Krad pulled Dark inside his living room, closing the door before pushing him softly to the bedroom. "what.. you didn't think I was going to wait until tonight did you."

Dark smiled.

"no fricking way I am waiting.. I am too horny.." he pushed Dark on the bed, straddling his hips. The teen blushed before smirking and pushing his hips up, causing friction. Krad softly moaned and Dark tried to turn them around, failing completely.

"Bad boy." Krad said snickering. "now… What should I do to my Uke." Dark smirked. "You should let your Uke fuck you hard."

"or take him fucking hard." Krad answered as he removed Dark's shirt, pinching his nipple.

"hnngg.." Dark felt himself getting rock hard.

"what? Hard already?" Krad snickered and poked Dark's member before removing the pants together with the boxers. "oh my… looks delicious." He said before licking it and taking it in his mouth.

Dark moaned. "I want too." He said huskily, tugging at Krad's shirt, making the blond smile.

Krad pulled back and removed his own clothes before positioning himself on top of Dark, his ass pointing to Dark's face.

Dark took Krad's member in his mouth, giving it some firm sucks, making the blond moan. "where did you learn this?" Krad asked before going on with teasing Dark's member.

"I learned by feeling. But let's not talk about that." He said smiling, licking Krad from base 'till tip.

Suddenly Dark felt a finger, nudging at his entrance. He groaned as Krad pushed it in. "right… I almost forgot you never got taken up in the ass." He snickered and added a second finger, widening Dark.

The teen almost bit down on Krad's member as Krad scissored his fingers. He pulled away from Krad's member, biting his teeth in pain.

After a little while the pain disappeared and it was replaced with an uncomfortable feeling. 'finally' Dark thought. But too early, because soon Krad added a third finger.

Dark hissed, biting his lip. "almost done." Krad said as he tried to distract Dark from the pain by giving him the best blowjob he had probably ever had.

Dark moaned, getting close but Krad noticed and let go, pulling out his fingers and crawled off Dark, laying said purple-haired on his belly, positioning himself.



"bad luck for you then."

Krad pushed himself softly inside Dark who was hissing in pain. When he was finally completely in he gave Dark time to adjust. Dark glared at Krad. "that hurt." Krad snickered. "of course it did. But soon." He smirked. "soon you'll squirm and moan in pleasure."

He softly started moving, first slowly and not deep, but soon going faster and deeper, searching for Dark's sweet spot.

As he finally hit it, dark moaned out loudly. "see. I told you." Krad said now thrusting into the spot every time.

Dark moaned loudly, and tried his best not to squirm as Krad took hold of his member, pumping him on the same rhythm as his thrusts. Soon the teenager got close and he tried to warn Krad. But all that came out of his mouth were pants and loud moans. "ah. Kr. AH. I'm.." too late.

Dark released in Krad's hand, moaning his lovers name even louder than before.

Krad bit his lip as he felt Dark tighten around him. He was close himself too, and he only needed a few more thrusts to come. Screaming Dark's name.

They collapsed on the bed, and Krad didn't pull out. Dark stared at him blushing. "please pull out now.. it's embarrassing."

"I won't." the blond smiled.

"why not?"

"because we aren't done yet. When I get hard again we'll have a second round, and maybe even a third or a fourth."

Dark rolled with his eyes. "okay. But I want a kiss now." He said and Krad did as he was asked.

And thus the beginning of a sleepless afternoon and night for both themselves, and Krad's neighbors' who could hear everyting.