Divided We Fall

Edmund cut the ribbon that was tied to two trees and a cheer went up from the crowd. It looked like just a clearing with a pile of rocks, but it would soon be the college. Edmund grinned at Peter, who beckoned to him from the other side of the tree.

"Friends!" he called to the crowd once Edmund had joined him. "This is indeed a special day. King Edmund?"

"Yes?" Edmund asked, with a curious smile.

"Take a knee," Peter said, smiling back. He took out his sword as Edmund kneeled in front of him. "I dub thee, King Edmund, Duke of the Lantern Waste, and Count of the Western March. Arise, my King."

Edmund stood and hugged Peter.

"Happy birthday," Peter said.

That night, the four siblings had tea in Edmund's study, quietly celebrating the day. The map was hanging above his desk. It was finished for now, showing all the different lands he'd explored. In the corner was the poem Rigel had worked on in the year they were gone. When the smaller maps of Narnia had been made, Edmund had told them that they could leave the poem off, since it was about him. Peter, however, had insisted.

"It's either the poem, or I erect a statue of you," he had said, chuckling.

Edmund smiled as he read it:

Aslan's sun sinks into the Western Sky

Through the hourglass the Sands will fly

As our curiosity, like a child's,

Leads us to the Western Wild.

The forest sways in gentle breeze

Until the mountains part the trees

And our banners, single filed,

Spread across the Western Wild.

The people of the towns all sing

And Waters take notice of our King,

Who made this untamed land so mild,

The first explorer of the Western Wild.