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Chapter 12: Promise

Sayu heard the television downstairs buzz at a low volume the next morning, which dawned the beginning of a new day as well as to remind her she kissed Mello last night. Thoughtfully, she placed her fingers to her lips, barely believing that that happened. Yet, it did, and she felt a rush of joy that she thought must happen only a select few times in a person's lifetime. She quickly dressed to go down the stairs and eat a bowl of cereal, though plans changed. As she poured her milk, she noticed her mother standing in front of the small TV that she overheard earlier. Sachiko cupped her chin in one hand concernedly, staring incredulously at the screen, which caused Sayu to lift her head from her bowl.

"What is it, Mom? Does this have anything to do with the case?"

Cautiously, her mother nodded, seemingly nervous to do so. "These Kira supporters apparently killed a young man."

Her heart sinking immediately, she abruptly rose from the table to peer over her mother's shoulder and saw EMT people take a covered body take a covered body to the hospital then likely to the morgue. One defining clue came in the form of her glimpsing a bright red convertible on the screen. She recognized this flashy vehicle as Matt's, recalling the visit at the apartment. He had pointed it out the window to fondly brag about it from gas mileage to overall appearance. That car he definitely adored, but looking on the TV now, it was no longer the crowning glory it once was. Bullet holes decorated it more than the shiny scarlet paint did, which brought her spirits considerably down. Obviously, this implied that Matt had gone out on a Kira-related spree with Mello. If so, what if her lover died, too?

At that moment, Sayu sensed that all those bullets that had killed the redhead impaled through her own heart. She totally lost her appetite for breakfast, since she worried over Mello's possibly disastrous fate.

"Oh God, why would they do that?!?" she asked in an anguished shout that seemed to originate from the depths of her tormented soul.

Sachiko released a lengthy sigh while closing her eyes. "The world is a crazy place, Sayu."

All day Sayu could not erase that digital image from her mind, trying in vain to forget it as she attended class after class. Why didn't Mello imply that he would do something this reckless mere hours after their date? Had he no idea that he could tell her anything? During the lunch break, she nearly broke down from all these frighteningly posed questions. That night she could hardly sleep a wink due to the incessant tossing and turning in her bed. Restlessness settled over her along with her anxieties that flew excessively in her head like haunting bats. Nothing had ever torn her up this much.

More sorrowful events were to come that week, namely the death of her brother Light that served as the second funeral she observed within two months. For some strange reason, though, her melancholy wasn't as deep as it had when her father died. Toward the end of his short life, Light had acted increasingly detached toward his family. The way his movements and general behavior seemed so calculated, so poised that she wondered if he plotted something terrible behind the scenes. Why else would he conceal his thoughts carefully, judging by the very manner in which he spoke? If Sayu hadn't known any better, she would have suspected her own brother of being Kira, the killer of too many lives. Of course, that was definitely a stretch, considering the extent of her profound speculation. It no longer mattered now, for he lay beneath the earth in his coffin.

The funeral led her to fret over what happened to Mello, who neglected to call her as well as to appear before her. She wished to discover any sign that indicated he survived through whatever ordeal he had to go through. Nights passed in troubled, constantly interrupted slumber, and days elapsed with the definite lack of enjoyment in life. Things could only become worse from here on out, so Sayu dourly thought.

Apprehensive for the future, she often turned on the TV after school to tune in to a 24/7 news network to receive word on Mello perhaps. She realized that she was disappointed that the anchors would discuss other stories instead. She needed the closure regarding her boyfriend to find out if she had to search for him or not. So, she prayed fervently for his health and life. Gradually, the next weekend arrived before she knew it, still without word from him. Determinedly, she wandered over to Tokyo to look for a while.

She could hardly afford to not try to seek him out, for she severely required answers as to that one question bothering her. Unfortunately, she possessed a lowered spirit due to the realistic thinking that at least twelve million people resided in Tokyo. Mello could blend into any crowd that consisted of a thousand citizens, so that Sayu could merely assume that searching too strenuously would prove worthless. As much as she despised to at a moment like this, she stopped at a few stores to browse through clothes in order to distract herself from reality. The shadow of the thought that Mello died on the same day as Matt utterly petrified her. But, not even shopping could placate these quivering nerves that were butterflies in her stomach as well as the somersaults that her heart performed. She practically lost hope as she walked past a dark alley.

"Psst!" she heard someone hiss from that area.

