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"Keiko, what the hell are we doing up here when that huge party is going on downstairs?" Takuya whined, throwing a marker he was using to draw on a big poster board.

"I told you, Takuya, it's a black tie thing for the company. Only Keiji and Naoki are down there. They told me and Saburo to stay upstairs. Besides, you and I have this big project to work on. Can you pass the purple marker?"

Takuya huffed, and passed Keiko the marker. The two of them were working on a big project for their history class.

"But Keiko, I can hear the music! And the food smells really good," Takuya hopped off the bed and rushed to her sliding window, opening it and stepping out onto the balcony. Keiko rolled her eyes and followed the brunette outside.

"God, look at all the limos! OH MY GOD! IS THAT MIYAZAKI HAYAO?" Takuya shouted, pointing to a small older man stepping out of a limo.

"I wouldn't be surprised. Keiji and Naoki just had lunch with him last weekend," Keiko said, laughing at the expression on Takuya's face. Takuya dramatically placed his hands on Keiko's shoulders and shook her.

"Can we get married? Like, right now! PLEASE! I want to be heir to this company!" Takuya cried. Keiko rolled her eyes and took a step back from the crazy brunette.

"Sorry bub, but me and Saburo are getting it before anyone else."

"You're a bitch."

"I know!"

After Keiko dragged Takuya from the balcony, the two returned to their project. Their topic was the history of India, which Keiko was an expert in, since she had traveled there several times in the past.

"Alright, I think we have enough facts. Now we just need to fill some of this empty space…" she said, gluing the last note card onto the poster. Just then, the two heard a low rumbling noise.

"What was that?" Keiko asked.

"Uh, I think it was my stomach," Takuya said with a laugh.

"I'll order some pizza or something," Keiko said, grabbing her cell phone.

"NO!" Takuya screamed, smacking the phone out of her hand, sending it flying across the room. Keiko looked at him like he was crazy.

"Keiko, I'm serious, I want the good shit that's downstairs," He said, looking maniacal.

"I'll call the butler and he'll bring some up," Keiko suggested. Takuya shook his head, and leaned in toward his friend.

"Haven't you ever done anything dangerous in your whole life? Take a risk for once. And besides, I want to try some of the Takishita family's famous wine."

Keiko narrowed her eyes. "How did you know about that?" Her family was well known for collecting divine wines from all over the world. Some of them were extremely aged, and worth a lot of money.

"Internet. Now come on. Let's go get some!" Takuya commanded. Keiko was about to object, but a part of her felt like taking a risk. She too had always wanted to try some of the wine that her older brothers were always sipping on.

"Fine. I'm in."

"You ready?" Takuya asked. The two brunettes were now dressed in all black spandex, hoping to look camouflaged against the dim lighting of the downstairs.

"As I'll ever be. God, if Naoki and Keiji find us… Correction, if Keiji finds us we are so dead," Keiko murmured.

"Oh, come on. Let's go," Takuya commanded, gesturing to the brunette.

The two ventured down the stairs, into the dimly lit, music filled first floor. There were several adults in tuxedos and gorgeous gowns, sipping wine from their glasses. Keiko and Takuya quickly slipped off the steps and fell to their knees, crawling between peoples' legs like little children.

"So what's first priority, Takuya? Food or the wine?" Keiko asked.


"Well, the wine cellar is downstairs in the basement. I'm pretty sure that Keiji and Naoki aren't serving the real good stuff. And the food is going to be up here…" Just then Keiko, who was looking at Takuya rather than what was in front of her, ran into something hard.

"Hey, sis! What brings you down here?"

It took a moment for Keiko to realize that it was Saburo, her older brother, who was accompanied by his boyfriend, Akira. They two were sneaking around on hands and knees.

"Saburo, what are you doing down here?" Keiko asked.

"Ouch!" Takuya hissed. He had been stepped on by a woman with high heels, who didn't even realize he was down there.

"We came down here to get food and enjoy fine wines. Is that why you guys came down?" Saburo asked.

"Yeah. Hey, we can work together on this. Will you make me and Takuya each plates of food, while we go downstairs and get some wine? We'll bring you guys some," Keiko said, moving aside to avoid a pair of legs.

Saburo scratched his chin. "Sounds like a deal, girlfriend. But don't get me anything to sweet. I like my wine dry."

"Since when are you an expert on wine?" Takuya asked. The four of them were underage, after all.

