Elle Bishop appeared on the beach. Gabriel Gray also known as Sylar was already there.

"What was that?" Elle asked

"Hiro Nakamura." Sylar answered,

"Long day." Elle said as she limped over to him.

"Was Bennet lying in there?" Sylar asked.

Elle opened her mouth but no words came out.

"Elle?" Sylar asked.

"You know what I can't lie to you anymore. The Petrellis aren't your parents. Your father is Samson Gray a taxidermist, he killed your mother." Elle explained.

"Elle, I'm feeling the urge to kill you right now." Sylar said. "We're all just damaged goods after all."

"What?" Elle asked in fear.

"Don't worry I'm not going to because while I may not be against murder, I am against abortion." Sylar said. "Especially when it's my own."

"Gabriel, what are you talking about? Are saying I'm…" She asked. She then realized that Sylar's power could allow him to see humans' any abnormalities in the human body.

"Pregnant? Yes. Turns out one of your eggs was fertilized." Sylar said. "But I am leaving you. Don't follow me."

"You can't just leave me here pregnant with barely any clothes." Elle said in confusion. Her current state of dress was nothing but Sylar's shirt. She didn't even have any shoes.

"Watch me." Sylar said as he began to walk away. He was already carrying her phone and she left her wallet back at Stephen Canfield's which she had no idea how far away from they were. "I have some unfinished business with Arthur to deal with. If you know what's good for both you and your baby, you'll go the other way."

"This is your baby too!" Elle yelled. "Are you really going to do what your father did to you?"

"There may come a day when I'm willing to forgive you." Sylar said. "A lot would have to change. I probably wouldn't be a very good father anyway. That's why staying away from me right now would be your best bet."

"Where am I supposed to go?" Elle asked.

"I honestly don't care." Sylar said as he teleported away. He had copied Hiro's ability.

Elle began walking down the road barefoot, the leg still hurt from being shot. She supposed a hospital would be a good place to stop. Luckily she managed to hitchhike there.

After the infection was treated, and she had gotten some clothes and shoes from the lost and found bin, she wondered where she would go. She couldn't just live in the hospital. She couldn't afford to be there. Pinehurst didn't offer any sort of health insurance and she wouldn't be able to access the money her father left her. She had to call somebody. She knew there was only one person she could call. She took the phone dialed the number.

"Hello?" The voice on the other end said.

Okay so I know that some of this may seem a little strange. First I don't know how long it takes an egg to fertilize. I needed a reason for Sylar to keep Elle alive. I got the idea that Sylar would be able to see that she was pregnant from when he saw Charlie's anyeurism. So any guesses to who's on the phone? Calling Pinehurst would be a bad idea with Sylar on his way to take Arthur down and Peter on his way to take the whole company down.