Chinami(Chi): The "Alice" of the series, she is kind and sweet to everyone around her. Her family died in a fire when she was 10 leaving her with no one else but her companion, a blood red cat with no name that she adored. She fell into a portal that leads to wonderland. She needs to defeat the Queen of Hearts to go back to her world. She has brown hair with blue eyes.

Kyoshi: The "Cheshire Cat" of the series. He guides Chinami through her Journey and sticks by her side. Just like the Cheshire Cat, he is a bit mischievous and sometimes teases Chinami, He can be kind and quiet as well. His past is unknown. He has red hair and blue eyes. He wears gloves with three large baldes on them that resemble cat claws.

Akemi: The "Mad Hatter", he appears in most parts of the series, when he does appear he usually flirts with Chinami which tends to annoy Kiyoshi. He is a good looking young man with a kind personality but tends to be slightly over confident which leads to his downfall. He is blond with gold eyes.

Azumi: The "Queen of Hearts" she is a strong leader, she controls all of wonderland. She is a beautiful person, but is evil and conniving, she uses her looks to get her way, she also is hallucinating, seeing death. Chinami is supposed to defeat her. She has black hair and red eyes.

Akito and Akio: The "Tweedle Die and Tweedle Dum" They both tend to bug Kyoshi for fun, they both also have a crush on Chinami. They are servants to Azumi in the castle. They both have light brown hair and green hairs.

Mari: Akemi's maid, she is quiet but seems to have a crush on Akemi. She becomes a close friend to Chinami, she has black ha

Ishi: "The mock turtle" she is a bit weird. She likes to scare Kyoshi, but if you say something mean to her, she breaks down crying which the rest of the characters just don't get. She can be tough sometimes though. She has beautiful long black hair that is usually tied back and dark blue eyes.


Snow softly fell down onto the pavement as I walked home, as carriage trotted by, the sound of horse feet hitting the pavement broke the silence. I walked slowly, it was another hard day at school, I got made fun of because I fell on my way to class.....again. I felt my eyes sting with tears, this has happened ever since I started school. Mom tells me to be myself, I try but it never works. I quickly tried to shake it out of my head and continued walking. I loved when it snowed, it was very pretty how the snow floated down on the ground. It was very quiet. "Mew", I jumped real quick by a sudden sound. I whirled around and saw a bright red kitten. We stared at each other not blinking. Its fur was blood red but its eyes were a bright blue color. I slowly walked up to it, it was a cute kitten but I never saw a red cat before, our eyes still locked with each other I knelt down to get a better look at it. I looked to see if there was a collar on its neck, there wasn't any sign of one. "What are you doing out here in the cold little guy? Don't you have a family to go to?" I asked it softly as I stroked its hair. It looked at me with its soft blue eyes and cocked its head. I smiled then I noticed how cold it felt. I picked it up slowly, maybe I should take it home, it doesn't look like it belongs to anyone. I grinned and walked home quickly to show mama and papa.

Three years later

I looked at myself in the mirror, I smiled and then quickly adjusted my hair. A pair of bright blue eyes caught my attention in the mirror. He looked at me with a bit of a confused look like he was saying Why are you dressed like that? I smiled at him in the mirror, "My parents are throwing a party today, a lot of people will be there and mama says I have to look my best." he gave me a cute little look that meant most of the time that he got what I was saying. I smiled back at him and walked up to adjust his collar, it wasn't really a collar, it was a blue ribbon with a beautiful silver bell that sounded amazing when it ringed. "You also need to look nice." I said, I giggled when his little face turned into what looked like a pout. "Chinami some of our guests are here, be kind and let them in." I gave myself a quick look in the mirror than ran downstairs, I heard the sound of a bell ring. He always followed me around, ever since I brought him home, sometimes he would lounge around like when I would go out and read under my favorite tree but most of the time he was loyal. I decided not to name him considering if I did call him by a name he wouldn't respond so I decided to not name him. I opened the door and invited the first set of guests in. The part turned out to be a great success many people came and we had tons of carriages outside. Of coarse most of the kids I knew didn't like me. I watched people all around the room talking and laughing, I looked down at him, he looked up at me, his eyes full of excitement. "I'm guessing you're a party type right?" I asked. Suddenly I looked up to see a girl named Ami and her friends talking and looking down at my cat. I felt a cold chill down my spine when I heard them talking. They were making fun of my cat, they were making fun of his fur color. It was true that a red cat was never actually something you would see everyday. I heard a hiss from him, I looked at him and said "Don't worry, they have nothing better to do." He looked at me his eyes showed some hurt. I bent down and softly pet him. "Don't listen to them ok? I love you just how you are." His eyes lightened up at the last statement then I heard a purr from him. I grinned and we went Back to the party.