"Well, when you're planning on having hot steamy gay sex, you have to drink some alcohol to get you in the mood. Right Akira?" Saburo winked at his boyfriend.

"You're damn right. Saburo, honestly, if you weren't intoxicated every time I fucked you, you would be crying during the sex," said Akira, ruffling his boyfriend's hair. Saburo pouted his lips, while Keiko and Takuya stared awkwardly at the couple.

"Uh, okay. Well get us the food and we'll be right there with the wine. We'll meet you in your room, Saburo," Said Keiko. Saburo gave a thumbs up, and proceeded to crawl toward the kitchen with Akira.

"Alright, let us continue our quest for fine wines!" Takuya said in a false heroic voice. Keiko laughed, and then continued to lead the way toward the basement.

The two brunettes made their way through the jungle of legs, successfully avoiding being spotted.

"Keiko, I'm so tempted to stand up right now," Takuya said from behind the girl.


"Because I want to meet all the celebs!" Takuya whined. Keiko rolled her eyes.

"There's probably no one around that you even know. Just look up-" Keiko froze. Takuya looked up to see what his friend was looking at, and noticed Naoki towering about them, talking to a guest.

"FUCK!" Keiko squealed, picking up the pace of her crawl. Takuya followed her, accidentally brushing against Naoki's leg as he passed.

"SHIT!" He hissed, once he saw Naoki's head start to look down at what had brushed his leg. Takuya scrambled through the legs, barely escaping Naoki's sight.

"That was a close one," Keiko sighed, after they were out of the party room. Takuya nodded in agreement, following his friend down the stairs that led to the basement.

"Here is the Takishita wine cellar," Keiko said, opening a large pair of wooden doors that sat at the bottom of the staircase. Takuya gawked at the sight in front of them. There were hundreds of bottles: some old and some new. They were sorted into categories, labeled clearly above each compartment.

"Which should we grab?" Keiko asked.

"This one!" Takuya grabbed a bottle that was labeled 1784 Chateau d'Yquem.

"That one looks old," Keiko said, brushing some dust off the glass.

"Well, they say the older the wine, the better!" Takuya said with a smile.

The two decided that they would only take that bottle, in hopes of not getting caught. Keiko grabbed four wine glasses that hung on the wall in the cellar, and then led Takuya back upstairs.

"Damn, Keiko, you grabbed one of the most expensive bottles of wine that our brothers own!" Saburo explained, running his fingers over the label on the bottle.

"Well actually, Takuya picked it out," Keiko said. Saburo gave a nod of approval to Takuya.

"Okay, here's your food, as promised," Akira said, handing the two brunettes plates that were loaded with expensive looking food.

After pouring Akira and Saburo each a large glass of wine, Takuya and Keiko went back to her room.

"Are you excited?" Takuya asked, pouring a glass for Keiko and himself.

"I guess so. I'm a little nervous. What if we get drunk and do something crazy?"

"Kei, that will never happen. We'll be responsible," Takuya clinked his glass against Keiko's.

"Cheers!" He purred, then took a large sip of the wine.

"How is it?" Keiko asked with wide eyes. Takuya smacked his lips.

"Good. Interesting."

Keiko blinked a couple times, then took a sip of her own glass.

"Hehe. I feel bubbly," Takuya said, giggling. Two empty plates sat on the ground, along with an almost empty bottle of wine.

"I can't believe we just drank…all that," Keiko giggled, smacking her lips. She laid back, sprawling her limbs across the bed, and took a deep breath. Takuya looked down at her and took a complete head to toe survey of her body.

"Hey Keiko?"


"You're…uh… giving me a boner," Takuya said, feeling his crotch with his hand. Keiko smiled seductively and winked.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Takuya asked, straddling her hips and running his hands up her thighs. Keiko blushed.

"Uh, maybe," Keiko purred, biting her lip.

Takuya's hands glided up her thighs, over her crotch and stomach, and stopped on her breast. He began to rub them sensually, licking his lips as he did so. Keiko let out a light sigh, then began rubbing Takuya's crotch with her knee.

"Oooh, I like that," Takuya moaned. Keiko responded by forcefully grabbing the collar of Takuya's shirt and pulling him down on top of her. Once they were chest to chest, Takuya immediately took to crushing his lips against Keiko's, placing sloppy, sexual kisses on her mouth. Keiko ran her hands down Takuya's broad chest, pinching his nipples on the way down, which caused the boy to gasp. Takuya smiled as he kissed Keiko harder, pressing her body hard up against the bed.

