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I sighed, staring at myself in the mirror. How did I get in this position? Yeah, me, Freddie Benson, am the new Bachelor. Somehow, I got roped into doing it. Yeah so, I'm 24 years old and single. The producers of the show thought it would be so cool if the technical producer on iCarly would be the next Bachelor. So, I have to choose from 10 girls and pick my wife. It's totally and completely crazy.

Tonight was the first night of the show, and I was supposed to meet all of the girls. I can't believe Carly and Sam forced me to do this. Well, more like Carly, not Sam. Sam said I needed to get out the house and live a little, but no girl was crazy enough to be on the show to date me. I laughed at the thought. Carly said she really wanted me to find the perfect girl. I scoffed. I think I can find the perfect girl without having to go on a stupid TV show. But, I really wanted to prove to Sam girls would date me. It wasn't like I never had a date. I usually did, but Sam would really see this on TV.

But, when I decided to really do it, my only thought was, I have nothing to lose. So, I hope everything goes all right. I sighed again, running my fingers through my hair. Over the years, I had sort of grown up. I worked out a lot ad ran every morning. So, I wasn't the little scrawny kid I used to be. Maybe I'll find the girl of my dreams. Yeah, right.

I pulled on my tuxedo and brushed my teeth. I didn't really care about impressing these girls. After all, they know what I look like. Some guy picked me up from the apartment the show put me in, and we finally pulled up to the mansion the girls were supposed to stay in.

It was a pretty house. It looked like a villa with gardens surrounding and there were lots of pretty lights and stuff. It was even more beautiful because it was nighttime. I got out of the car. The host was standing there on a stone sidewalk leading up to the front door of the mansion. There were cameras everywhere. I wasn't really expecting to go into this so unprepared. I mean, I have no idea who all the girls are.

I walked over to the host. I think his name was Chris Harrison. "Hello Freddie. Are you excited to be here?" he asked in a very serious tone. It almost made me want to laugh.

I put on a smile. "Yeah I am." Even though, I really wasn't that excited.

"Well, good luck to you. Are you ready to meet your 10 bachelorette's?" he asked again in the very serious tone.

I decided to play along. "Yes Chris. I think I am."

"Alright. Here comes the first limo of girls." Chris said and walked away. A camera was pointing directly at my face. It was sort of ironic because the cameras were annoying me, and I was the cameraman on iCarly.

A limo pulled up and I heard a bunch of squealing. I rolled my eyes. Then, the first girl stepped out of the limo. She had platinum blonde hair and brown eyes. She shot a smile at me. She was very pretty, but had a really skimpy dress on.

"Hi Freddie." She said flirtatiously.

"Um, hi." I said not sure of what to say.

She smiled again. "My name's Scarlett."

"Oh hi Scarlett. Nice to meet you." I said my gaze meeting hers.

"Nice to meet you too." She said. She hugged me and I hugged back, weakly. This whole thing was too weird. Sam thought so anyway.

"See you inside." She said and winked at me.

"Yeah." I answered, grimacing inside. She struck me as a really superficial girl.

Then, the next girl stepped out of the limo. She had red hair, which was really wild. Her blue eyes stared straight into mine. She had on a dress with all different colors on it, and a shawl that didn't match her fancy dress at all.

"Hey Freddie. My name's Cameron." She said, and her voice was really low.

"Um, nice too meet you." I stumbled.

She smiled a toothy smile. "I want to marry you."

I just stared at her for a second. "Um…" was all I could manage. Sam would say she was crazy.

She just looked at me and then walked inside. What was I getting into? Then, the door of the limo opened again.

This time, a blonde headed girl stepped out of the limo. She was wearing a purple dress and had lots of rings on. She walked up to me, and just started giggling.

She kept laughing and I wasn't sure what to do. "What's so funny?" I finally asked.

"Oh nothing. I'm just so glad to finally meet you. I've watched iCarly forever, and I always thought you were so cute." She said and then started giggling again.

I sighed. "I'll see you inside."

She giggled and walked inside. So far, it had not been too good. Then, I realized I never got the giggling girls name. Oh well, I'll find out soon enough.

Then, the door of the limo opened again and another girl stepped out. This girl had straight, shiny brown hair and narrow brown eyes. She was clearly, very, very hot. She walked towards me in a way too tight brown mini dress, and I raised my eyebrows.

