-*- 1 week later -*-

"Damn you!" Etoile yelled as she pushed the cinderblock over. "I hate it, hate it, hate it!"

"Calm down Etoile." Wynne said.

"How can I? We've got the freaking world to fix and I can't freaking built a garage!"

Wynne shook his head and sighed. "What about I work on the garage, you work on planting."

"And do a woman's job? Hell fucking no!"

Catalina cleared her throat. "Not around Eli."

Eli, or otherwise known as Elinor, grinned and waved at the two. "Hey Wynne, Etoile!"

"Oh hey!" Etoile dropped what she was doing and another cinderblock fell. "How are you doing little one?" She walked over to Eli.

Wynne scoffed and started working on the garage. "So freaking bipolar I swear." Wynne said quietly to himself.

"I'm doing well." Eli answered.

"Good, good." Etoile looked at Catalina. "So, what up Gabby?"

"Ryan and Demy phoned in and said that they have half of the US's electricity companies up."

"Including the one for Circle Regeneration?"

"Yeah. They did that one first because of the importance."

Wynne scoffed again. "Are you sure it wasn't the theater room and the AC?"

All three girls looked at him. Catalina shook her head and sighed. "Yeah probably because of that… Anyways, have you seen Red Fern?"

"He and a bunch of the other guys walked down that way to see if they could work on the Las Vegas strip."

"Alright. I'll check up on you guys later. Come on Eli."

"Bye guys. Bye Eli." Etoile waved.

"Bye!" Eli waved back.

Etoile shook her head. "Elinor is so adorable for a 13 year old." She turned. "Stop building the garage that's my job!" Wynne jumped up and toppled over the last few cinderblocks he had put up.

Meanwhile on the Las Vegas strip Thierry and Red Fern talked about how to fix up the devastation. Catalina walked up to them. "Hey."

Red Fern turned and smiled at her. "Hey yourself." He then looked down at Elinor. "How's my little girl?" He bent down and Eli ran into her adoptive father's arms. "Alley oop." He said as he stood up.

Catalina giggled. "You're so great with kids Red Fern, have I ever told you that?"

"Once or twice."

"I still think that we should tackle the street first Red Fern." Thierry said.

"Why the street?" Red Fern asked as he placed Eli on the ground. "During construction the roads will probably get messed up all over again."

"Not necessarily. It will provide an even road to transport construction machine and objects of such."

Red Fern was about to say something when Catalina spoke up. "Do the roads first." Red Fern looked at her. "Thierry has a point." Red Fern was once again about to say something when Catalina beat him to it. "And don't say I'm wrong because the way I see it you have two choices: me right and you happy or me wrong and you outside tonight." Red Fern's jaw dropped. Elinor started laughing.

Thierry cleared his throat. "I would pick the first option." He said with a chuckle.

"Shut up." Red Fern said quietly. Then the three started laughing leaving an angered Red Fern to stand there and take it.

-*- A month later, Florida -*-

Catalina ran a hand through her hair. She sighed as she flipped her hear over her shoulder. This cannot be happening. She thought grimly to herself as she looked at herself once more in the mirror. On the car ride here, yes a car ride since the planes didn't have enough –valuable— fuel to get it to move a mile, she, Red Fern, Elinor, Etoile and Wynne, had to endure an almost 2 day drive from Las Vegas to Miami to get down to Circle Regeneration to brief them on nationwide rejuvenation and all the way Catalina has been PMSing like crazy. She could have sworn that the others were about to jump her in the car. Catalina sighed once more before taking in a deep breath of air. She quickly exited the bathroom of her room in the bunker and practically ran down the hall.

Red Fern finished off Catalina's prepared speech on the rejuvenation. She couldn't do it for some odd reason and to be frank her messed up behavior was really starting to worry him. People could say that he was just overreacting, since she still hadn't found out the last parts of her premonition and being the sole leader of a tiny circle that is meant to fix everything is really a lot to handle, he just couldn't think that he was. Period. The circle slowly started leaving the MiscRoom and he jumped off the stage. That's when Catalina came charging in.

Catalina groaned and placed a hand over her stomach. Fuck these pains. She cursed mentally as she regained her composure. Red Fern came up to her right on cue. Fuck. She cursed again, this time at herself. I guess that's what she gets for missing her own speech and charging into the room like a manic.

"Catalina, is everything alright?"

Catalina laughed suddenly. "Why is it that you always ask me that?" She was suddenly very giddy. Fuck the PMS. She cursed once again.

Red Fern looked at her with inquiring eyes. "Maybe because I'm always worried about you like I am now?"

"Well maybe you should just stop worrying about me. Duh." She cursed her PMS once more as did Red Fern.

"Just answer the question."

"I'm… Ok?"

