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A Place Of The Past

Climbing up the ice-covered glacier, Scrat used his highly sensitive nose to follow the trail of his beloved acorn, which was in the hands of that tricky female squirrel. It had been so long since he had last seen both, and Scrat had not given up hope in finding the thing he loved the most. It was an instinct, as some would call it.

Scrat continued his vertical climb upwards until he came across a small crack, which began to form into a larger crack the further up he went. Scrat followed it upwards, until his nose collided with something which smelt very familiar. He looked up, and found himself staring at his beloved acorn. It was sticking out of the ice at an angle, and Scrat let out a cry of delight. And what was more, the tricky Scratte was no where in sight.

Scrat stood on his hind legs and gave his acorn a tug. It didn't budge. Scrat's smile turned upside down, before he pulled harder. The acorn still didn't come out. Whimpering a little, Scrat kept on pulling and pulling, until finally, the acorn popped out. Scrat used his free hand to cling onto the ledge whilst his other hand clung onto his acorn; he gave it a hug, before his eyes shifted a little so as they were looking inside the hole. They looked away, before going wide with shock.

Scratte was staring back at him, a flirtatious look planted on her face. Scrat looked around him to try and find any means of escape, but there was no way out of this unless he wanted to get hurt. Scratte slowly poked her head out of the hole, battering her eyes at Scrat. Scrat froze on the spot, before he began to panic, whimpering once more. But then, Scratte planted a kiss on his cheek. Scrat froze again, before his entire body fell limp and he let go of both ledge and acorn. Scratte took the acorn from him carelessly, giving a little wink as he fell.

Scrat remained dazed as he fell, and only when he was half way down did he look beneath him and realize that he was falling. He let out a strangled scream, but it was already too late. There were animals walking below him, and Scrat ended up landing on the head of the sloth.

"AGH! Get it off! Get it off!" Sid yelled in fright, as he struggled to yank the squirrel off of his head.

Diego just rolled his eyes at the sight, before stepping forwards and using his paw to flick away the squirrel. Scrat let out another strangled scream as he flew through the air, before colliding with the face of the glacier, flopping off of it and into the snow below. Sid and Diego just stared at him.

"You know, I think that little guy has been following us round," Sid noticed.

"Sure he has, Sid," Diego said with a sarcastic tone, before turning away to catch up with the others.

Manny paused as he gazed up at the two glaciers either side of him. This place really brought back memories for him, as well as Sid and Diego.

"Glacier pass," he said. "Been a while since we were last here."

"Has it really been that long?" Sid asked. "Boy, time sure does fly when you're having fun."

He let out a sudden yelp when he tripped over something; Crash and Eddie's tails, to be precise. The two brothers gave each other a high five, before scurrying away to sit on top of Ellie.

"This is where you gave the human baby back to his dad, right?" she asked.

"Yep, right at this very spot," Diego said, coming to a halt in between the two mammoths.

Hidden in his fur, Manny pulled out the necklace he had been given all those years ago. He held it up in the sunlight, allowing the mammoth pendant to hang in front of his face, the beads clanking together as they blew in the wind. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a smaller trunk trying to reach for it. Manny looked down, and smiled at the sight of his daughter, Peaches, trying to take a look at the necklace.

"Daddy, wha' that?" she asked in her young voice.

"It's a memory," Manny answered.

"Can I hold it?" Peaches asked again, her little trunk still stretched out towards it.

Manny's eyes turned to the necklace, then back to his daughter's pleading eyes. He let out a sigh.

"All right, but be careful," he told her, handing her the necklace carefully.

Peaches gently took it from him and held it up into the sunlight, gazing at it in awe.


Manny watched her happily, just as Ellie came up beside him.

"Do you think we'll see him?" she asked.

Manny looked off into the distance, before letting out a deep breath of air.

"I don't know," he said. "Humans tend to move around a lot, so it's highly unlikely that they're still in the same place."

"Ohh, I was hoping that we could pay him a visit!" Sid whined, stamping his foot like a little kid.

"We wouldn't have been able to do that anyway, Sid," Diego told him, coming up beside the sloth. "The little guy's grown up; I doubt he'd even be able to recognize us."

The small herd continued onwards, unaware of just how wrong both Manny and Diego were.

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