Haaaaave You Met Barney?

Apologies: I am sooooo sorry to anyone who's waiting on Parallel Worlds Proof to update!! I've been out of state for a few days and have just got back home and settled in. I promise an update is coming soon!!

A/N: I've been watching far too much How I Met Your Mother this past week. This scene popped into my head when I was watching the season 2 finale, specifically in Something Borrowed when Barney figured out the 'It's for the bride' trick. :P Feel free to fit this into possible future canon any way you want. Otherwise, consider it AU.


"What are you guys doing?" Leonard asked. Howard and Raj continued to stare intently at the television screen, notebooks open in their laps, pens poised to write.

"Preparing for your upcoming wedding of course," Howard answered.

"Yeah, we've been watching every movie or television episode that had a wedding featured so we can gather tips," Raj added.

"Tips for what?" Leonard looked at the screen, trying to figure out what they were watching.

"How to pick up bridesmaids dude!" Leonard rolled his eyes.

"Man why didn't we think of that?!" Howard suddenly turned to Raj. "'It's for the bride'. Genius! This Barney really knows what he's talking about." Raj nodded enthusiastically in agreement and proceeded to make a note of it. Leonard opened his mouth to say something, then thought better of it. He shook his head and went to pick up the Thai food, leaving Raj and Howard to continue perusing How I Met Your Mother for more infamous Barney tips. Leonard made a mental note to start a betting pool with Penny over how many times Howard and Raj would be slapped during the reception.