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We continued to run for a while, once we got to a river I collapsed exhausted. My arm felt like it was on fire, I tried to move it but a sharp pain wrapped around my arm, I groaned.

"Kyoshi! Are you okay?"

"Does it look like I am." I didn't want to be mean the pain was just so intense.

"We need to fix your arm...." she looked around frantically.

"Chi it's fine..." I stopped.

Something was in the bushes, I got up and got ready to fight. Quickly something sprinted out of the bushes, A large sword came down and I blocked it with my claws. The metals blades clanked against each other. It was a guy around our age, he wore a blue suit with a tall hat, his hair was blond and his sharp gold eyes met mine.

"Get ready to eat blade henchman." he said. his blade swished past me face, nearly missing me. He's fast! I thought. I was in a bad condition to fight, my broken arm just got in the way. I blocked his hits as much as I could.

"Fear not my lady I'll protect you from this monster."

"Wait What!?" I asked, then he quickly slashed his blade at me I felt a sting on the side of my face, I lost my footing and fell. I opened my eyes and saw the blade centimeters away from my face.

"Crap!" I whispered, he drew his blade back ready to strike. I closed my eyes tight ready to get hit.

"Please stop this!" my eyes snapped back open, she was right in front of me.

"What are you doing? Get out of the way!" I snapped.

She ignored me and just stood there.

"He isn't with the queen. He's my guide here, please don't hurt him please."

When I looked around her to see his face, I couldn't believe what I saw. He had a flirting smile on his face, he set down his blade got on one knee and he had a rose in his hand.

"I will do as you wish my lady. Take this rose as a promise."

"Where the hell did you get a flower in this area!?" I asked in complete shock.

He ignored what I asked. "I am Akemi its my pleasure to meet you my lady."

She smiled "Why aren't you cute. My name is Chinami but you can call me just Chi if you want." I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"You are being nice to him after he tried to kill me?"

Akemi looked at me and smiled "I deeply apologize for my behavior Cheshire. Please accept my apologies, its very difficult to figure out who is friend and who is foe here. I had a pout on my face. He was flirting with her. "Anyway my lady, you two looked exhausted, shall I take you to my home to let you two rest?"

"No thanks we have other places to be." I responded for her.

"Ah but we can treat your hand, where else will you be able to find treatment?"

I stood there glaring at him, I got up slowly. I sighed "Fine." he reached out to take Chinami's hand, but I was faster. "But I'm walking with her, not you."

He gave me a look "Fine. Follow me."


We walked in silence it just felt a bit awkward. Kyoshi sighed "By the way you smell I'm guessing the doppelgangers live with you?" he asked

Akemi sighed "Sadly yes....they kept bugging me saying they had nowhere to go so I said they could stay."

"Oh joy." he whispered

I gave him a slight glance, then continued walking. We made it to the house, it was big, it was multi colors of red, blue, pink, and yellow. It looked like an apartment, it could fit multi people. We walked in, Kyoshi had a slight look on his face. We walked in and there was the twins, they glanced up, their faces lit up.

"Chinami!" they both shouted, both ran up and hugged me. I could see Kyoshi get angry, that and Akemi wasn't to thrilled either.

"Can you two sto-" Kyoshi and Akemi both started to say.

"Hah you both said the same thing!" Akio and Akito shouted.

They both frowned, Akemi sighed "Better get your arm fixed up. Mari come here." a girl in a blue maid outfit walked in. She was very pretty, her eyes were dark brown, same as her hair, she had a perfect figure and a gentle smile. "Yes master?" she said in a soft voice.

"Please take this man up to get his arm treated."

"Yes. Of Coarse. This way sir." she motioned, Kyoshi sighed and followed her. I watched him walk out of the room, then it was an awkward silence.

"Hey Chi? You want to play a game?" Akito asked

"Sure." I said smiling, I was glad, I had found some friends, and my best friend was with me all along. I could learn to get use to Wonderland.

"Would you like me to show you to your room Miss?" Mari asked

"Uh sure."

We walked slowly without saying another word. She stood in front of a room and opened it.

"You and your partner will be sharing a room, I apologize but if they come in pairs we can only give one room."

"Oh its ok." I looked inside, It was a big room, it had two beds so it would work for two.

"This is a nice room." I commented

"" she said shyly.

I smiled then walked into the room. I looked around the room was a light blue color. The room had a look that just made it feel homey. I saw a door, it led to a deck outside, I peaked out. I was an amazing view, you could see the forest and mountains. I was in complete aw. The night sky was beautiful as well. I heard something move on the roof. I climbed up to see Kyoshi sitting there looking up at the night sky. I walked over and sat by him.

"How did you get up here?" he asked still looking at the sky.

"I can climb, I'm not weak or anything." he snickered at the last part

I ignored the snickering "How's you arm."

