The loss Kay and Henri's rap from Remember The Names

Verse 1 Kay

Okay, everyday I sit and wonder what's its like to lose on another and I guess today I found out how much it kills ya to watch it all build up then to see it suffer well guess what I really don't know how to say this all ima say what did I do to even deserve this? Caught up in it alla bulls*** I guess I quit hand life over to someone who deserves it feeling so low painful and so nervous

And in the years sittin crying gallons of tears why? They all ask it makes me wanna lose it the real reason? They'll never know and soon in time ill forget but one thing's true that they never know my loss

Verse 2 Henri

Hey now kiddo c'mon wipe away ya tears after all the years we reunited and happiness restored to a life that never was and never will be the end I guess to sum it up ill ima say is why does life have to be this way I never guess it even thought for a minute it could all be lost and well I guess I made the same mistake with who I could trust and who just walked away so heres your story will all I gotta give just sittin back grittin my teeth clenching my fists well jus remember when you judge this book don't ever say she had or has nothing to lose she does and now thanks Albion you made me miserable as I sit and watch my life burn slowly. Thanks again I never knew how this all would end and here it ended this chapter the final page of my life before I return my soul back to peace back to love and heaven make sure that yall remember my loss.