland like they thought they would have they saw a Hunter's homeland all blazed up and covered in battles. A sea of blood and dead bodies covered a battle field near where Hunter's village lay. "Hunter where are we?" Aqune asked.

Huntered looked at the near ruined village. He tried to smile when he faced his friends, but he found it hard to do so. "Welcome the Greenlord Village. It use to be one of the most peaceful villages in the entire continent. It use to be my homeland....."

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