Hey guys.

I'm really sorry but I probably wont finish this story.

A lot of things have happened in my life. I'm moving to my own apartment, getting a new job and starting at university, so lately I've been really busy and stressed.
Another reason why I haven't been updating for so long, is that South Park isn't my one grand interest any more.

Of course I still think South Park is kickass and amazing, mind you, but it's not my main interest any longer, and I just can't write when it's like that.

I have to really engage myself in something to want to write about it.

Naturally I could write some chapters despite having lost the interest, but they would be half-hearted and the quality and plot would be FAIL... In other words, I can only write when I'm motivated.
So, yeah... sorry, but this story probably isn't going to be updated again, but I recommend browsing for other Nazi!CartmanxKyle stories. I know there are a few, so you should definitely read them ^^

Take care, and if you are into the mangas Hetalia, FullMetal Alchemist or Death Note check out my other stories :3