Rauwrtsch: Hey..; It's been a long time since I wrote.. well posted actually, because I try writing everything first before posting it.. but now.. well.. I'll start posting even the story isn't done yet. Here an 'introduction'. Well it is actually the beginning of the story 8D Xx

Dark: …; I am not really going to die.. am I… I'm too hot to die T_T…

disclaimer: Do not own DNangel, If I did… well.. who knows what my wicked mind would come up with 8D.

Dark blinked. Something didn't feel right, but wth was wrong he wondered.

Suddenly it hit him: he was falling down, not flying forwards like he was supposed to. He looked at the floor, eyes widening as he noticed it was way much closer than he thought. He smacked into the ground, hearing something break but not being sure or it were his bones, or something underneath him.

He noticed people gathering around him but didn't feel them touch him. He tried to look at their faces, seeing pure shock. "call 911!" one of them yelled. "This man is dying!"