Some info about the Japanese references:

Ono no Komachi - a female Japanese poet during the 9th century. I thought this poem fit the mood of the last few scenes of the fic. Also, in the 14th century a Noh play was made about Ono no Komachi reminiscing on her life during the Tanabata festival. IT ALL COMES FULL CIRCLE. :D

Nigishikuni Mikoto Toyotama - I tried to make Haku's sister's name similar to his real name, but I do realize that the literal translation makes no sense, unlike Haku's. It's the one thing in the fic I would change, to make her name more appropriate to her squid-like nature.

Tanabata - a yearly festival in Japan that celebrates the lovers Orihime (Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair) crossing a river (the Milky Way) to meet.

Yakitori - skewered, barbecued chicken.

Pork shoguyaki - ginger fried pork.

Tanzaku - small pieces of paper people write their wishes on during the Tanabata.

SMAP - well known Japanese idol-type group.

Oden - dish made up of several ingredients like boiled eggs, radish, and processed fish cakes stewed in a soy-flavoured broth.

Yukata - casual type of kimono made of cotton.