Judy Nails had it all, a mansion, parties, friends, designer clothes, and sponsors to pay for it all. Her latest album was flying off the shelves and she had another one on the way. But that was last month.

After the so-called 'DJ Hero' tour took over the Guitar Hero scene, the rock stars had some money to live off of, but it still pissed them off. How all their 'fans' could have fallen onto the hip-hop bandwagon, leaving the records they put out for THAT was beyond all of them. Only a few loyal fans kept showing up for their gigs, which were getting smaller and smaller. At the end of the shows, Izzy had been thanking them for remaining loyal; obviously paranoid that more would be converted. He had even started letting his hair down, going for a more natural look as a test to see if his fans truly enjoyed his music. While some had left, a few had actually liked the change. The rest didn't care, as long as he still put on great shows.

But that wasn't the focal point of the day. The problem was that not only was hip-hop stealing their fans, but some new groups were showing up and taking turf. The most prominent being the Rock Band tour that started a few weeks ago. Judy really hated the groups, but this still wasn't what was bugging everyone.

As Judy was reminiscing on the last few weeks, the biggest mystery in her life walked into the bus they all lived in. Pandora, in all her dark leather, marched up the steps in her dominatrix platforms. She spent half a glance around like usual before stalking off to her room. This was her basic routine, but something different happened today. After Pandora had climbed on board, a second person Judy had never met before followed.

The new person, a young girl, stepped up into the bus in black boots with what looked like blue fur sticking out of the rim. Climbing out of the boots were very ripped, tight black pants with definite fishnets underneath which worked up to a short, blue skirt, Her shirt was a halter top that almost resembled a blue disco ball with all the blue sequins. Her arms were covered with lace-up, black leather sleeves that cut off just above the elbow and black fingerless gloves protected her hands. Her hair was a very bleached blonde, almost white, and she wore what could only be described as a black biker's hat.

"Come on," Pandora called out from her room. "What's keeping you?"

The new girl looked around and followed Pandora into her room, shutting the door behind. Judy thought nothing of it and pulled out her guitar, deciding to start working on her new songs. Later, Izzy came back with the all-desired food. Judy took her bag and pulled out her veggie-burger, setting her milk shake to the side. When Izzy knocked on Pandora's door, two different hands reached out and grabbed the biggest bag right out of his arms and slammed the door in his face.

"Well, I guess Axel is gonna have to enjoy a salad," he said, moving down the hall.

While Judy was eating her burger, she began thinking about Pandora. She knew next to nothing about her, yet she'd opened up countless times to her. What was it that makes her so… Pandora?

"Bleck!" she cried out, spitting out her shake. "Izzy! I said VANILLA, WITH strawberries, not just strawberry flavored ice cream!"

Where was she? Oh, yeah. What was it that made Pandora tick? And more importantly, who was that person with her, and what were they doing in Pandora's room? Finishing her burger, she got up and strolled over to the bedroom door. She was about to knock, but then she heard the strangest thing. Putting her ear to the door, she heard more clearly. Yup, moaning and knocking stuff over. Wait, WHAT?!

Opening the door, she saw Pandora and the weird girl rolling around on her bed, stuff knocked over on the floor. Pandora was lying on top of her with both their shirts and shoes tossed to the side.