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Amelia's point of view

The adrenalin pumping through my veins made my vision more clearer and my hearing better. I looked around before going into the bathroom me and my sister Willow share. I went to shower and reached up to the little ledge that contained my escape.

"Ouch." I muttered as I speared my finger on it. I slid it off and it fell in my palm. A razor blade. I walked with shaky legs and sat down on the edge of the bath. I positioned the blade on arm and took a deep shaky breath. I pushed down and dragged it across my vein. Blood spilled out of the cut and ran down my arms, in little rivers. I watched it as it dripped of my arm and onto the pale carpets. God, mums gonna flip I though. Soon, they would find me dead. All of my life, I had been invisible. It's my sisters fault, but I don't blame her. Well, most of the time I don't. My sister has a disease that renders her sometimes immobile.

Willow has Osteoporosis Imperfecta, type 3. It's a brittle bone disease that's usually genetic, but in Willows case, it wasn't. OI basically means Willow breaks, a lot. The slightest thing can cause a break or fracture. A jump, a hit, a sneeze. Willow has had so many breaks my mom stops taking count. I began to feel drowsy and the began to swim. When my family find me, I will be dead. All of my life I had been invisible, over shadowed. My parents have no time for me, and I am usually forgot about. Even when I dyed my hair electric blue and start to wear different clothing, the still didn't notice. The just looked at me, disappointment in the eyes. Although I don't like to admit it, I crave my parents attention. They didn't notice when I stooped eating, resulting in my weight plummeting down to 6 and a half stone, they didn't notice when I be sick. They just think I'm more prone to flu's and colds. But I'm not really. I make myself sick. Its my way of coping with my life. I am fat, I know I am. Everyone in school tells me I am, so I must be. I have no friends, so I can't talk to anyone. I suddenly felt an over powering feeling of hurt, and I wanted to talk to Emma Reece, but we aren't friends anymore. All thanks to my fucking mom.

She sued Piper, Emma's mom, for wrongful birth. Basically, Piper should have seen the signs of OI sooner rather than later. I was against my mom going against Piper. My mom and Piper fell out and haven't been friends since. Emma also fell out with me and we haven't made up either. All thanks to a stupid mistake. I loved when Piper was over, the atmosphere was more relaxed and we could forget about Willows illness, even for just a little while. We would all play games, and laugh. It was bliss. A high pitched giggle could be heard outside. I dragged myself to my feet and peeked out the window. It was Emma Reece and her posse. They were looking at my house and whispering. No doubt talking about me or my family. Emma then pulled something out of her bag and threw it. I heard it hit my widow and it burst. She then got out more. Eggs. This is all I need! I thought.

"You all better fuck off, I'm calling the cops!" I yelled and they scattered. Bitches. Me and Emma used to be so close before the law suit. We were always at each others houses, I liked it better when we were in Emma's house. We were joined at the hip, we did everything together. We met at skating lessons, and had been inseparable ever since. Everyone called us 'twins' because if you seen one of us, you would find the other. But now, Emma had turned on me. Everyone had. In school, I was the target for their bullying. They call me names and hit me, but I call them worse names. I sat back down. The blood was still seeping out of my veins. I had been planning this for ages now, and I had finally gotten the courage to do it. It hit me, all at once that I was unloved, invisible, hated, and useless. I have nothing to live for. My life has been taken over by anorexia, and my sisters illness and I will not be a victim anymore. I was taking the cowards way out.

I had thought about it, many times before. I was going to let anorexia kill me, but it was taking to long. I looked down at my body. Everywhere, bones where poking out. I could count all my ribs, I could see the tendons sticking out of my arm. I remember the day I decided to stop eating.

** Flashback **

We were sitting at the dinner table and everyone was silent. Willow wasn't with us, she was in hospital after breaking her arms when ran and tripped, flinging her arms out to break the fall. They both snapped right out of her skin.

"Pass the gravy." My mom muttered to anyone who was listening. I didn't pass her it, even though it was sitting right next to my arm. She doesn't notice me, unless she wants me to do something so I was ignoring her.

"Amelia, pass the gravy." She said, a little more loudly. I picked at my chicken, not looking up.

There was a clatter of cutlery as my mom slammed down her fork and knife.

"Amelia! I am talking to you! Pass the gravy!" she shouted. I looked up and looked her right in the eye.

"So, you chose to see me when you need something, well I am choosing to not see you. So you know what it feels like to be invisible!" I screamed, slammed my fork down.

"Amelia." My father said, in a low voice. "Stop it, we have all had a hard day. Not just you."

"Not just me!" I shrieked.

"Be quiet." They both said, and for once I did. I stared at my plate.

"Eat your dinner." my dad said. I shook my head. I didn't feel like eating, in fact, I felt sick.

My father suddenly stood and came over. He picked up a spoon and put some chicken on it. He forcibly opened my mouth and shoved the food in. Tears streamed down my face and I began to spit it out.

"Don't be fucking difficult!" He shouted and the same time my mom shouted "Sean, leave her alone, you will break something."

She didn't care about me, she only cared about everything but me.

"Sorry" my father gasped and pulled me into a hug, but I didn't hug him back. I felt bile rose in my throat and I spewed all my dinner back up, all over her precious table.

** End of flashback **

My eyes began to droop and I heard a car pull up.

"Sean, I will get Willow, you start taking the groceries in." I heard my mom say. Shit! They weren't supposed to be back this early. I left it too late! Then everything went black.

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