This is written as a songfiction for the song Cinderella by steven Curtis Chapman

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Carlisle Pov

I was sitting in my study thinking how much work has to be done. When I knock came to my door and I said "come in." I saw my littlest daughter Alice come in dressed in her adorable little Cinderella outfit. "what are you doing baby?" I asked her. She just smiled and said "there is a ball at the castle and I need to practice my dancin'." I stood up and walked over to her and picked her up and spun her in circles. As she giggled. As I did I thought my little girl was growing up so fast and that it was almost her bedtime. So when we were finished dancing I carried her to her bed room and I tucked her in after changing her clothes to .

Later when Alice is 13

Me and my wife were sitting in the living room and Alice came back from shopping with her friends. Esme had to leave for work and Alice tried on her new dress for prom. She asked me " Do you approve?" I smiled and said " Oh sweet heart it is perfect!" she said " Daddy Jasper is a really nice guy and I really like him…you would like him too. He asked me to prom." She continued. " Daddy do you want to dance with me? The prom is only a week away and I need to practice my dancin'." " Of course baby." So with that we stood up and started dancing. I watched her spin and sway to the CD she put in and also find that I am remembering moments when she was younger when she danced with me. She was my little Cinderella and she always will be.

Later when Alice is 25

She came home today with a ring on her finger. She was busy telling us about the plans that they have made like which baker for the cake and what the color theme is. I was sitting there silently then she looked at me and said " daddy the wedding is still 6 months away but I need to practice my dancin'." We danced until we couldn't anymore. I held her in my arms because too soon the clock would strike midnight and the prince would come and take my little Cinderella away from me.

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