Minutes later, they were both topless and wearing nothing but underwear. Takuya slid the straps of Keiko's lace bra off her shoulders as he licked the roof of her mouth. She did not resist as he pushed her bra down, exposing her breast. He cupped one with his hand, squeezing it firmly.

"Keiko… Suck my cock…a doodle do," Takuya said after a moment, trying his hardest to contain his giggles. Keiko did as she was told; slipping Takuya's boxers down off his hips. Takuya shifted so he was on his back, and Keiko was straddling him.

"Shit, Takuya… That's one big rooster," Keiko slurred, trying to stifle her chuckles. She brought her hand to Takuya's shaft and began rubbing little circles in the skin. Takuya's breathe became unsteady.

"Stop teasing me, dirt bag," Takuya groaned, gripping the sheets under him. Keiko then started tapping it lightly with all her fingers, as if she were playing the piano. Takuya's eyes rolled into the back of his head for a moment.

"Come on Keiko, pleeeaasee," he panted, thrusting lightly into her hand.

"Wow, you sure are desperate."

"No, I'm just used to getting it right away."

Keiko smiled drunkly at her brunette friend, and kissed his lips cutely. Takuya put his arms around her and pulled her onto his chest.

"Keiko, you're beautiful. You're so hot, and I always thought you had a sweet ass. Now will you please blow me? I'll be sure to return the favor," he whispered into her ear. Keiko moved off of him, and placed her hand back onto his throbbing shaft. She grasped it firmly, then began moving it in a steady up and down motion.

"Now that's what I'm talkin' about, motha fuckahhh," Takuya exclaimed through clenched teeth. Keiko rolled her eyes at him, then proceeded to bring her mouth down to his muscle.

She began licking it slowly and sensually, as if it were a delicate ice cream cone. Takuya squirmed under her, letting out little moans of pleasure.

"Jeez, Takuya, uh, when was the last time you got some?" Keiko joked.

"Like… I dunno… A while ago," Takuya moaned, closing his eyes. Keiko took the opportunity to catch him off guard, and deep throated his entire shaft.

"Ah! Whoa, you surprised me there," Takuya breathed, biting his lip and twisting around a little bit. Keiko looked up at him and gave him an innocent smile.

She continued to blow him for a few more minutes until Takuya stopped her. He wanted to stay in the sexy mood, and he knew if he came, he would lose his fire. To be fair to Keiko, he convinced her that it was now her turn. The two switched spots so now Keiko was on her back.

"Let me take these off," Takuya slurred, bringing his face down to her bikini style panties that had little hearts on them. He kissed her underwear that covered her sacred spot, then bit the fabric, pulling them off.

"Whoa, I've never had a guy pull my panties off with his teeth," Keiko chuckled. Takuya brought his face up to Keiko's, and blew a cool breath in her ear.

"You like that?" Takuya said in a barely audible whisper. He brought his fingers to her moist pink flesh, and began rubbing softly. Keiko moaned, pushing her head back into the pillow. Takuya brought his mouth to her neck, and gave it a bite.

"Oh yeah, Agunimon, I do like that," Keiko cooed, gripping the sheets under her with one hand and running the other down his bare chest. Takuya rubbed her clitoris with his thumb, receiving a couple of gasps in response. He rubbed around until she had excreted enough juices, then he slid a finger into her.

Keiko immediately grabbed Takuya by the collar, and pulled him into a kiss. The two kissed passionately as Takuya wiggled his finger inside the moaning girl, who was acting as if she was searching for something inside his mouth with her tongue.

"More," Keiko said in between kisses. Takuya happily complied, sliding another finger inside her. Keiko let out a low squeal of excitement as she began thrusting into his hand.

"Shit, we should get drunk together more often," Takuya said, kissing Keiko's chest. Keiko then pushed her boobs together, capturing the boy's face inside. Takuya wiggled his fingers harder, as he began making out with Keiko's chest. Keiko threw her head back again, tossing her hair out of her moist face.

After about thirty more seconds, Takuya surprised the girl by placing her legs on his shoulders, his fingers remaining deep inside.

"What are you-" Keiko began, but was interrupted by a gasp coming from her throat as Takuya's tongue connecting with her moist, pink flesh.

"Ahhh," Keiko moaned, pulling on Takuya's hair. Takuya swirled his touch around her clitoris, licking up the sexual juices the brunette had excreted.