Sayu resolved to ignore the voice that may or may not have belonged to a creepy stranger who lurked in the murky alley. A gloved hand put the option out of her hands as it dragged her to the hiding place. She nearly shrieked until that same hand covered her mouth.

"There you are," the voice murmured. "I thought I'd never find you."

Very slowly, deliberately, she turned around to glimpse the owner of that all too familiar voice. Strands of blond hair brushed her shoulder that told her for certain who the person was.

"M—Mello?!?" She couldn't resist shouting accompanied with touching his face to ensure that he did not originate from her dreams. Once she made her discovery, she felt alleviated tears come to her eyes as she embraced him tightly to the point that she refused to let go.

Unbeknownst to her, Mello smiled slightly upon sensing her tears drip on his shoulder, gently hugging her back. He probably worried her too much, but at least they were together again. After the first blissful moment of reunion, Sayu surprisingly started to pound on his chest.

She shouted half-angrily, half-exasperatedly, "Why didn't you tell me you were all right, you idiot?!? You could have died, and I wouldn't have known it! No, you always have to make me wait all the time, don't you? Ugh, you're such a dummy, you...you...you dummyhead!"

Holding back his golden head, he chuckled due to the horrid inability of his girlfriend to create decent insults. Maybe she should leave that to him, the full-fledged expert.

"I'm glad you missed me too, Sayu," he replied somewhat sarcastically, but he truly was happy.

In the mean time, Sayu cleared her throat due to the excessive scolding she gave Mello while she wiped away the remainder of her tears. A shudder passed over her, though this one spoke of immense contentment that yes, he still lived. After Matt's shooting death that appeared extremely disturbing indeed, she thought that his best friend had gotten shot, too.

She even mentioned this as she informed waveringly, "You know, when I saw those guys on TV take Matt's body away, I thought I'd never see you again."

The light that previously glittered in his alluring blue eyes vanished. She could tell that this passing of his best friend still aggrieved him.

"I can see why you'd think that. I sure miss that kid, the gamer weirdo."

He smirked wryly, leaning against the wall in reflective contemplation.

Sayu wrapped her sinewy arms around him to give him the comfort she thought he needed right now. She nuzzled her face gently into his neck, which he responded to by planting a sweet kiss to the top of her head. Once his lips abandoned that particular spot, she sensed the tingling throughout her entire lithe body. A sigh escaped her lips as she leaned slightly against him.

Mello then told her in a low tone, "I got to admit to you, though, I escaped death yet again."

"You're good at that, aren't you?" she joked, even laughing softly at how true his statement was. He chose to join in her laughter by chuckling again, though he rapidly silenced himself as a rather secretive smile curved his lips. Those alluring crystalline blue eyes caught Sayu by surprise due to the tenderness that shined through in them. She never glimpsed this much love in them before.

And, for some odd reason, she herself could barely understand, the familiar warm blush returned with a vengeance. It seemed to spread like strawberry jam across her face.

He took her hands in his, still smiling that cryptic smile. "There was something else I thought about after I avoided dying. It's actually been on my mind for a while."

"Oh?" Sayu precociously inquired, arching a brow. "What is it?"

Gradually, that gentle smile widened as he dug within his pocket of his black leather jacket with its many silver zippers. What emerged from that pocket's depths...

...Was a dazzling diamond ring that must have belonged to his mother. At seeing the sparkling facets of it, her heart practically skipped two whole beats. Her joyful tears gathered at the corners of her dark eyes, her hand darting to her mouth.

"I think you know what I'm going to ask you," Mello remarked while playfully twirling the ring in his fingers. "I know I'm gonna sound cheesy here, but...Sayu Yagami, will you marry me?"

The shock had died down slowly, but she promptly yelled, "Yes! Did you honestly think I'd say no?!?"

"No," he murmured cockily, his smile contorting into a smirk. "And I think it's time that I get to know your mother. After all, she never knew I was your captor."

"That's true. Oh, Mello, you've made me so happy it's insane," Sayu declared passionately before bringing his face close to hers to kiss him. She had no idea how long this one lasted, but they held each other for minutes on end. At last, when the parted, she made another comment.

"I can't believe I'm going to get married to the guy who kidnapped me in about six months or so. But, yeesh, we got to have the invitations, the food, the cake, and—oh my God, where are we even going for our honeymoon?!?"

Mello shook his head while snorting laughingly, for he knew how crazy yet cool this sounded to him. But, after all, he unexpectedly kidnapped the girl of his dreams...along with her heart.

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