Waking up the next morning, Judy pulled her curtain open and crawled out of her bunk. Above her, she could hear Casey snoring like a bear, having come back some time in middle of the night. The sound of several empty bottles confirmed her suspicions of Casey's activities the night before. Reaching into the towel bin, she crossed the bus with only one thing on her mind. Heading for the bathroom, Judy knocked on the door before grabbing the handle and opening it. Or she would have, were the door not locked. Testing it a few times, she was convinced that it wasn't opening.

"For crying out loud," she complained to no one in particular. "We knock so we don't have to worry about someone being in there."

Several minutes passed in silence before Judy finally grew fed up. Pounding on the door, she yelled out to whoever was in there.

"Axel!" she called out. "So help me, if you're spanking it in there-!"

Her door-beating and yelling was abruptly cut off as the door unlocked with a cold chill, opening just a crack. Inside was Pandora, glaring out with very bloodshot eyes. Had she been crying? No, Pandora never cried.

"What do you want, Judy?" Pandora demanded, her gaze never wavering.

Hesitating for a moment, Judy looked at the towel slung over her shoulder and then back to Pandora.

"I just wanted to take a shower," she finally answered. She held up her bath towel to emphasize her point.

Without a second thought, Pandora slammed the door shut and put some things away, noisily stowing everything in the medicine cabinet. After a few seconds, she came out and squeezed past Judy, all while avoiding eye contact. Something was going on, and Judy planned to figure out what was wrong.

But for now, the hot water was calling her name. Stripping out of yesterday's clothes, Judy pulled the faucet and watched the water pour out of the shower head. As it began to steam and fill the tiny room with hot mist, she stepped in and let the heat melt away her aches and pains. It was borderline sensual as the water cascaded in boiling sheets down her skin. She loved shower day. As much as she loved pampering herself and maintaining good hygiene, the fact that seven people had to share one shower made it difficult to do so. So, they agreed to make Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays shower days.

It wasn't always like this. A few years ago, they had been staying in hotels, penthouses, and, when touring, their own buses. But with the fall of the Guitar Hero tours and retractions of all the sponsors, Pandora had been the only one to PAY OFF her bus. It legally belonged to her. And despite her general loathing for her tour-mates, she hadn't turned any of them down when they asked for a place to stay.

As the soap pooled between her toes and shampoo flowed down her neck, she was pulled out of her reminiscing by harsh pounding on the door. Apparently Axel had woken up. Only he had the gorilla hands to pound that hard. All of a sudden, she felt very fortunate for having woken up before he had. Though there were three days a week for showering, he usually only took advantage of one of them.

"Come on!" Axel yelled out. "There're others that want to scrub the mushrooms off their feet."

Oh wow. How anyone could be so crude and disgusting was beyond her.

"I'm almost done," she called back. "Just give me two more minutes."

Judy quickly rinsed out her hair and worked a small bit of conditioner into it before giving it a final rinse. Shutting off the water, she shook her hair to get the excess liquid out and pulled the curtain. As she stood there, dripping wet, she saw none other than the walking Norwegian Mountain of a man, Lars. He was currently relieving himself into the toilet, the door wide open. She quickly pulled the curtain and rained down hell on him.

"Lars! What the FUCK are you doing? The door was locked for a REASON!"

Without looking away from his spout, he replied in the most casual tone of accented voice he had ever used.

"What does it look like I'm doing," he said more than asked. "I am greeting the morning with beautiful golden rays of mine own; tis as glorious as the Sun's. Morning glory and hallelujah, my friend."

Judy could not believe what she was hearing. He had picked the lock, knowing full well that the bathroom was occupied, just so he could take a piss. And then he had the nerve to write a poem about it.

"GET OUT!" she yelled.

"In a moment," he chided, the stream still pouring. It was so disgusting to hear. It sounded like one of those Zen fountains Izzy had showed her. "Forgive me, but I had to drink Casey under the table last night. The pride of my ancestors was on the line."

After what seemed like an hour, he finally flushed the toilet. At least he had the decency to wash his hands before he left. Unfortunately, by the time she was alone, Judy was freezing with water on her body. As soon as the door closed, she climbed out of the shower stall and grabbed her towel, wrapping it around herself for dear life. Once she was sure she wouldn't catch pneumonia, she pulled out her brush and hair dryer and went to work preparing herself for the day.