"What, Sam?" Dean growled from the bed next to Sam's.

"Are you afraid of saying the word…yes?" Sam softly said after a brief hesitation.

"What?" Dean asked confused, squinting in the moonlight.

"You know, like if you say it out loud, that Michael might mistake it for you meaning that affirmative, and then you're screwed?"

Dean thought about it for a little while, tucked his pillow a little further under his head as he thought. "Yeah, kinda, I guess. I'm more scared when you say the word yes."

Instantaneous anger bubbled through Sam. "You think I would don't you? You think I'd allow that son of a bitch to have me?"

"No. Even if they did something to you Sammy, I'd be there to stop you from doing that."

"You'd kill me?" Sam asked softly.

"No. I'd cut out your tongue."

"Oh that's reassuring."

"Yeah, well, whatever. You asked."

"You really aren't worried about Michael?"

"No. He isn't ever going to get to ride around in my skin."

"Even if it means saving the world?"

"Ruby told you that if you killed Lilith that you would save the world…"

"I know Dean. I know I was wrong…you don't have to…"

"If Ruby can say that to you, and make you believe it, and make you think you are doing the right thing…what makes me think that these ass holes who just happen to work for the other team, aren't trying to dick me over? I mean, really Sam, if I said yes, what would happen other than Michael would possess me and then what? Leave you alone? Leave you vulnerable and make it that much easier for Lucifer to take you over, and then they could have their little angel show down and what? Destroy half of the globe, and us in the process."

Sam chewed on the thought for a moment. Dean had been in the future, he knew what he was talking about, and he should trust that. "This is true." Sam said finally and sighed and continued to stare at the ceiling, so many things going through his head. So many worries, so many insecurities.

"Yeah. It is true. We've just got to keep our heads down Sammy. They can't make us do or say anything if they can't find us."

"You're right."

"Of course I'm right. I'm older. Go to sleep Sam. You need that beauty rest a whole hell of a lot more than me." That earned Dean a pillow in the face. "Thanks. One less pillow for you." Sam smiled to himself. It felt like old times for the first time in a long time. Sam sighed, and as if on cue both brothers rolled over onto their stomachs, and attempted to fall asleep.