a/n: So I was informed by my friend about this super special awesome contest that was for Takuya and Zoe coupling one shots. So of course I had to write this one ;). Just to warn you, this first part is lemony but after that it gets insanely funny. Don't get to horny :D. So I'll post this baby here, and I hope I get reviews!!! Plenty of feedback is wanted, even if you thought this was repulsive. Alright, I'll shut up. Here ya go!!

"Please Takuya…More…ohhh…" Zoe groaned as Takuya wiggled his single finger that was inside the blonde girl. They were on Zoe's couch while her parents had stepped out for an hour to go grocery shopping. While they were gone, the two friends felt like experimenting with some sexual favors. Zoe's shirt was on the floor, leaving her in a low-cut lace camisole with a black and pink polka dot bra under it.

"God Zoe, you're so wet!" mused Takuya.

"Ugh… Shut up you bastard!" she hissed. Takuya shoved his finger further in her and Zoe let out a gasp. The blonde twisted on the couch due to the pleasure.

"When do I get a turn?" Takuya complained, a bored expression on his face.

"When I'm done! Jeez Takuya you just started. You're fifteen, I would think you were a little more patient," Zoe said, her tone scolding. Takuya rolled his eyes and wiggled his finger like it was on crack.

"Ohh… Go for two, Takuya…" Zoe breathed. Takuya smirked, pulling his one finger out momentarily. It was covered in pre cum.

"Gross Zoe!" Takuya exclaimed with a laugh, and stuck the slimy finger in her face.

"Eww! Get that out of my face! Go for two!" The blonde commanded. Takuya sighed, just thinking about the favors he'd be getting in a few minutes. 'The sooner I please her, the better.' The brunette thought to himself. He licked two of his fingers, including the one covered in pre cum, and inserted them back into Zoe. She would've fallen off the couch if Takuya hadn't been partially laying on top of her. She twitched with moans escaping her mouth. Takuya brought his lips to the shell of her ear.

"You better thank me for that later," he whispered.

"Hn…" Was her response. Her eyelids shut over her eyes and she let out another large moan as Takuya pushed his fingers deeper.

"What was that, Zoe? You are going to repay me right?" Takuya whispered in a seductive voice. His spare hand rose to her breast. She was pretty big for her age. He slid his hand up under the camisole and bra, feeling her warm bare chest under his hand. He kissed her breast, secretly feeling happier than ever inside.

"I don't know if I really feel like it," she whispered. Takuya frowned. She was a selfish bitch. He would really have to please her to get what he wanted. Takuya brought his lips millimeters from hers and blew minty air in her face. He felt her body relax more. He thought about kissing her, but he wasn't sure if this was the right time. He and Zoe were only friends, but deep down Takuya knew he was in love with her. He hoped this hookup would make him more comfortable with eventually telling Zoe his feelings.

"Zoe…" Takuya breathed.


"I'm gonna make you squeal," Takuya whispered as he began to slide her panties down and off her legs. Zoe didn't object. "Open your legs," Takuya commanded. Zoe obeyed, spreading her legs apart and bending them at the knee so her feet were near Takuya's face when he lowered his head down to her glistening, throbbing sex.

"Good thing your feet don't smell, cause something else sure does!" Takuya teased. Zoe would've kicked him out of her house for saying that if he hadn't attacked the most private area of her body with his tounge.

"OHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Zoe moaned, and by reflex, she pelvic thrusted right into Takuya's face. There was a loud cracking noise.

"Ah!" Takuya yelped in pain. He pulled away from her, feeling his face.

"Oh god, Takuya! I am so sorry!" Zoe apologized. Takuya felt blood dripping out of his throbbing nose.

"Shit, what do we do? Hold on, I'll get some tissues," she said. Takuya moved, allowing her to get up from the couch. He held his nose and felt tears gathering in his eyes. His nose hurt like hell.

Zoe returned a minute later with some paper towels and some ice. Takuya thanked her and pressed them to his bleeding nose.

"We need to get you to the hospital." Zoe groaned. She got up and bent over in front of Takuya to get her panties which were on the floor. He could see down her camisole when she bent over, and couldn't help but reaching out and grabbing her boobs again. Zoe glared at him.

"This isn't the time to be fooling around, Takuya!" He dropped his hand. To Zoe's horror, he had left a mess of blood on her breast.

"CRAP! Takuya you're so dead after we get back from the hospital." She grabbed the paper towel and started wiping the blood off her boobs. Takuya snickered.

