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"We owe a lot to Kisuke…For what he has DONE for us" Shinji expressed as he chewed on the piece of Hay.

"But we also owe a lot to Aizen…For what he DID to us." A figure growled out from the shadows at the far corner of the Warehouse.


Mashiro clapped excitedly.


Love rubbed his wrist, getting pumped up.


Hiyori smirked as she straightened the white collar of her Red sports jacket.


Lisa adjusted her glasses, making them shine in the rays of light coming from the gaps and missing tiles of the Warehouse roof.


Hachi nodded, declaring he was ready for anything.


Kensei continued wrapping his hands in white combat bandages.


Rose looked in Shinji's direction, a small smile adoring his face.


Naruto lazily opened his eyes, allowing a pair of demonically red slit eyes to pierce threw the shadows with a menacing red glow.

"Remember the deal…" Naruto reminded all seven Vizards, his eyes cutting threw the shadows and pin pointing them all…One by one.

"Hai, we get all the others…While you get HIM"

Naruto growled in satisfaction, as he seemingly peeled himself out the Shadows and beckoned the others over.

"Tch, lets go…"

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