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Chap 9

Olivia lay crumpled on the floor, oblivious to the sounds of the hospital echoing in the hall. The steady cadence of heels clicking along the hallway echoed throughout the room.

Alex held a drink carrier with two cups of fresh coffee as her other hand sported a bag filled with freshly baked pastries. Alex spoke with the nurse, asking if there was any news on the detectives' mobility. Making a quick note of the conversation she steered toward the door, noting the bed was empty. Glancing around the room she noticed Olivia laying in an awkward twisted position on the floor.

Olivia wasn't moving.

Alex screamed as she ran to Olivia, dropping the forgotten beverages and food in her haste to get to the fallen detective.

"Babe, come on, wake up... Olivia, come on Hun wake up.." Alex panicked, cradling her head in her arms. She gently patted Olivia's cheek trying to rouse her.

With no response from the detective, she yelled for help. Looking up, she saw the call button for the nurse; Alex grabbed the controller and began pounding the button with her thumb.

A static reply came over the intercom.

"This is Nurse Riley can I help?" came the calm reply.

"My girlfriend... she fell from her bed, she isn't waking up, help... please help…" cried Alex, "Oh god, please somebody..."

Panic enveloped Alex, fearing the possibilities of what may have happened and what and what this may mean it was just to much; she just went to get them something different other than their usual hospital food. She thought this would help lighten Olivia's sour disposition she had been in lately. Now, all she could feel was guilt for leaving her alone, for even the short period of time she was gone. She should have known better.

Nurse Riley came rushing in with two other nurses as Olivia laid clutched in Alex's grip.

"Ma'am, You need to let us treat her," the nurse said. "We need to lift her onto the bed, ok?" the nurse continued.

Alex looked up, tears streaming down her cheeks. "She isn't waking up," she tearfully replied, breaking the nurses heart.

"It'll be ok hun, she probably just bumped her head pretty good," the nurse stated, trying to calm Alex.

"As soon as we get in her into bed, I'll page her doctor, we'll go from there and see what we can do, alright dear?" Surveyed the nurse.

Alex numbly nodded her head, thankful for some direction.

The three nurses worked to lift Olivia from the floor, stabilizing her neck as they prepared to move her. Alex rushed to pull the bed covers further aside so Olivia could be easily laid into place and recovered. She wondered to herself what could her girlfriend been thinking, trying to get up on her own. She chastised herself for leaving, even if it was just a few minutes.

"There we go…" cooed nurse Riley. She looked up to see the worry painted on the young woman's face, a look she had seen the countless times before.

"She'll be ok dear, she has just tried to push herself. Some of our more strong willed patients get antsy and want to do it all, especially when they are used to being independent" The nurse spoke as she continued fretting over their patient. Looking up, she then spoke to the other two nurses, "Thanks girls, I have it from her…" Riley said dismissing them.

The two nurses left with a slight nod as they walked around the bed and out the door.

"Now dear, if you don't mind watching our patient I am going to go call the doctor and tell her what predicament we have and page an orderly to clean up the coffee. We'll see what Dr. Foster would like to do with miss stubborn here. OK?" she spoke gently to Alex.

Alex nodded her head in agreement.

Dr. Foster came in with her clipboard in hand. Olivia still hadn't woke up and Alex was beginning to fear she wouldn't.

"Morning Alex, looks like our patient is actually a little impatient, and it would seem she decided she was going to get going on her own today…" spoke the doctor.

"Yeah, I went to get us some coffee and breakfast, she was still asleep when I left." Alex tried to explain through her tears. "When I got back I found her on the floor and she hasn't moved and she hasn't woken up since her fall."

The doctor moved to Olivia's bed side and leaned over their patient, running her nimble fingers over the patient's head. Coming to lump on the backside of the dark haired woman's head, "Yep, we have a small oval shaped knot on the back of her head, it's small but I want to make sure it isn't anything major. I'm going to order up a CT scan just to be on the safe side. I'm guessing with the bump on her head combined with the stress of her current situation she has knocked herself out for a bit. She'll have a pretty mean headache when she wakes up." She then looked over to Alex, noting her ashen face.