"Who's gonna bring us to the hothpital?" he asked, pinching his nose with the paper towel. Zoe looked at her phone that sat on the coffee table.

"I have an idea…"

"You know we can get in huge trouble if we get caught?" Asked Kouji as Takuya and Zoe climbed into the back seat of his car.

"We won't get caught. You're a good driver," Zoe said. Kouji turned around to face her and sent her an evil eye.

"I have my learners permit, Zoe. And if my parents come home early from work or somthing and see me and the extra car gone, I'm done for." Kouji said in a pesimistic voice. He rolled his eyes at Takuya when he glanced at the boy in the rear view mirror.

"Gah! Thoee, what are we going to do about your parenths?" Takuya asked his nasally voice.

"I left them a note saying you and I went for a walk and would be back later," Zoe responded. Takuya let out a sigh of relief.

"So… How did you break your nose, Takuya?" Kouji asked as he was pulling out of the driveway. Zoe and Takuya turned beet red.

"Well, see, it's a funny thtory… Thoee and I were…" Takuya began as Zoe let out a yelp.

"What's wrong?" Takuya asked, turning to the freaking out blonde. Zoe eyes were bugging out of their sockets.

"Something grabbed my arm! It's coming from the trunk!" She squealed with a shiver.

"Oh that's just Tommy. Don't mind him. I was "hanging out" coughbabysittingcough with him when you called. He started objecting to leaving because his mommy said he 'couldn't leave' my house. So I tied him up in the trunk there," Kouji said like it was no big deal.

"You what?" Zoe exclaimed. She looked over the back of the seat and saw Tommy tied up with a towel tied in his mouth. Tommy signaled for her to untie him. Takuya was laughing his guts out as Zoe untied the boy who immediately popped up and jumped over the seat to sit in between Takuya and Zoe.

"YOU ARE THE WORST PERSON EVER!" Tommy shouted at Kouji, and attempted to climb into the front seat to deliver a punishment to the raven headed boy. Takuya and Zoe held him back, and eventually pulled him down and buckled his seat belt.

"Kouji, I can't believe you did that!" laughed Takuya.

"You're the worst babysitter I've ever seen," Zoe grumbled. Kouji shrugged his shoulders.

"This seriously better not take long, you guys. I have a date tonight with Keiko," Kouji said in a soft voice. Tommy, Takuya, and Zoe let out an "oooOOOohhh" in unison.

"Shut up," Kouji responded. He turned onto the highway that led to the hospital.

"You better not be dating her just for a hookup," Zoe snapped. Kouji gripped the steering wheel tighter.

"I'm not. She's… different," he said quietly, a light blush spreading across his cheeks. There was silence in the car for a moment. Kouji let out an uncomfortable sigh.

"So… how'd you break your nose, Takuya?" The ravenette asked in a curious tone for the second time. Takuya's eyes bugged out and his face turned beat red yet again. Tommy eyed Takuya with a questioning look on his face.

"Guhh…" Takuya leaned forward to whisper in Kouji's ear while Zoe covered Tommy's ears.

"Hey! What's the big idea, Zoe?" Tommy whined. Zoe smiled nervously to the younger boy.

"Uhh, my hands are cold and your ears are really warm! Just let me warm them up for a sec." The blonde clamped down on his ears harder. Tommy began to wrestler her off.

"YOU WHAT?!" Kouji yelled, and accidently made the car swerve. There was silence for a second.

"…Yeah…" muttered Takuya. Kouji's eyes widend with excitement as he turned around to stare at the people in the back seat. His mouth hung opened in awe.

"No fucking way."

"WHAT?!" Tommy yelled, with Zoe's hands still over his ears. She buried the young boys head in her arms. He squirmed, hoping to find an escape from her engulfing chesticles. Takuya nodded to the ravenette. All of a sudden, the group heard sirens and saw flashing lights. Kouji turned around and looked in the rearview mirror.

"Oh shit." He cursed and turned on his blinker, signaling to pull over.

"What's going on?" Zoe asked as she let go of Tommy.

"We're being pulled over by a cop." Groaned Kouji. He parked on the side of the highway and slammed his head on the steering wheel out of frustration. The cop approached the car and signaled for Kouji to unroll his window. Kouji obeyed the command.

"License and registration please?"

Kouji groaned and looked at the man with a sad face.

"I left it at home sir, I'm sorry." Kouji lied.

"You look a bit young to be driving. Especially with all these others in the back." The cop locked eyes with Takuya.

"I'm eighteen. I was born with one kidney so I look young for my age," Kouji fibbed. Tommy looked like he was about to cry.

