Ch. 1: Finding Air

A week has passed since they have gone to Kansas. Cody is now a part of the J-Teens. He and the rest of them are at Angus's shop, anxiously waiting for the location of the final key.

"This is it, Guys," Colleen said, "The location of the Air Key."

"The Final Key to be found," Drago said.

Uncle and Angus were brewing up the magic window.

"Quill of mallard," Uncle said.

"Check," Angus said as he passed the ingredient to him.

"One more thing. Powdered hawk talons."


"One more thing. Powdered Monarch wings."


"And one more thing: the final ingredient to help locate the Air Key: Feather of Swan."


The Magic Window pops up and shows a Celtic cross with a swan on it.

"There's the key," Colleen said, "It looks familiar."

Then, it shows a summer camp that is beneath a mountain.

"It's at a Summer Camp?" Drago questioned.

"And the keeper of the Key is…" says Ice.

The window shows a plain looking teen girl with long black hair, blue eyes, glasses, a white shirt, and light blue shorts.

"Chrissie!" Colleen and Ice both yelled out.

"Chrissie? You mean that girl you are best friends with?" Uncle asked.

"Yeah," Colleen said, "We've been best friends since we were kids. Now she's the goblins' next target!"

"Any idea where that camp is?" Drago said.

"She emailed me when summer started," Colleen said, "She's at a science camp at Green Valley."

"We better get over there fast," Cody said, "With this being the final key, Baldro will be more determined than ever."

Hsi Wu was too busy paying attention to Chrissie to listen.

"Something wrong, Unc?" Drago asked.

"Colleen never told me she had such a cute best friend," Hsi Wu replied, "She'll be..."

"The next girl to turn you down?" Drago said jokingly.