"Alex, She'll be ok. She's just knocked herself out. OK?" the doctor paused then spoke again, "We wont worry until there is a good reason too, no since in making your self sick." The doctor stated more firmly, trying to impose firm comfort to Alex. Alex just merely nodded, still a bit stunned over the current events.

The doctor ordered up new CT scans and Olivia was taken, unaware to her surroundings, for her test.

Alex tried to wait patiently, but failed miserably. She would fidget in her seat, or pace about the room like a caged lion. Occasionally alternating from tapping her toe to sitting cross-legged in her chair flipping her foot up and down in the air. To no avail, the stress and worry would not subside. Alex was wound tight with worry and frustrations.

The nurse pushing Olivia's bed steered her back into the room, not once did Olivia wake up to jostling of the bed. Alex waited with anxiously for the nurse to get the bed locked back into place. Once done, she politely smiled to Alex and excused her self from the room. Alex raced to Olivia's bedside, finding her beloved detective still unconscious.

Shortly after the detectives arrival back to the room, she began to move about, not quite waking up but moving about. Alex felt relief begin to wash over her. It had been almost two hours since she had found the detective. A long two hours of nervous waiting. As the detective twitched and moved about the bed, Alex took her hand and softly cooed for her to open her eyes. Alex gently caressed her cheek with one hand while holding Olivia's other hand with her other hand.

Just as Olivia's eye fluttered, the doctor walked into the room with a large white folder and clip board in hand.

"Afternoon Alex, looks like someone is trying to rejoin the land of the living..." she smiled to the women.

Alex looked back to Olivia, noting the blinking eyes that were trying to focus on her. Alex smiled warmly at the detective..."hey there, where'd you go?" She asked.

Olivia looked up at Alex, confusion painting her features. "Alex?" she asked, "What's going on?"

This took Alex back... she was affraid Olivia had taken a step back in her recovery, but the doctor was quick to ketch on.

"Alex, she may not remember what happened this morning. Why don't we ask her what she does remember and go from there?"

Alex nodded and looked back to her girlfriend.

"Liv, do you know where we are?"

Olivia looked from the doctor to Alex and back again..."yeah, where in the hospital, remember... me, shot, can't move..." Olivia replied sharply.

Alex bit her tongue, remember that Olivia may not remember everything that has happened. Sighing, she took Olivia's hand back into hers, "Liv, do you remember anything about this morning?"

Olivia looked at her puzzled, "Uh, no.... I've been asleep... but my head is killing me. I feels like someone knocked me in the head with a frying pan, other than that nothing has changed, I still can't move my legs. Why?"

Alex sighed, "Liv, it's nearly one in the afternoon, I came back this morning from getting us coffee and pastries and found you on the floor next to the bed... you were out cold. You wouldn't move or wake up." Alex looked into Olivia's eyes, watching for recognition..."do you remember what happened?" She asked.

Olivia slowly shook her head as she raised her free hand to the back of her head... her eyes grew large as she felt the knot and pain shot out from it. Looking to Alex, she asked, "How long have I been out?"

"I don't know hun, I was only gone for 20 minutes, so I am guessing several hours."

Doctor Foster smiled, "don't worry ladies, she is awake so the main concern is gone, she does have a mild concussion, but with her waking up, I'm not to concerned, we'll just keep an eye on it for the next 24 hours." She looked to the two women, Alex nodded her head.

With the morning events finally calming dawn, Alex began their routine exercises that she regularly helped Olivia with before Olivia would leave to meet with her physical therapist. Olivia for her part felt guilty for making the luscious attorney worry more. She knew she would need help once she left the hospital, she just didn't want to admit it to herself, but know she had too.

Olivia laid on her back in the bed as Alex moved her legs. One at a time Alex would bend them at the knee and then straighten them out, helping Olivia's lower half get the blood circulating and keeping her muscles from atrophying. Olivia was staring at the ceiling while Alex was flexing her right leg again, on the push up Olivia felt the twinge in her right knee.

Olivia released a startled gasped and jerked her torso causing the attorney to look up from her ministrations... "Liv, whats wrong? Did I bump your head?"

Olivia's eye were large as she looked down her body to Alex, she shook her head slowly and audibly gulped. Quietly, just above a whisper Olivia spoke, "Get the doctor... somethings not right... my knee twinged and now it feels like liquid lava is running down my leg."

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