"Do you know you were speeding and swerving into different lanes?" The cop asked. Kouji gulped.

"No I didn't. Sorry sir."

"I'm going to have to do a breath check on all of you. I won't get a breathalyzer out unless I smell a hint of alcohol," said the cop. Takuya, Kouji, Zoe, and Tommy got out of the car. The cop went down the line of Kouji, Zoe, Tommy, and then stopped at Takuya.

"Why are you bleeding?" The cop asked.

"I broke my nose. That's why Kouji was in such a rush to get me to the hospital," Takuya explained. The cop eyed him suspiciously then sniffed Takuya's breath.

"Your breath smells like… Vagina?" The cop whispered. Kouji and Zoe nearly fell to the ground. Takuya shrugged his shoulders.

"Sorry guys, but I'm going to need to escort you all to the hospital and then the police station. This case needs to be recorded in the books." The cop laughed.

"So the cop took us to the hospital and kept us at the police station for three hours! Eventually he let us off with a warning, only because somebody at the station recognized Takuya. I guess the guy was one of his dad's friends. But anyway, we got brought home and we didn't even get in trouble!" Tommy explained to JP and Kouichi. Kouji was fed up with Tommy, so he dropped him off at Kouichi's apartment for him to babysit.

"Yeah. Sure. There's no way Kouji had the guts to steal his parents car and drive everyone to the hospital with only a learners permit," JP mused. He shook his head with a smile, admiring Tommy's exciting creative story.

"But its true! Takuya's nose was bleeding and everything! I think Zoe even has some blood on her shirt!" Tommy exclaimed. Kouichi and JP gave each other a look.

"Why would she have blood on her shirt? How did he break his nose anyway?" Kouichi asked. Tommy shrugged.

"Beats me! Zoe wouldn't let me hear the reason when Takuya told Kouji in the car," the brunette explained. Kouichi and JP looked at each other again.

"You think…?" Kouichi whispered. JP's eyes widened. There was silence for a moment.

"Nah!" The two said in unison, swatting there hand's through the air.

"Hey sorry I'm late," Kouji said as Keiko let him in to her big house. He immediately wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her softly on her lips.

"No biggie. What happened?" She asked after he pulled away.

"Well… It's a long story… Takuya broke his nose and I illegally drove him, Zoe, and Tommy to the hospital. Or attempted to, for that matter. We got pulled over by the cop and had to go to the police station after we went to the hospital. We got let off the hook, but I swear to god if I had gotten home two minutes later I would've been screwed. My parents got home right after I parked the car I stole from them. It was a close one," the ravenette explained. His girlfriend looked at him out of confusion.

"You what?!"

Kouji went through and explained the adventure more in detail to his girlfriend. She had a hard time believing all the details, just as JP and Kouichi didn't believe it when Tommy told them the story.

"How did Takuya break his nose?" She asked, cocking her head to the side cutely.

"Well…" He whispered the cause of Takuya's broken nose into Keiko's ear.

"What? That is such a lie. Takuya doesn't have the balls!" Keiko laughed.

"I know, that's what I said!" Kouji chimed in. The two laughed for a long time, enjoying the amusing story, but more importantly the warmth of each other's company.

"So did I pleathe you or what?" Takuya said in a cocky tone as he pinched Zoe's butt. The blonde jumped away from Takuya's hand, causing her to closer to his chest.

"You're so cocky, you know that?" Zoe grumbled. Takuya smirked. Their eyes locked and Takuya's hand rose to Zoe's face. He stroked it lightly.

It was so quiet out, the only sound accompanying them was the chirping of the crickets and the thumping of their own hearts. Takuya tucked a piece of hair behind Zoe's ear and began to lean in. Zoe blushed and hesitantly tilted her chin up, closing her eyes to enhance the moment. When their lips were just about to lock, the door flew open.

"Where the hell have you been?" yelled Zoe's mother, interrupting the romantic moment between her daughter and Takuya. Takuya saw Zoe's dad emerge behind her mom with a shot gun his hand. Takuya stepped behind Zoe, hoping to be shielded from her father if he decided to shoot Takuya.

"Uhh… Out for a walk?" Zoe answered with a nervous giggle.

"A six hour walk my ass." Zoe's father yelled. Takuya seemed to shrink even more.

"Now come in and sit down and tell us where the hell you really were." Zoe's mom commanded. Takuya could swear he saw flames coming out of her nose and steam coming out her ears.

Let's just say, Takuya and Zoe weren't allowed to see each other again for three months after that night was over.