"… You're ok?" He asked with sarcasm laden in his voice.

"I'm perfect!" She yelled out in a laugh.


"I'm not crazy." She blurted.

"… Oh…Kay…"

"…" Shit, shit, shit, shit! I'm not crazy? What the hell?! Catalina clicked her tongue. Well this is awkward… She thought. She took a deep breath in to prevent her from suddenly bursting out laughing. Instead of laughter, came something much, much worse. "Red Fern I'm pregnant!" Her hand shot up to her mouth and she smacked herself in the face.

"WHAT?!" Catalina turned around and saw Ryan, Demetria, Etoile, Wynne, Louve and Davi in the doorway. "What?!" They repeated in unison.

Catalina whimpered and turned to face Red Fern with a shy smile. "Surprise?" She said behind clasped hands.

Red Fern starred, his mouth slightly opened. To him the blurt out was as surprising as finding out your best friend in the world, the one you skateboarded with, hanged out, and your wingman in pranking the girls was actually gay, and suffice to say that that actually happened to him once.

Suddenly Davi came up beside him. "Dude! Say something! It's getting to awkward!"

"And it's making Catalina nervous!" Louve added and she screeched to a halt on Red Fern's other side.

"I'm just trying to figure out how this happened." Demy said.

"They had sex at some point Demy." Wynne answered.

"I know that! I'm just wondering how long ago!"

Etoile rubbed the back of her neck with her hand. "Maybe when they were in Las Vegas."

Ryan chuckled. "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

"Unless you get AIDS, HIV, get married, loose a million dollars that you didn't know you had, or in this case, get a girl pregnant…"

"Hey guys shut up!" Louve yelled. She turned to Red Fern again. "Say something you idiot!" She punched him in the shoulder.

Red Fern snapped out of his starring and looked at Catalina, who by now was looking away and her hands and fell to her necklace. Red Fern ran through the whole scene in his head before actually saying something. "That's awesome!" Catalina's head turned suddenly to look at him. Red Fern smiled at her. "Hey, we have a full family now, complete with the crazy family friends."

"Hey!" Davi blurted.

Catalina smiled at him and a tear fell down her eyes. She then ran straight into his arms. Red Fern kissed the top of her head.

At that moment Eli walked in. She yawned and made her way across the room. "Catali— I mean— mom. Can I get some juice or something? Preferably soda."

Red Fern looked at Elinor and smiled. "Hey Eli. You could become a sister."

Eli blinked a few times and smiled. "Mom's pregnant?" She then shook her head. "Nah, I don't believe that." She said jokingly.

Red Fern nodded. "Let Catalina tell you." He then had to act fast as Catalina fell limp in his arms.

-*- Premonition -*-

Catalina groaned in frustration. "What now?" Her question echoed in the white emptiness of her mind. The flower and the background of the destroyed world appeared before her. "The flower again? I thought I was the flower. What else could there be." She could have been imagining it but she heard a soft voice whisper to her softly.

'Look closer…'

"Look closer?" Catalina repeated to make sure she heard it right.

'There is more to life than just coincidences... There is more to life than just occurrences... Look closer…'

The voice then echoed to a dead silence. Catalina felt her muscles tighten. She walked closer to the premonition itself. There the light flashed softly once. Catalina took that as 'stop, you can't come any farther'. She looked closer at the flower. She probably starred at the hibiscus flower for a while before she saw is. There, right behind the flower, was an exact replica of the flower but it was smaller. Then when she saw it the background changed to reveal, in Catalina's opinion, a better version of the world before. It was shinier, cleaner, and fresh. It all clicked again. Life is more than just coincidences, more than occurrences. Her thoughts echoed in her mind, this echo though didn't fade to silence…

-*- End -*-

Catalina's eyes opened slowly. "Life is more than just coincidences, more than occurrences." She said softly to herself.

Red Fern gently held onto her arms. "Catalina, don't tell me you had another premonition."

Catalina smiled. "I did. But it's the last time I'll every see it." She then pulled herself out of Red Fern's hands and kneeled before Elinor. "I can predict that." She added.

-*- 7 months later -*-

Catalina's friends (An: Ryan, Demetria, Etoile, Wynne, Louve and Davi.) and Circle Daybreak (An: The Las Vegas HQ members including Hunter and Lilly.) filled up the hospital's maternity waiting room completely. They were lucky enough that the Miami hospital is 100% operational with doctors, true doctors not those who don't know squat.

Louve impatiently tapped her fingers against her cheek. "Ugh…" She half groaned, half sighed. "The anticipation is killing me. I wish I was in there."

"We can't though. Only close family." Davi answered absently. It must have been the 6th time he told her.

"I do agree with Louve though." Etoile said softly. "I don't know how Elinor got in there. She's just adopted."

