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For those of the non-ninja community, Konoha was experiencing a delightful little day. The New-Season Market had been set up for the previous week and shopping and trade was rife within the village. Families flooded the streets for festivities and attractions brought in from across every town in the Land of Fire. In between the spectacles put on display through almost every high-street, some of the village's younger children had their attention drawn to the sky; and not simply because it was a cloudless day.

Flocks of birds could be seen from the crack of dawn all the way up to the midday sun rising. From eagles to pigeons, even the occasional owl and dove, avian seemed to think Konoha just as much a hot spot to be in as did the touring families. When any inquiry was made as to why so many 'pretty' birds were around the village, most parents waved off the question with distractions of dumplings, a new toy or the promise to see one of the puppet shows.

"But dada, look!" One little girl pointed upwards as three more birds flew in union up to the towering heads of the Hokage.

"Oh, they must be here for the parties too!" He laughed.

"But one of them is an owl; don't they sleep in the day?" She asked.

"Maybe he was too excited for all the entertainers that have come. Anyway, let's go and find your mother and your sister, they'll be watching the dancing." With that he lead her down onto one of the main streets.

The girl was right, out of the three, one was an owl, and two were desert eagles. They, like the others, landed at the bird sanctuary. This was commonly occupied by one of Tsunade's subordinates, but today, the birds nesting there were outnumbered by the ninja, two to one. Each Shinobi rushing to and fro, carrying parchment the birds had been delivering.

For those of the ninja community, Konoha was experiencing a horrible little day. Just the night previously, attempts on the lives of three feudal lords were made; the land of Wind, the land of Mountains, and the land of Vegetables. Information only reached Konoha early in the morning, thanks greatly to the speed in which the Kazekage had reacted to an assassination attempt in his own country. It was at this time that the Hidden Leaf, Sand, Cloud, Mist and Stone were all informed of the attacks in the other two lands. Hastening to the defence of their feudal lords, each of the nations' Shinobi held their collective breath in expectance of a second wave of attacks.

A truce - albeit a cold one - was drawn between the five nations, though behind the walls of each Kage's office, paranoia was brewing: Who was trying to seize power? Having lost one Shinobi to them, the Raikage was quick to pin the blame on the Akatsuki – this made perfect sense; a shake-up in the order of government at this scale would surely force the hand of the five great villages, and it was more apparent that the S-Class organization was in the habit of toying with the Kage, and then used Gaara's kidnapping as an example. Gaara himself didn't agree; though acknowledged that Shinobi of that calibre were involved, as no bodies were recovered by his teams. He knew personally what the Akatsuki were hunting, and it wasn't lords. Furthermore, agitating five ninja villages simultaneously would only be detrimental to their cause at this time, with so few members, and more Bijuu left to capture.

After confiding with Tsunade, he revealed a lack of faith in the Mist and Stone; with little communication from either throughout the day, and given their aggressive tendencies to taking over lands, he felt they may have known more than they were suggesting – either could be responsible. Tsunade, desperate to avoid another war, kindly reminded her fellow Kage of the attack that crippled her village three years previously – an attack he and his fellow Shinobi were at the epicentre of, and that rash decisions weren't Sunagakure's best qualities. Similarly, across the map, the Mizukage and the Tsuchikage both felt Konoha and Suna's blossoming friendship since that invasion made them look a tad too suspicious, and that two ninja villages were very capable of pulling off assassinations of the is calibre with more secrecy than one could, they felt the two were planning their own hostile take-over.

By the afternoon, every Jonin and Chunin still within contact with their village was sent to the borders. War was upon them. Each village just waited for the first move from the guilty party. Tsunade still felt, however, than none of the five were guilty, and thus hoped that the next week or two would reveal that. In response to her views, she felt it only damaging to tell the rest of the village of the national tensions being felt in only a few short hours. This left only a handful of ninja within Konoha – the Genin not on duty.

One such team was Ebisu's. Following a partial success on their last mission, both Moegi and Udon came down with the 'sniffles', after Konohamaru had opted to chase Tora the cat across a river. The result; two hours trying to fish the poor Genin out, only to have Konohamaru chase it back in the river again.