He looked down at it "Its fine now, Mari said it has to be in cast for a while, but I heal quickly so I'll be fine in a matter of days."

"Okay thats good." Then it was silent.

Finally he said "I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"For not telling you, I really wanted to but Azumi said I have to keep my identity hidden from you so your memories will be able to be erased with no problem what so ever."

"So the whole time you were with me you were pretending to be my friend."

"What? No! Of coarse not!"

"Then how come you didn't tell me?"

"Because now your in some deep trouble....and I am to. I didn't want that to happen."

"Then why did you stop me?"

"Because she was going to make your life worse, she wants you to lose all hope because you are the only one standing in her way of full power."


".....You have powers that are unimaginable in this world, one of the wisest people here predicted you would come and take down the queen. When she heard about this she tracked you down and demanded you to suffer."

I was silent in shock. He looked at me "Sorry, that is probably as far as I should go for now."

"No....its okay." I whispered. he stared at me, I felt my eyes sting.

"That means she killed my parents....right?" He said nothing, he just looked down to the ground below. Tears fell down my face, when he saw them his eyes got wide.

"Why are you crying?"

I rubbed them quickly "Sorry." suddenly I heard him chuckle, I looked up, he was smiling "You really need to toughen up you know?" I smiled.

"Oh hold on." I said, I reached into a pocket on the side of my dress and pulled out his bell. "You dropped it." He took it and tied around his neck again.


"Its fine."

He showed me his hand I looked down. "What?"

"Back when we promised, well I didn't have thumbs then so uh...."

I laughed "Right." I took his hand.


"Promise." I was happy he was here to back me up, I felt more confident in myself. We sat up on the roof watching the stars for a while. I thought about what I had to do in the future....when I had to face her.

The next few days went by quickly, the guys would have random fights and Mari and I tried hard to keep them all from killing each other. Mari had some extra clothes I could use considering my own dress was torn and dirty. Like Kyoshi said, his arm healed in about two days. We all had fun together, one day we all decided to get out of the house and Akemi took us to a crystal clear river to relax and hang out there. The twins jumped into the water and started splashing each other. Mari started to open up and we had a good conversation. I looked up right as the twins pulled Kyoshi in the water, both Mari and I started laughing hard when we saw him try to kill both the twins, he didn't win. He came out soaked and had a pout on his face which made me laugh even harder, he glanced over at me, when he saw me laughing a dark red blush came on his face. It started to deepen till it was the same color as his hair. The twins saw this and both grinned widely.

"Kyoshi has a crush." they both chimed.

"Shut up." he snapped

"We are only saying what is true, you should see the blush on your face."

"I said shut up." he jumped back in and tackled who I thought was Akio.

I couldn't help but smile. Akemi joined the fun not long after when the twins were mocking his as well so now all four of them were drowning each other in the water. Both Mari and I had grins on our faces watching them, we got up closer to watch them. It was kind of a bad idea. I saw Akemi and Kyoshi glance over at us while the twins were splashing each other. I didn't think anything of it then, they started coming over. Next thing we both knew they yanked us in. I got mad and started throwing water right into Kyoshi's face. He laughed, and I started doing it harder. We had an all out war, and it was fun. I hadn't really experienced things like that before, but I was happy. It was about five hours later before we stopped, we would've continued playing but night was coming and it was getting cold. All of us came out completely soaked.

"Sorry Mari....but I think this dress is ruined." I giggled.

"It's fine, mine is too." she laughed.

We all walked home Mari and I still talking while the guys were silent. I think they were exhausted because their breathing was heavy. When we got back to the house, we dried off. I was tired so I went up to my room early. I passed out on the bed as soon as I got on it. I awoke to hear someone in the room, I opened my eyes and say Kyoshi, he was getting into his bed. When he was crawling in he said "Sorry if I woke you."

I was a bit surprised "How did you know I was awake?"

"Well I thought if you'd stop snoring that meant you were awake, by the way we could hear you downstairs, you're a loud snorer." he said this than did that catish grin he always does. I stared at him for a moment.

"I don't snore."

"Hah, yeah you do."

"You're lying."

"Have I ever lied to you?"

"Ye-..." I hesitated and thought.

"Just as I thought..." he said sounding pleased with himself.

"Oh! You didn't tell me you were my pet cat." I said

"That is not a lie."

"Uh yeah it was."

"It was a secret, lies and secrets are completely different."

I thought for a moment.....he was right. "Damn." I said under my breath.

He grinned even wider. "So we both snore."

"I don't, no one ever says I have accept you now."

"They didn't want to hurt your little feelings honey." he said in a falsely sweet voice. Now I was mad. I grabbed my pillow and threw it at him, I missed.

"What's with the anger."

"I'm angry at your attitude."

