AN: Glad to see that you're all still out there. I kind of thought that with how long it's been since I posted that no one would still be watching, but I was so amazed to get such a great response from you guys. Power to the Artina fans that are still alive and kicking.

Someone posed a great question to me in a review that I wanted to address. They asked if I would be working from songs from both seasons now or if I would stick to just one. I wanted to say that for now I will be trying to use just the songs from season one. I will write for season two (I've already written a couple of them) but I want to try and get all the way through season one first. Unless I get completely stuck, and then I might just start double-dipping. Thanks for the question!

"Physical" Tina-POV, senior year

I'm going to burst into flames at any minute.

Artie and I are sitting curled up together on the couch, watching a movie, but that is the last thing I want to be doing right now. We've been dating for six months now, the house is empty for the night, and I feel like it's about time we take things up a notch. I know that it's been a while for both of us. I know that we said we were going to take things slowly to make sure that our relationship worked this time. And I'm trying, really. But I have needs too, damn it.

I've been dropping hints all night long. I wore a new dress especially for the evening, one with a very generous neckline I never would have dared to wear otherwise. Eating dinner I made a pretty pointed show of licking the spaghetti sauce from my lips extra slow. I've been sneaking extra kisses in all night, lingering ones on the sensitive side of his neck and his ears. All night I have been trying my hardest to give him hints. And like the sweet, naive guy that he his, he isn't picking up on any of them. If he wasn't so adorable I'd be pissed.

So as we sit watching a classic action movie, I decide it's time to turn it on full power. Swinging my legs over the top of his, I slide in even closer to his side and start nuzzling the side of his neck. Artie glances down at me and smiles before giving me a quick kiss. I don't let him get away, keeping his lips on mine and deepening the kiss. He responds with a soft groan and I take that as my go ahead.

Climbing into his lap, I take of his glasses and then sink my fingers into his hair. He pulls me closer, his arms wrapping around my waist. I pull one of his hands away and set it on my leg, just below the hemline of my dress. His fingers are tentative as they trace little patterns on my skin before finally slipping underneath my dress. I gasp, feeling like my skin is charged with electricity everywhere he touches. My fingers find the buttons on his shirt and start on them, fumbling as I struggle to get the little buttons back through the holes. Once I have his neck and shoulders fully exposed, I start kissing my way along them, feeling a sense of satisfaction at the low guttaral noises he makes when I do.

"Artie," I gasp out, getting momentarily distracted when he slide the strap of my dress down to kiss my collarbone. "Artie," I start again, "we should move this to your room."

"Hmm?" Artie asks.

"Your bedroom," I say. "Now."

"My room? Wh-?" Artie suddenly freezes and then pulls back to look up at me, his eyes wide in comprehension. "Oh. Oh. Okay. Yes. Let's do that." I climb off his lap with a smile, lining his chair up with the couch so he can transfer. He glances up at me with a devious spark in those innocent blue eyes, his lips quirked up on one side, and all of the fire inside me multiplies by the thousands.

We can't get into that bedroom fast enough.