"I don't see what you're moaning about, you two. I'm feeling fine!" Konohamaru laughed at the two as they sat in a park.

"Well, maybe that's because you were quick to dry yourself off by chasing Tora, leaving me and poor Udon to cling onto a rock for dear life." Moegi shouted.

Udon just sneezed.

"When were you two in danger! It was a D-Ranked Mission!" he retorted.

"Er, hello! That river leads onto a waterfall!" Moegi squared up to her comrade.

Udon again sneezed.

Before any more could be exchanged between the two, Team Ebisu were interrupted by another young ninja.

Hanabi Hyuga awoke that morning to find much of her clan had left on urgent mission from the Hokage, but wasn't told anything more by the maids. Just as she began to warm up for some light training, word had been sent to her, in the form of a note attached to a Kunai thrown at the compound wall. After noticing the ninja that had thrown it was ANBU – whom disappeared as quickly as he came – she read the message stating she was to report immediately to Lady Tsunade and find any Genin she could along the way.

Unfortunately, after finding team Ebisu and trying to explain the situation to them, she found she was drowned out by the growls Konohamaru and Moegi were exchanging.

"Stop It!" She shouted. For ninja, they sure didn't possess any of the discipline her father had taught her.

"We need to go see the Hokage, now!" She then shoved the message under Moegi's scandalised face.

After examining it, Moegi just tossed it aside.

"Oh, come on! You're from that Hyuga clan right? I've heard you guys need to lighten up, always focusing on 'discipline' and the 'noble image of the clan'. Can't you see that there's a festival on! She probably just wants some Genin to keep watch over the crowds."

"Then why did this message come from ANBU!" Hanabi retorted, picking up the message from Moegi's feet.

"Yeah, yeah, ANBU came and gave you that note, huh? Or was it that pig the Hokage keeps as pet?" Moegi laughed. Deducting that she was older than Hanabi, she made the classic error of believing she was wiser than her.

"Grrr, I don't have time for this! Are you two coming!" Hanabi immediately turned to the two boys.

"Uh, I don't feel so good. I don't wanna have to guard the town." Udon moaned, blowing his nose. Moegi gave a triumphant smile.

Konohamaru felt differently than his teammates. "Come on guys! This is a mission for Konoha! We've got to accept it!"

Hanabi was taken slightly aback. For all the stories she'd heard of Uzumaki's little disciple, she wouldn't have guessed he shared his grandfather's dedication to the village, no matter how trivial the task was.

"Oh you're just going against me out of spite!" Moegi spat. She grabbed Udon's arm and marched away, her nose held high.

"Guys! Come on!" Konohamaru shouted, He was so bored with the D-Ranked missions of late that he made himself believe the ANBU story Hanabi had told them, this was his chance to really shine, he knew it!

"Oh forget them! Come on, the message said it was urgent!" Hanabi grabbed Konohamaru's arm and dragged him towards the mansion.

Inside the office of Tsunade, Konohamaru and Hanabi noted how disorganised everything looked that day, and the alarming amount of messengers passing through the corridors.

"Er, Lady Hokage, you called for us?" Hanabi began.

Tsunade, speaking to an ANBU subordinate quietly by the window looked over and nodded. The man vanished and she marched over.

"Huh, just one Genin, and him of all of them? beggars can't be choosers I suppose, and two is actually a far better number for this kind of mission..." She began, shaking her head.

"Hey, watch it lady!" Konohamaru retorted; his bittersweet relationship to Tsunade hadn't changed since their first encounter.

"I am in No mood!" She shouted, making both the Genin jump back in surprise, she hadn't snapped like that in a while.

"You two may have noticed most the ninja stationed here are out of the village. This is because of a possible threat to our Feudal Lord."

The two gasped.

"Last night three other lords were targeted by unknown assailants, and all five Great Shinobi Villages are doing everything in their power to prevent another assassination attempt."

As dangerous as the situation sounded, Konohamaru liked where this was going. Was he going to be on border patrol too?

"Because our relationships with some of the other villages is lukewarm at best, our borders are being protected from both the assassins, and other Shinobi quick to pin the blame on us. For that reason, I have very little manpower to actually conduct an investigation into what happened. That is where you two come in."

