Title: Perpetual Motion

Pairings: Watson/Sherlock

Rating: M (pretty tame by my standards, just some overly romantic sexing)

Summary: Written for the prompt "Waston making love to Holmes. In missionary position. Under the covers." over at the Sherlock kink LJ.

The Sherlock Holmes kink meme has taken over my life for serious... I'm off work this week so finally have the time to do a bit of writing again and waste my life away with excessive amounts of porn. DEAR GOD I LOVE THIS FANDOM 8D I once again haven't written anything for aaaaages, but I am busy, busy I say! But now with my time off I shall, er, put it to good use hopefully trying to write more Sherlock Holmes porn because it is hotter than hot. This fic is filled with sappiness and flowery language, consider that a warning :P

Perpetual Motion

Sometimes, life seems to pass by in a perpetual blur of running and fighting and thinking too damn hard about everything, so that in the end it feels as though time is slipping away from them like grains of sand between their outstretched fingers.

It is times like these when they draw the curtains, lock the door and lay upon the bed, hungrily pressing their bodies together beneath the warmth and safety of the blankets. The world seems to narrow around them until there is only this; the silence and the simplicity are oddly thrilling when placed against a backdrop of never ending adrenaline rushes and dizzying sights and sounds.

In this rare moment they are not consumed by lust, but instead can revel in every thrust, in every slide of trembling fingers over heated skin. Words aren't necessary, which only serves to eroticise the most insignificant of noises; the low sound Holmes makes in his throat when he is first penetrated makes Watson's pulse race all the more. He runs his thumb lightly over Holmes's jaw, feeling the slight stubble there, and this tiny amount of friction feels like electricity between them, setting their nerves alight with exquisite heat. For once, their minds are blissfully unburdened and their bodies relaxed as they rock gently against each other and allow the warmth and pleasure to consume them.

Outside, people keep on moving and the earth keeps on spinning, but here within these walls they allow themselves to pretend that if they forget the outside world for long enough perhaps the world will forget them too.

Hope you enjoyed, comments are love, yadda yadda yadda :3