"Baby, put three in," Keiko said softly, gripping some of the skin on Takuya's shoulder. With out a word, Takuya slipped a third finger inside her, then continued licking the wet flesh.

After a moment, Keiko began to pant. Her chest heaved as Takuya obediently did his work. Little cries escaped her lips, when finally, she grabbed Takuya's bulge in his boxers.

"No, honey, I like making you feel good. You don't have to give me a turn," Takuya purred, sitting up to kiss her cheek.

"No Takuya… Fuck me," the panting girl commanded.

"You serious? Don't fuck around with me Keiko, you better be serious."

"Stick your dick in my pussy. NOW," Keiko growled. Takuya couldn't help but laugh a bit as he slipped his penis out of his boxers, and brought it down to meet her throbbing flesh.

"I don't have a condom," Takuya panted, kissing Keiko's chest.

"I'm on the pill. Now FUCK ME, TAKUYA!"

Takuya pushed his muscle into her with ease. The two let out moans simultaneously, gritting their teeth. Keiko gripped Takuya's arm, digging her fingernails deep into the skin.

The next morning, Keiko woke up to her tan friend snuggled up next to her, fast asleep. She ran a hand through her silky hair, trying to remember what had happened to night prior. She glanced down, and was surprised to find herself totally nude, and the sleeping brunette next to her nude as well.

Then it hit her.

She twitched, tearing the sheets up from the bed to cover her exposed body, which caused Takuya to wake up.

"Hm… Where am I?" he wondered out loud. He squinted when he saw Keiko peering back at him. Takuya slowly looked down, to realize that he too was naked. He looked back and met his friend's aquamarine eyes. She was completely frozen, with her bright orbs wide.

After a moment of silence, the two burst out laughing.

"Keiko, I am SO sorry. I should have never suggested that we get that wine," Takuya said, scratching the back of his head. Keiko fidgeted uncomfortably, but kept a smile on.

"It's okay Takuya, I'm equally guilty. Maybe we can pretend this never happened?" she let out a nervous laugh. Takuya smiled wide.

"Fine by me. I really am sorry though. I said some pretty raunchy things to you," he said, looking embarrassed. Keiko reached over and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I'm guilty of that too, my friend. I think I said worse things to you than you did to me, actually. I get really into the moment. Anyway, really, let's just forget that ever happened."

"You called me Augunimon, didn't you?" Takuya laughed, reaching over to tickle Keiko. The girl squealed, struggling to keep the sheet shield up, separating her body and Takuya's fingers.

Suddenly, Saburo burst into the room with a frantic expression on his face.

"KEIKO! NAOKI'S COMING UP THE STAIRS! HE NEEDS TO GET OUT OF HERE!" The youngest male Takishita hissed, pointing at Takuya.

"Shit, what do we do?" Takuya screeched, pulling the covers up over his head. Keiko grabbed her robe that lay next to her bed and slipped it on. With great haste, she ducked under the bed and pulled out a chain ladder.

"I keep this for emergencies. You're going to have to go off the balcony." Keiko rushed out the door to her balcony and began setting up the chain ladder.

"I'll go distract Naoki! Takuya, hide that wine bottle under the bed, will ya?" Saburo said as he shut the door behind him.

Takuya did as he was told and frantically shoved the empty bottle underneath the bed.

"Alright Takuya, its ready," Keiko said, returning back into her room.

"Okay. What if someone sees me?"

"No one will see you. The only person out there is the groundskeeper. He won't say anything." Keiko rushed to her door, and peeked through the keyhole.

"GO! He's coming!" She squealed. Takuya rushed outside onto the balcony and carefully climbed over the railing onto the chain ladder. As he began to descend, he realized that all he was wearing was a pair of boxer briefs.

"Dammit why me?" Takuya hastily climbed down from the high up balcony. Once he was on the ground, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Wow, I actually got out of there without getting caught!" He smirked to himself. Just then, a bad feeling washed over him. A very bad feeling.

Takuya slowly turned around, horror washing over him when he realized his suspicions were true.

There stood Keiji glaring at him with the groundskeeper, his hand on the lawnmower. The second oldest had a look of complete and absolute fury on his face, one that would make even a top ranked marine feel afraid. His lip curled up over his teeth. Takishita Keiji growled at Kanbara Takuya.

And then Takuya was running. The sound of a lawnmower turning on echoed around him. Takuya dared to glance over his shoulder, only to see Keiji chasing him with the lawn mower.

Let just say, after that day, Takuya could neither walk nor use the bathroom the same way ever again.