Hanabi had been waiting for this for a long time - A chance to really show how much she had excelled with her family's training; and a chance to go on missions like her sister and cousin.

"I want you two to go to the Land of Vegetables; their lady Haruna is on good terms with this village following a mission your sister was once on Hanabi, she'll be more than willing to cooperate with you two with information on the attack. Find out who did this!"

"All Right! An A-Ranked Mission, fighting off Deadly assassins and saving Feudal Lords!" Konohamaru punched the air as Hanabi raised a sweat drop at her new partner's zealous attitude.

"I didn't say anything about apprehending the assassins! You're to inform this village with any information you get immediately and then return. These are highly trained assassins that escaped even Gaara's best men; it's highly unlikely you two could beat them. Besides, we don't want the other villages to use any fight you two get in as an excuse for an invasion."

Konohamaru's hand fell slightly; she always had to spoil his fun. Hanabi, treating this with the utmost of importance just nodded.

"Er, one more thing. Where is Udon and Mogei, Sarutobi?" Tsunade had sat down, speaking with venomous interest. Had her order's not been clear that all Genin were to report to her?

"Lady Hokage, I must confess that Moegi and Udon didn't turn up because -" Hanabi started, rather obnoxiously.

"Because, er, they weren't feeling too good. The river incident with that cat yesterday, haha." Konohamaru laughed sheepishly, scratching the back of his head and wearing a cheesy grin.

Hanabi glared at the Genin, why was he covering for those two?

"They'd be okay if you would learn a little bit of restraint! Make sure you keep that attitude of yours in check here. Hanabi here doesn't need your impulsiveness in this mission." Tsunade warned, giving the young girl a wink.

"Anyway, we both thought the two could be given a break, so we went ahead." Konohamaru attempted to play his puppy-dog eyes that worked so well when he was the 'Honourable Grandson', as much as Moegi had annoyed him today, he didn't want either of them to land his friends in trouble, plus a small part wanted this to be his adventure – except with Hanabi.

"Usually, I'd have the two cured at the hospital, but my Medical-Nin aren't exempt from border control, and I'm busy here. It'll be good to have a few Genin left in the village, in case anything breaks out in the festival." Tsunade sighed. Hanabi stepped forwards once.

"Lady Hokage, I must speak frankly. I do not believe that this Genin will be able to help in this mission. He, like that Naruto, is too loud, obnoxious, and deluded by his own ego. I've heard the stories around the academy, how his skills aren't anything like his uncle's or the great Sandaime Hokage," She began, he eyes closed as if she was reading a script in her mind, Konohamaru just growled, "He doesn't respond well to criticism, he doesn't listen to teammates – which is why he fails so often in his missions – and the only Jutsu I've heard he possesses is posing, hehe, as a girl!" Hanabi giggled.

Konohamaru definitely had the will of Fire at this moment.

"Hey, Don't You Dare Laugh at My Sexy Jutsu!" He roared to an un-phased Hanabi. Tsunade sighed, everywhere she went; she saw miniature Jiraiya's in the Shinobi world, as if they were victims of some sort of perverted plague.

"That's enough, Hanabi. You've no choice, I will not send a lone Genin on a mission like this, and I must confess I fear you're Clan's emphasis on family order and disciple may lead you on a similar path that Neji once walked Interacting with Shinobi you may or may not favour is all part of what it means to be a Leaf Ninja, see this as an opportunity to experience working with different types of Shinobi. And as for you Konohamaru, she's said nothing I don't agree with; you are too focused on yourself to help out others in the mission, and your Ninjutsu and Taijutsu both need work before you can even begin to compare yourself with your uncle or my Sensei."

Konohamaru yawned at the length of Tsunade's long speech, also picking his nose.


"Woah! Yeah, yeah, I've got! I'll be good!" He shook, as the Hokage's wrath began to bear down upon him.

Hanabi sighed as she resigned to the fate of working with this slacker. He'd definitely bring the efficiency of the mission down.

"I don't have time to waste on this mission, so you two better have left the gate within the hour. Get your essentials and go!" Tsunade ordered.

Composing themselves – after exchanging glares at one another – Hanabi and Konohamaru nodded and dashed for the door.

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