This is a poem I wrote about the Tibble twins, Tommy and Timmy, from the TV show Arthur. I revised it and polished it up a bit, and I hope it's really good, too. And I think it's about time someone wrote a poem about them, and I figured that someone should be me. And Tommy and Timmy are so funny too! They sure know how to bring a smile to my face.

Disclaimer: PBS Kids owns Arthur. I own the poem.

"Twin Terrors"

Their names are Tommy and Timmy Tibble.

They are the Tibble Twins.

Sometimes I

can't help but wonder why

they haven't committed the Seven Deadly Sins!

They are twin terrors,

yet it's to them I am handing

A reward that's worth being good, only to see

And yet I am surprised, as they should be

that the house where they live is still standing!

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