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Video Girl

By: BrandNewEyes929

Chapter Four

Sonny sat on the curb with her head down, sobbing. It had been a couple of minutes since she called Tawni; she had ditched her date with Grady just to comfort her. Tawni was.. Caring, Sonny always knew she had a soft side.

Sonny saw a pair of headlights coming towards her. The car stopped in front of her and Tawni ran out of the car and approached Sonny.

"Sonny are you ok?" Tawni asked worriedly. Sonny just shook her head no and started crying softly. Tawni hugged her tightly and rubbed her back. I feel so bad for Sonny, whoever did this to her, they're going to get it! Tawni thought.

After Sonny calmed down a bit they both got in Tawni's car and headed to Sonny's house.

~With Chad~

Meanwhile in California, Chad and Nico were on his iMac looking at some of the submitted videos. There were more than 5,000 videos entered and most of them were horrible. None of the girls could sing, they just entered the contest so they can be in his music video.

"Dude, this is a waste of time! These girls are horrible. I give up!" Nico vented, frustrated.

"I know, but there has to be at least one girl who can sing." Chad reasoned.

Nico muttered "Yeah right."

Chad sighed "Let's watch one more." Nico groaned, Chad just ignored him and picked a random video.

Chad's eyes looked for a high-quality video "Hey, this looks good. By RayOfSonshine57" He clicked on the video link.

The guys stared at the computer screen waiting for the video to appear. A girl with long wavy brown hair appeared on a black grand piano. The song began with a melodic piano intro and the girl began.

I'm losing myself, trying to compete
With everyone else
Instead of just being me
Don't know where to turn
I've been stuck in this routine
I need to change my ways instead of always being weak

I don't want to be afraid I want to wake up feeling beautiful today
And know that I'm okay cause everyone's perfect in an unusual way
So see I just want to believe in me
I just want to believe in me
La la la la

The mirror can lie doesn't show you what's inside
And it can tell you your full of life it's amazing what you can hide
Just by putting on a smile

I don't want to be afraid I want to wake up feeling beautiful today
And know that I'm okay cause everyone's perfect in an usual ways
So see I just want to believe in me

I'm quickly finding out
I'm not about to break down
Not today

I guess I always knew that I had all the strength to make it through
I cannot be afraid I want to wake up feeling beautiful today
And know that I'm okay cause everyone's perfect in an usual way
So see, now, now I believe in me

Now I believe in me

The song ended with a wonderful piano outro.

The guys were in awe of her beautiful voice. After a couple of moments of pure shock they looked at each other.

"See, I told you there'd be one person who entered that could actually sing!" Chad rubbed his victory in Nico's face.

"You were right. That girl is amazing!" He exclaimed. Chad nodded in agreement.

"Nico, I think we found our winner." Chad smiled.

Nico exclaimed "Finally!" Chad chuckled and gave his friend a high-five.

~With Sonny and Tawni~

Sonny and Tawni were hanging out in Sonny's bedroom. Sonny was feeling a bit better, well she wasn't crying anymore, but her face was still red and puffy.

"Thanks for ditching your date with Grady to be here Tawn. Was he mad?" Sonny asked, feeling bad for cancelling her date with Grady.

Tawni shook her head with a smile. "No. He totally understood. He just hopes you're okay."

Sonny smiled. "That was very nice of him." Tawni nodded in agreement.

"Grady's such a sweet guy.." Tawni beamed.

"Yeah, you're lucky to have someone like him. I'm happy for you guys." Sonny smiled slightly.

"Thanks." Tawni replied. Sonny smiled and nodded.

"So, what do you want to do now?" Sonny asked, interrupting the silence.

Tawni thought for a bit "How about you tell me what happened at James' house?" A moment of silence filled the room. "I mean if you're okay with it." She added as an afterthought.

Sonny sighed. "Yeah, I guess."

Tawni wasn't sure if Sonny was lying or not. "You sure?" Sonny nodded.

Sonny started to tell Tawni about her date with James, every detail from their dinner at Olive Garden to watching a movie at James' house.

"Oh That's horrible! I'm gonna give that jerk a piece of my mind!" Tawni exclaimed and took out her iPhone.

"Tawni! Don't call him!" Sonny cried out and quickly grabbed Tawni's sparkly iPhone out of her hands.

"But, that.. douche bag hurt my best friend!" Tawni called out.

"That's very nice of you, but I don't want any more trouble." Sonny warned.

"Fine." Tawni muttered, putting her IPhone away.

"Now, let's go to bed, it's already midnight." Sonny told Tawni.

"Okay, night Sonny."

"Night Tawn." Sonny replied and turned off the lights."

~The Next Morning~

"Sonny wake up!" Tawni exclaimed, shaking her best friend. Sonny groaned and turned away from her.

Tawni rolled her eyes and said "OMG! Is that Chad Dylan Cooper outside?" Tawni yelled out with fake enthusiasm. Sonny immediately shot out of her bed and ran to her window

"Where? Where?" Sonny excitedly cried out, looking for Chad outside. Tawni was laughing hysterically behind her. Then Sonny finally realized what Tawni was doing. She faced Tawni and shot her daggers.

Tawni shrugged. "It was the only way to wake you up."

Sonny rolled her eyes. "Why'd you want to wake me up this early anyway?"

"Come here" Tawni said and motioned Sonny to her computer desk. Sonny had a confused look on her face.

"Look!" Tawni pointed to the message on Sonny's YouTube account. Then, Sonny realized something.

"Wait.. how did you get into my account? I logged out yesterday." Sonny asked Tawni, confused.

"I figured out your password." Tawni explained.

"How?" Sonny asked, creeped out.

"It's easy! Your password is 'SonnyCooper'! It's so obvious!" Tawni smirked. Sonny's face turned red and she glared at Tawni.

"I just got excited 'cause I heard that they picked the winner yesterday." Tawni replied apologetically. Sonny sighed.

"Ok, fine. What did you want to show me?" Sonny asked. Tawni pointed to the message again.

"It's just a message, Tawni."

"But, look who sent it!" Tawni said excitedly and pointed to the message again. Sonny leaned in closer to the computer and read who the message was from, it said, 'From: TheCDCofficial' her eyes widened and immediately clicked the message. The message read:

'Dear 'RayOfSonshine57'

Congratulations! You are the official winner of my contest! You and a friend will be flown out to Los Angeles next week to shoot my music video. I really enjoyed your video; you were the best one I've seen out of the 5,000 entries, that's why I picked you. See you in LA!

-Chad Cooper

Sonny and Tawni screamed in delight and started happy dancing.

"OMG! I won! I can't believe I'm going to meet Chad Dylan Cooper!" Sonny grinned excitedly and squealed.

"I knew you would win! Plus, I get to go too!" Tawni squealed in a similar tone.

"I need to tell my mom!" Sonny exclaimed happily. She ran out of her room with Tawni following closely behind.


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