Lessons of Life

Chapter One: Learn to Live a Lie

Five years from the present…

"Naruto-kun, do you ever regret leaving Konoha?"

"Sometimes, I miss Obaa-chan, Sakura-chan, Ero-sennin, and Kakashi-sensei but I left that all behind for you."

"I love you."

She pecked a kiss on his cheek.

"I love you too."

He returned the favor.

The present

Crisp, the air was crisp. Uzumaki Naruto breathed in the morning air of Konohagakure his home. The land of fire was surprisingly cold.

"I could really go for some ramen now," he spoke aloud.

Hot ramen can do miracles for you after a long mission. The blonde after letting out a large yawn and a stretch ran over to a certain pink haired kunoichi.

"Hey Sakura-chan, do you want to get some ramen with me?"

The kunoichi shrugged. The words, "Why not," flowing through her head. Naruto dragged her to the red flagged ramen shop, taking a seat on the four of five seats available. To the far left in the corner sipping her ramen quietly was a blue-black haired long haired kunoichi with pale lavender eyes. A mischievous glimmer danced across the pink haired kunoichi.

"Hey Naruto, I think Tsunade asked me to go see her."

The pink haired kunoichi leapt from her seat and winked towards the pale-eyed kunoichi.

"Good luck."

The words seemed to shimmer through the wind slowly settling in the pale-eyed kunoichi's ears. The kunoichi turned towards the blond.

"Oh hey Hinata-chan how have you been doing?"

A fire burned through and enveloped the kunoichi.

"Oh N-naruto-kun I'm good, h-how are you?"

The blond quickly put his hand to her forehead.

"Hinata-chan I think your sick we should see Tsunade about this."

The kunoichi gave out a loud "Ohh" and fainted right into his hands. Naruto sighed, Hinata has always been like this. Maybe she had some syndrome? Taking her light body in both hands the ninja held her princess style as he tore off to the hospital. After depositing her, he headed off to the hokage tower where he could confirm his mission success. As he walked into the large circular room a large busted woman with long light blond hair and surprisingly the senile king of perverts greeted him.

"Hey Obaa-chan what's Ero-sennin doing here?"

"Naruto you're now 16 and it's about time that Jiraiya and I have to tell you something. You're not in trouble just answer this question. Tell me what do think your name is?"

"Naruto Uzumaki, why are you asking me this?" Naruto asked starting to get very confused.

"What if I told you your true name is Naruto Namikaze?"

A senbon could be heard clearly if it were dropped a mile away. The blond stopped and gasped.

"But that would mean my dad is…" he started to say.

"Yes the fourth hokage, Minato Namikaze is your father."


The fourth hokage was my dad. It all seemed so odd but yet it all fit together. I was stuck my happiness that I knew who my dad was but also by pain and sorrow seeing how my own father sealed the source of all my life problems within me.

"Who was my mom?" I almost mumbled.

"She was Kushina Uzumaki a powerful kunoichi from the whirlpool country."


That's really all I could say at the moment, this was too much to handle at the moment. So I sat down in shock. To break the silence Jiraiya spoke up.

"Naruto like any other clan the Namikaze clan, the noblest of all clans has a compound and tons of clan scrolls we just need to clear it over with the council."

He trailed off knowing how much Naruto despised the council.

"Fine let's get this over with"

Homura and Koharu strolled in along with the other clan heads, Tsume, Shikaku, Shibi, Hiashi, Choaza, and Inochi. Tsunade spoke up in an extremely formal voice.

"Councilmen I have an announcement to make, Naruto has decided to take up his father's heritage and take up the role as the last Namikaze."

The instant those word's danced out of Tsunade's mouth the council burst into an uproar. After Homura was able to calm them down he spoke.

"Are you saying that the demon is Minato Namikaze's son?"

"You bet your ass I am." Tsunade growled.

Homura and Koharu's faces paled.

"I'm very sorry Namikaze-san," they both cried bowing very low.

It took some much self-control to stop myself from breaking out laughing.

"So can I see my new house now?"

"Sure, Jiraiya lets go"

We hiked all the way to the outskirts of Konoha, as I looked down from the hill to look upon a massive mansion the size of the Hyuga compound with a very faint chipped yellow pain job. My mouth hang open I was hit by a cannon shot of shock and disbelief just days ago I was seen as the root of all evil by many and known as a no one but know… What!?! What am I thinking? The civilians were finally getting in my head. I sighed. Obaa-chan told me to unlock the door with my blood then her and Ero-sennin headed back into town. I spent possibly hours absorbing all I could from the thousand of scrolls found in the library. But then the sun started to set so I headed out to my favorite ramen restaurant. I strolled along the way people's heads turned towards me.

"I hate all those people who see me just as a demon." I thought to myself but was met by many unseen answers such as:

"Hello Namikaze-san"

"How are you doing Naruto Namikaze?

"Naruto Namikaze, you are looking fine today."

"Naruto have a good day." The voice was familiar then I snapped at the grocery store owner who tossed me a free apple but he had been before the same person who had beaten me as a child and called me a demon.

"Weird…" I trailed off I understood now. The word must have gotten out that I was of the Namikaze clan and being one of the noblest clans everyone even the ones who saw me as a demon treated me with false respect. Disgust inched through me. I ran up to Ichiraku's and took a seat.

"Hi, Naruto I heard about how you're the Namikaze that's great everything's on the house!" Ayame cried in joy.


I yelled as I run off into the forest. Was that necessary? I don't know at the moment all I needed to get away for a bit. My pace slowed, stopping to rest under a towering oak, comforted by the rush of a nearby stream. Thoughts rushed through my head. I despised how people idolized others just because of their heritage; it goes wrong so easily as in a certain 99% dead clan. I tensed up as I heard splashing and humming coming from the river. Pulling the branches back to see their in the middle of river who had a beautiful slender figure and had deep dark chocolate eyes but her hair was a brilliant red, I had never seen before. Then it hit me she was naked as the day she was born, not wanting to be a pervert I turned away only flinging blood from my nose. I guess it's to late. Looking back entranced by her beauty I sat there and watched.

"Okay pervert if you're going to watch could you at least fucking hand me my cloths?"

"Damn my cover was blown"

I thought as I handed her grey shirt and pants, letting my perverted side roam free I looked into the pile to find out a certain personal article was a deep purple. As I handed them to her I heard a clunk. Imbedded in the ground was her black forehead protector turning it in my hand finding it was of Oto,

"So you're a kunoichi from the sound?"

"So what gave it away?"

She nodded sarcastically.

"Well you know you're hot?" I finished with a grin

"Well uh thanks, I'm Tayuya by the way you know?"

She answered starting to turn shaky and flush bright red as she noticed how smooth he talked, how ripped his body was, and how gold his hair was.

"I'm Naruto."

I grinned again.

"Okay how about I see you tomorrow?"

I asked.

"Oh sure thanks see you."

Tayuya mumbled as she ran off, I even think I heard a girly giggle.

"I am so good!" I pumped the air.

Chapter one end