"Christ Dean don't stop, God that feels so good."

My boyfriend had never given me this much pleasure and here I was in bed with another man. Dean Winchester.

I was so close now panting as he pounded in and out of me.

We had met through a friend of his, who was annoyingly hitting on me all night like a fly that never went away no matter how hard you swatted at it. Dean, seeing my obvious distress interrupted and the next thing I know we were making out in the alley behind the bar, one thing led to another and…

I was brought out of my reverie by Deans gruff whispers, "Jesus baby, your so fucking tight," he picked up speed then forcing his cock further into my pussy, "you really did need a good fucking didn't you."

I could only moan in return as the feeling of ecstasy intensified.

"Fuck babe I'm gonna cum," he grunted, he flipped us over, with me on top riding him faster and harder than before, "fuck" he shouted and started jerking, the feeling of his powerful load shooting inside me tipped me over the edge and I came screaming, collapsing on top of him panting his name over and over again. I felt amazing, but exhausted. I pushed myself up on shaky arms to find Dean already passed out ad I soon followed suit.

The next morning I awoke to find a note on my pillow.

Figures, I thought I wasn't expecting anything less. But what was written on the note touched me,

I'll never forget you.

That was seven months ago, I'm now seven months pregnant, I'm happy though, I'm not the type of girl who sleeps around in fact that was the first time outside of a serious relationship, I think I really fell for Dean that night.

I'm going for my scan now and I might finally find out what this little nudger is gonna be, that last few scans have only shown crossed legs!

"Bye sue" I shout to my boss as I'm leaving the diner I work in.

I stop suddenly the door hitting me on the ass, there, in the parking lot is Dean Winchester leaning on some sort of classic car.

I can't even speak, it's been so long and he still has the power to stun me into silence. He saunters over like an apparition and stops right in front of me,

"Sorry bout that, had to deal with the devil"

He opens his arms and I throw myself at him nearly sending him to he ground. I feel the vibrations of his laugh through his chest.

"So you did miss me then"

And all I can do is sob, I cant believe he's here, its like a dream come true. I step back out of his arms suddenly scared of his reaction to my protruding belly.

Instead of the disgusted look she was expecting, he just smirked and said, "I hope that's mine cuz this could get really awkward!"

I could do nothing but simply nod, but finally I am able to find my voice,

"Listen I got a scan to go to you wanna come with me."


Over the remaining months of my pregnancy, I learnt everything about Dean, his real job, his family, the battle with Lucifer himself and his true feelings for me. I was surprised but still happy he was here with me, it took a lot to get used to. Dean never stopped hunting but now he had a family waiting at home for him which made life all the better.