"Oh I'm only toying with you." he said still in a sweet and innocent voice his tail swished side to side in a cute way. "I'll make you feel better and take back the snoring comment."

I threw another pillow at him, missed again.

"You do know trying to hit a cat always ends in failure."

I tried to hit him this time with my bare fist. He was fast, he grabbed it with his hand and pulled me into his lap. "Do you know you're very cute when you are angry." He whispered. I struggled to get out of his grasp but he had me pinned.

"Come on you know this is funny." he said.

"No!" I snapped

"Don't be in denial with this."

"I wish you were a cat again then I'll show you-..."

"Aw you hurt my feelings with that comment...can't you take a joke?"

"From where I am right now?" I said smiling

"Hah you're pulling my leg."


"You're grinning right now, you like when I kid with you huh?"

I stared at him not responding.

"No response... well I can tell you do, you're blushing right now."

To my surprise I was, my face was hot, and I grew hotter when he said that. With my last bit of strength I pushed away from him. I grabbed my pillows and hopped into my bed, when I did I didn't face him. It was silent for a while. About an hour later, when I cooled down bit and turned to face Kyoshi's bed, he was awake still and looking at me.



"Do I actually snore."

He was silent for a moment...."No. Like I said I was only pulling your leg."

Our eyes locked with each others for a while. My eyes started to get heavy and I slowly closed them, next thing I knew I was asleep.


I woke up, Chi was no where in sight. I went down stares and saw her talking with the twins. I got kind of mad about that but I decided to ignore it and get something to eat. I shuffled through the pantry.

"Do we even have anything good." I complained

"We don't eat fish all the time, just find something that looks good or I'll cram something down your throat and let you eat that." Akemi said, annoyed about my complaint. I pouted then just picked up a bowl and scooped up some porridge. It looked like puke, I snarled in disgust, sat down and ate it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but still it wasn't as good as the other human foods I've had. When Chinami was little she gave me her leftover food, all of that was pretty tasty. I looked up to see her grinning at a few jokes the twins were telling. She hadn't smiled like that for a long time. I looked down and continued to eat. After we all ate, it got kind of boring. The twins started playing a game, Akemi was reading, Mari was doing whatever the hell maids do, and Chinami found a sketch book and started drawing. I remembered when she was little she drew pictures all the time and I would sit there watching. After her parents died she stopped. I went over to her to see what she was drawing. It was an amazing picture, it was a field of flowers, flower petals were floating in the air, there was a lake in the center, and in the very back were mountains with birds flying above them. I was in aw. She turned around to look at me.

"Do you like it?" her face was extremely close to mine. My face felt hot, then I backed away and said "It's ok." She smiled which made my face feel even hotter.

"Uh Oh! Kyoshi is blushing again." Akito teased "How many times now has that been Akio?"


"Shut up idiots." I marched up to them.

"Don't touch us we are allergic to cats." they both said then took off, I ran after them. I cornered them in a room, I went up to them, slammed their heads together as hard as I could and walked out. "There, you guys are siamese twins now." I hollered as I walked back down stairs. Next thing I knew arms grabbed both my arms and lifted me up.

"What are you-"

"We are going to see if you really are a cat." Akito said with an emotionless expression.

"What!? How?"

"We are going to throw you out the window and see if you land on your feet."

"What!?" I turned my head to the front to see Chinami follow us.

"What are you three doing?" she asked in a small voice.

"We are going to see I he is an actual cat." they both said. She followed us with a blank look as I tried to kick my way out of their grip. I heard a door slide open. Her face turned to shock.

"Guys don't do that!" she yelled

"Don't worry he will land on his feet." They got ready to toss me.

"You know good pieces of-" I couldn't finish, they let go and I was falling. I panicked, I looked down at the ground that was coming closer at each second. I closed my eyes trying to focus.

"Kyoshi!" I heard her yell. My eyes snapped open as I got ready. I felt both my arms and my hands push on the ground when they touched, I slammed back up. And landed on the balcony they threw me off of.

I grinned "Now you two are dead meat." their faces turned blue and they ran out extremely fast.

"Are you...going to go after them?" she asked.

"Nah...they aren't worth it." I turned to her and smiled "Impressive huh?"

"Yeah, that was amazing." she said smiling wide.

"Come on lets get back down stairs, I want to see the twin's expression when I come into the room. I should probably get a cleaver or something to make it look as if I really want to kill them."

I took her hand and we both walked downstairs together. I felt very pleased with myself, I scared the crap out of the twins and made Chi happy. I noticed I had a huge grin on my face, I didn't mind though.


I slowly closed my eyes, trying to connect with the girl, to see her emotions and connections. After a moment I grinned.

"What is is?" Daichi asked.

"Looks like its time, she is starting to connect with the Cheshire."

"Shall I get the trap set?"

"Do so." I continued to grin. How will this work?

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