Demy sighed. "It's because Eli never seen a baby being born and this could be the first time in a long time that she will ever see a baby get born."

"I don't care really." Wynne said softly. "I'm just glad this baby lived past the 1st trimester. Catalina's other babies became miscarriages in that time."

Ryan nodded and then yawned. "Yeah… Oh and by the way… We've been in here for about 7 hours now."

Everyone groaned. Then, again right on cue, came Red Fern. "Hey guys." Red Fern greeted in a very giddy voice. It was almost scary. "Sorry for the wait. The baby came out quickly but because of the vast number of you we wanted to get the baby to the observatory instead of the room. They are both well and healthy by the way. Oh and it's ok to go in now."

The moment he said that the whole room emptied out and charged into the maternity section. Red Fern followed suit. In the observatory the large group was met by Eli. Eli had a very disgusted look on her face. "If I say that I want to see a baby getting birthed, please slap me."

The group chuckled as they looked onto the small child in the room. Talk of the baby started quickly as the doctor smiled up at the group. He continued checking up on the baby as they were getting starred down. Red Fern walked in and leaned on the wall. He watched in silent awe as his daughter— his other daughter— squirmed in her containment. Then suddenly he became the center of attention.

"It's so cute Red Fern!"


"Sight to behold."


"How's mama? I know you already told us but what are her emotions about it?"

"How are you feeling?"

"Be a good daddy Red Fern."

Red Fern shook his head. "Woah! Quiet down horsie." He joked. "Jeez. Giving me a headache."

Lilly clapped her hands together. "What gender and how much does he or she weigh?"

"Girl and she's about 7 and half pounds. She pretty tiny I guess."

"What's her name?" Hunter asked quietly.

"Didn't know you cared Hunter." Red Fern grimaced at him. He still doesn't like the guy. Lilly's ok but her father, Red Fern mentally shuddered. He's going nowhere near both of his daughters. "And I don't know yet. Catalina is deciding."

"Which I have already made my decision." Catalina said as she was wheeled in by a nurse. "I've decided to call her Luminita Camelia Reynolds. (AN: Remember that Catalina's last name is Reynolds btw.) Luminita stands for little light and Camelia for the flower; camellia, in Romanian."

Red Fern walked up to her and placed a kiss on her head. "Perfect."

Elinor ran up and sat on Catalina's lap. "Luminita Camelia? That's pretty. We all have pretty names. Except for dad, his is ugly."

"Hey!" Red Fern said.

The group laughed. Catalina gently pushed Eli off her and wheeled herself over to the window. "Yeah. She's special you know." Catalina starts. "She's not only my first successful birth, which I think it's because human sperm didn't survive in my womb, but she's the first of her kind. She's almost like me but with more vampire in her, which means she would require more blood but at what I'm expecting is that she will need to feed less than I do and I hardly feed at all. Not only that the moment I held her in my arms I felt her power. She strong. She has premonition abilities like I do and the same werewolf form as I do. I can almost bet on it that she will be smaller in her wolf form but other than that… She will be just like me." The others starred at her, quietly contemplating what she just said. "And how do I know all this?" She continued. "Truth is… I met her before." Small gasps were heard behind her. "When I had my last premonition 7 months ago I heard her voice. The child inside me felt when I fell into my premonition and so did she. She helped me understand everything." She wheeled herself around so that she can face the others. "Guys… She was a child prodigy before she was even born."

Everyone heard a crash in the room behind the glass and everyone turned their heads. There the doctor quickly exited the room and there Luminita sat Indian style on a chair. She smiled and waved at her mother, her eyes bright purple.

End! Yeah I am done with it! Done! Done ! Done! And don't ask for an epilogue because for 1) I won't do one, 2) I gave you enough information to think up your own version of an epilogue and I'm leaving you to decide how to finish this and 3) I really want to start something else. Review please.


If you're wondering what each little thing in the premonition stood for, here it is:

--The necklace/stallion stood for leadership that Catalina needed to show or have to stop the war.

--The mirror/shards stand for reflection. When the glass breaks it was meant for a misinterpretation of the 'end'.

--The light stood for what was really supposed to happen.

--The shards that came out to Catalina stands for Elinor.

--The box represents Hunter's plan to get rid of her (no duh).

--The big flower stands for Catalina and the little flower Luminita. These flowers had double meaning because these two are ultimately the beginning of the New World that is to come.


So there. Oh and btw I was off by one chapter in my prediction a few chapters back. I said that I would end at 19 chapters but I ended at 18. Pretty close. I say I may have a little premonition in me. Once again, please review and tell me how you think about the twist at the end. And once again, please don't ask for an epilogue and look out for my next story which is a Greek Mythology story called Godly Circumstances. Peace!