I stared at the carriage blankly, I didn't know what to do or what to say. Come on Chinami, you have to go to the orphanage, its the law, you don't think you can survive by yourself? I asked myself. I slowly started walking toward the carriage and got in, we then started moving, I looked back one last time at my house, or the burnt debris that used to be my house. The place where I felt happy with my mama and papa, both of which are now gone. I walked into the orphanage and right away had to start working, my job was to sew clothes. I boy a few years younger than me let out a high pitched scream as the sewing needle from the machine rammed into his index finger. I flinched when I saw the blood then went back to work. For food it was nothing but a bowl of porridge per day. That night I released my tears I was holding. I had lost everything, my mom, my dad, my house, and body ran piercing cold. I had lost my cat, my one and only friend. A loud sob escaped my lips, I quickly covered my mouth. He was gone as well, and he will never come back, I sharp pain was in my chest as I stayed up thinking. About three months went by, each day was the same. I almost forgot about everything, one night I decided to rome around, everyone was in a deep sleep. I though about everything that happened, I had no tears left. I listened to the deep breathing of the others sleeping. Suddenly I heard a scratching sound on a window by me, I look and went over to see what it was. "Meow." I felt a sickening feeling in my stomach, I slowly opened the curtain to see a cat. The ting that made me almost scream was the bright blue eyes. I frantically opened the window and he jumped into my arms. I held him close as I felt tears poor down my face, I felt the huge pain in my chest lift. We slept together that night I woke to see him licking my face. I smiled "Let's promise we will always be together." I said, his eyes lit up and licked my face again his bell on his neck ringed softly. "I promise too." I said.

Five years have gone by. I got a foster family, but right now I want to be back at the orphanage. They made me work everyday with barely any breaks, of course my cat was always there to encourage me. One day I received a break, I decided to go down to the tree I usually went to. When I left he was sleeping softly on the bed. I grabbed a book and was on my way. The tree was a bit bigger and I found a nice shady spot to sit. It was peaceful and I finally felt relaxed. Something caught my eye and I looked up A white bunny was only a few feet away from me. There must be a rabbit hole hear. I thought. I got up and gently reached out for it to touch my hand. A moment of silence past, suddenly it sprinted around got my book in its mouth and ran, I ran after it of course, if the book wasn't returned, I'd be in deep water. It found its hole and it disappeared. "Damn It." I said under my breath. I bent down and reached in the hole to try and get the book. I felt around. "Come on Bunny, I will be in deep trouble i f I don't come home with that book, please give it-..." Something yanked on my arm hard and next thing I knew I was in the hole, it wasn't a hole, colors flashed past my eyes fast. I felt like I was going to vomit, quickly as soon as it began it ended. I fell with a thud a a red brick road. I felt a chill in my spine, instead of a town, there was twisted trees and dark looking debris everywhere you look. The sky was grey, and the path was ice cold. "Where Am I?" I whispered to myself. I got up and looked around, no one in sight.

Now I was starting to panic, I started to walk down the path, thinking that I just went into a woods on purpose. A loud snap was behind me, I screamed and ran fast. My heart kept skipping beats and my legs wouldn't stop running. Finally my feet gave and I collapsed. I panted hard, I was completely exhausted. I felt my eyes get heavy as I laid on the path, I was scared and didn't know what was happening, my strength was draining for no reason. Before I lost consciousness I saw a figure go over me. I woke up with a shock when I felt water touch my lips. "Drink." I heard a voice say and I did right as the voice said. I gulped down the cold water hard. My eyes started to focus on my surroundings. Right above me was a boy, he looked about my age, he was slender with deep red hair,one of his eyes was bright blue color the other was covered by his bangs, and he wore a black sleeveless shirt, some black pants, and some boots, but the thing that freaked me out was that he had red cat ears on his head, and a long slender red tail. I jumped up and backed up. He gave me a confused look "What's wrong with you." he asked.

"W-Why do y-y-you have-"

"Oh God is that it." he said with a sulk. "What haven't you ever seen someone with cat ears?"

I stared at him with wide eyes. He gave a large curled smile.

"Heh guess you haven't then." he reached down behind him to get some things. "Who-Who are you? I asked still trying to believe what I was seeing.

"My name is Kyoshi, I am assigned to be your guide on your journey through Wonderland.