A Little Note- I recently began playing Zelda: Majora's Mask after years of it being buried in the depths of my closet. A character that really intrigued me was Cremia, the young woman who works diligently at Romani Ranch. I could not find any fanfictions about her, so I decided to write one.

I came up with the title with my misinterpretation of the beginning lyrics to the song "How Deep is Your Love", by the Bee Gees. I had thought it was "When you rise in the morning sun", but it is actually "I know your eyes in the morning sun" (don't laugh at me! It's a easy mistake!...kind of! xP). Anyways, I loved the sound of what I originally thought it was so much that I decided to use it for the title.

And ok ok heres the disclaimer: I do not own the characters that shall mentioned in this fanfiction, they belong to Nintendo.

Rise in the Morning Sun

Chapter 1: Secret Sorrows

It is often over a cup of coffee that one can contemplate the shortcomings of his life, and try to recognize where he had gone wrong while he had embarked on the earlier parts of his journey.

Cremia is in such a state this early Saturday morning, sitting at a wooden dining table with a mug of black coffee in hand. Its searing heat seems to represent the pain she had felt when she had encountered sadness, disappointment, and heartbreak in the past.

She takes a very slow and cautious sip, yet she still manages to singe her lip, causing small tears to emerge from her eyes.

Alarmed, she quickly places the glass mug upon the wooden tabletop and wipes away the droplets, but it is already too late. The small presence of tears spurns a sudden chain reaction that causes Cremia to erupt into heavy sobs that she had kept pent up for the longest time. As diamond colored tears pour down upon her white blouse, Cremia glimpses flashbacks of random moments of her life…

She sees her father again, with his crooked smile and his gentle hands that seemed capable of protecting her from any of the world's dangers…She revisits the moment of his death, where those very same hands had clung onto her own as he lay in a bed, smiling weakly and asking Cremia to please look after the ranch and her younger sister Romani.

Next, the image of her father dissipates and the memory of a young boy replaces him. The boy stands smiling down at Cremia, offering out his hand to her after she was tripped by a group of jeering youngsters. She sees herself accepting his chivalrous hand, and hears him introducing himself as Kafei after hoisting her upright. Cremia watches as her affections towards the kind boy grow and intensify as he gradually grows into a handsome man. She almost smiles as she remembers his acceptance of her, and his return of infatuation. She relives his tender touches, his soft kisses, his heartfelt words of love…

Yet then all too soon she witnesses the sudden heartbreak, of Kafei confessing that he still had feelings for Anju, his old love and Cremia's very own best friend. Cremia weeps even more deeply as she reminisces it all. She sees Kafei as he apologizes repeatedly with tears streaming down his face. She sees herself sprawled on the ground, embracing his ankles, begging him to not leave her…She revisits the moment where she saw Kafei and Anju walk hand-in-hand in the rain after rekindling their love. She experiences the same stab of agony upon the horrid scene, and feels just as worthless and alone as she had on that day… The wound deepens when she again sees her best friend Anju, unaware of Cremia and Kafei's past affair, excitingly inviting Cremia to her and Kafei's wedding…

"No…" Cremia whimpers, wiping her wet face. "Don't think about it. It will only hurt you…Don't think about it…"

But such a goal is impossible for Cremia to attain. How can she possibly not think of someone she had cared deeply about? How can she possibly forget him, when he was one of the first people in her life that expressed kindness to her? How can she possibly forget the immense heartbreak he inflicted upon her, when she knew that he was the one person who would have granted her the greatest possible happiness?

Dear reader, if you have experienced heartbreak or rejection by love, then you know that it is impossible to completely forget such a negative experience. Even when you think you have moved on, a small reminiscence shall emerge, and for a moment, you will again experience that feeling of pain, the immense shock, the unbearable sorrow, the tight tug of your heart…

Cremia's mourning is suddenly interrupted by the sharp piercing sound of a cuckoo bird's cry. "CUCKOOOOOOOO!" It screams, in its shrill voice.

She jumps from the sudden noise, immediately realizing that it signifies the awakening of her younger sister, Romani.

"I can't let her see me like this!" She gasps, jumping to her feet and scrubbing at her eyes furiously.

She scrambles around the kitchen, preparing for her younger's sister arrival. While still attempting to wipe away her tears, she grabs plates and silverware, laying them out upon the dining table for the early morning breakfast routine.

'Please, don't let her know that I've been crying!' She silently prays to herself.

"Goooooooooood Morning!" Romani greets her gleefully; fully awake and bounding down the stairs in her pajamas and slippers.

Romani, as a true sister of Cremia, strongly resembles her elder sister when Cremia was her age, with her long, dark red hair and her cute chubby face. Yet Romani possesses something that Cremia never quite had, and that is an ongoing optimism in the world around her. Maybe Cremia did have that quality in one point in her life, but it definitely dissolved upon the death of their father and her appointment as head of the entire family ranch.

"Good morning Romani! Did you sleep well?" Cremia greets her back, attempting a smile.

Romani hops upon a wooden chair and giggles. "Oh yes! I dreamt about magical unicorns and handsome princes!"

Cremia cannot help but smile upon Romani's child innocence. "Probably because of that fairy tale we read last night."

Romani chuckles again upon the memory, and slightly blushes. "Yes, probably."

Cremia laughs softly and ruffles her sister's hair. "I'm only teasing you of course."

Romani giggles again, feeling relieved.

Smiling weakly, Cremia picks up her coffee mug and heads toward the stove to begin preparing their morning meal.

"You've got your coffee I see." Romani beams. "Just like every morning!"

"Yep," Cremia replies, choking down a few tears. She slowly sips from the dark beverage. 'Another coffee.' She thinks to herself. 'Another day…'


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