Chapter 1: Alex on Board

Alex had just arrived on the USG Ishimura and found that there is another ship on board however this ship doesn't look like any from earth. "Someone from a different universe or something, I mean at this point, nothing is going to surprise me." Alex said running toward the first door. She pounded on the door but she couldn't get it to open up. "Fine, if it won't open up, then I'll make it open." Alex said as she ripped through the door. Once she got through, tons of creatures appeared. "Good, now I can take out a bunch of these whatevers now." Alex said and then thought back at what her mother had said when she couldn't remember her or her brothers. "These things are dead meat." Alex said as the things came rushing at her. Alex stuck her claw through one of them and threw it behind her and did the same with another. One from the side tried to attack but Alex dodged it and then cut off its head. "I'm really in no mood to deal with theses things." Alex moved out of the way of another ones attack and then grabbed it and put it in front of her as a shield. Alex swung her foot backward kicking one from behind her as one stabbed the meat shield Alex was holding and threw it aside. The one tried to attack but Alex jumped onto one of the walls and then jumped off and hit one of the things blades blocking her attack. Quickly Alex grabbed onto the things arms and ripped them from its sockets and then completely off. She kicked the armless thing away and into another.

One of the necromorphs in the back saw what was happening and then ran off. Soon it reached its destination and reported the incident. "Hunter, we have another minor problem."

"Now what is it?" The hunter asked unhappily.

"We have a witch on board sire but she doesn't act like a witch. She is killing everyone we sent to guard the exit." The Slasher said.

"What is a witch doing here on the Ishimura? Wasn't that Crypt supposed to have kept them away from us in return for his zombie's safety?" The hunter said.

"I know that we don't like them for some reason but I think if you tell me everything, then this may make more sense." The Slasher said.

"Fine, considering the circumstances." The Hunter said


Five years ago, a Hunter managed to travel to earth for territory purposes for when they take over. However a zombie came into contact with the Hunter and the Hunter ripped it apart. "This will be necromorph territory soon enough and no one will take it from us." The Hunter said and then continued on as it continued to tear apart Zombies and then a small figure came up to it.

"What are you and why are you killing my zombies?" The small creature said.

"I am the Hunter of the necromorphs and soon this will be our lands." The Hunter said.

"I'm not one to talk about things like this but in this case, let's make a deal." The Hunter stood there waiting for the small creature to say something. "First off, I'm called a Crypt, the most deadly of zombies. Secondly, let's make the deal. You can have whatever land you wish as long as we aren't already there and we will leave you alone to do whatever you wish." The Crypt said.

The Hunter thought for a minute and then nodded. "Deal, we will make no contact with each other."

End Flashback

"That's the basic idea as to what had happened." The Hunter said and then thought for a minute. "You let me take care of the pest. Before I go however, since the Crypt broke our deal, once we land, we take and kill everything." The Hunter then ran off.

Alex had finally finished killing off the small army of creatures with few cuts. "Now that that is taken care of, I can move on." Alex went to the door on the left first not sure which door to go through first. She could smell all types of smells in the ship. It didn't settle well with her stomach and she leaned over and threw up. After about half a second, Alex stood up and made her way to the next door. For about three hours, she had been looking around and then finally found an area that looked to be a train station but without the train. Alex went over to the edge and looked down and could feel a cold chill from below. Alex rubbed her arms and then took in a deep breath. Alex was just about to jump down when she heard something from behind her. "What are you?"

"I'm a hunter but I guess that doesn't matter since you can't understand me." The hunter said.

"Hunter huh and why wouldn't I be able to understand you?" Alex asked the Hunter.

Hearing the witch reply was a shock to say the least. "What is a witch doing here? Shouldn't you be crying your eyes out?"

"You're one to talk; you look like a deformed hunter to me." Alex said with a smile.

"You're not a normal witch are you? The Hunter said more then asked. "You're too spunky to be a witch." The Hunter smirked.

"How do you know what I am anyway, I've never heard of you." Alex said.

"The Crypt didn't tell you about us?" The Hunter asked.

"I killed him and took control. He had more concerns with me killing him then worrying about some small details." Alex smirked.

"That explains why the deal has been broken. I guess I'll have to tell the others but before I do, I'll kill you first." The Hunter said and then lunged himself at Alex who jumped onto the wall behind him. "Witches can't do that."

"I'm a hybrid if you must know." Alex said as she ran to him and cut off his head and arms and legs. "Pathetic just like the others." Alex started to walk away when she heard something. Alex turned around and saw body parts forming from the corps. "That's unexpected." Alex ran over and grabbed onto his body before he finished growing back his body parts and used all her strength to rip him in half. "Come back from that." Alex smiled and then focused her attention on her main goal. "Time to find the control room."

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