Title: Blood's a Rover

Characters: Spike from BtVS. Blood from Harlan Ellison's story A Boy and His Dog.

Notes: Prompt from open_on_sunday: Rover(s)

Notes: The quote "blood's a rover" come from the poem Reveille by A. E. Housman. Harlan Ellison once wrote that the sequel to A Boy and His Dog would be called Blood's a Rover.

"You don't mind, do you?" Spike looked up from his meal. Nearby, a dog wagged its tail.

Spike stood. The voice had been in his head. "Who's there?"

The dog smiled. "Blood."

"You then, what do you want?"


Spike gestured to the corpse. The dog started eating. Spike started walking away.

"Wait. We could work together," Blood said. "Watch each other's back."

Spike hadn't had anyone since Dru had left him. Shrugging his acceptance, he asked, "Why me? Why not some nice family?"

"Blood's a rover."

"Great," Spike said. "Not only do you talk, you spout poetry as well."