"Hi." She said smiling. But, it wasn't a friendly smile. More like I'm the most gorgeous girl here and you know it type of smile.

"Hi I'm Freddie. What's your name?" I asked. I sounded way too excited. I needed to calm down a little bit. Like Sam would say.

"Ashley." She said softly, and for some reason, it reminded me of a snake.

"Nice to meet you." I drawled. Even though Sam still said I was a dork, I really wasn't anymore.

She smiled and walked away from me. The way she walked was almost entrancing, but I forced myself to turn away. Then, I faced the limo again. A girl stepped out, again in a very skimpy dress. She had brown hair that was kind of curly, and dark blue eyes. I thought Sam's eyes were more deep and pretty than hers. Wait, why do I keep thinking of her?

"Hello." I said, getting used to this whole routine.

"Hello Freddie. My name's Bethany." She said.

"I like the name Bethany." I said. Why did I just say that? Oh yeah, Sam and me had an argument about names one time… Bethany was one of the names we argued about. We were so random.

She blushed. "Yeah, thanks."

"Your welcome." I said and cleared my throat. This was so awkward.

"The other girls here are really fake." She said quickly.

"Huh?" I asked.

She just smiled and sighed. "You'll understand someday."

What? This was getting too confusing. How was I going to remember all of these girl's names? And what did this girl mean by you'll understand someday?

"Okay…" I said.

She hugged me quickly and walked towards the house. I stared after her in confusion. Then I realized there were cameras and sighed. They were seriously starting to get on my nerves. Then, another girl got out. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She walked up to me nervously, and smiled. She actually seemed normal, with a nice, pretty dress on.

"Hi Freddie. I'm Mandy." She said softly. Good thing it wasn't Mandy Valdez, at least I hope it wasn't.

"Hi Mandy." I answered.

We smiled at each other. "Wow. This is so…" she said looking up at the house.

I smiled. It was sort of nice she was focusing on the house, and not on me. For some reason I found that… just nice. I already felt comfortable with her.

"Well… I'll see you inside." I said quietly.

"Yeah. See you inside." She said her voice in a soft tone, and we hugged.

Well, it was good there was at least one normal girl here. I sighed, ran a hand through my hair and turned back to the limo, again. This time, a girl with black hair walked out. She had dark blue eyes and had lots of eyeliner on.

"Hi." She said in a low tone.

"Hi, I'm Freddie." I said.

She just nodded. "I'm Sarah."

"That's a nice name." I said awkwardly.

She just turned and walked inside. Okay, that was weird. Anyway, I turned back to the limo, but it pulled away and a new limo pulled up. At least I didn't hear a lot of squealing this time. Well, I heard one squeal, but a deeper voice said shut up, really loudly. That really sounded like Sam. Oh well, I'm just imagining things. Then, the limo door opened and another girl stepped out. She had straight blonde hair, with obvious dark roots. She had bright green eyes, which were staring me up and down.

"Hello." I said slowly.

"Hi Freddie. My name's Haley." She said equally as slowly.

I just nodded. "You look nice."

"Thanks." She said laughing. "I'll see you inside."

"Yeah, see you inside." I said. She laughed again, and as she walked away from me, she tripped, but caught herself. Se just kept walking. I had to stifle a laugh. That's what you get for wearing huge high heels.

Then, the limo door opened again and I gasped. What? Why was she here? Carly was standing there, in a tight red dress. She walked up to me.

"Carly? What?" I asked really confused.

She laughed. "Hey Freddie."

"Um, hi. What are you doing here?" I asked, trying not to be rude.

"Well, after you left, I kind of realized I missed you." She said softly.

"Carly, I…" I said softly.

"We'll talk about inside." She said, kissed my cheek, and walked inside. Okay, there was no way this was happening. Why would the producers make Carly be on the show? This was crazy.

Then, the limo door opened again. Sam got out, in a long purple dress. Sam? No way. This was not happening. Why was Sam here? I had to admit, she looked really pretty though. I wasn't going to deny it.

"Okay Sam? What's going on?" I asked.

She walked up to me and whispered quickly in my ear. "Act like normal, there are cameras around. I'll explain to you later, nub." She said. Of course, she had to call me a nub.

I nodded, completely confused. "Um, hi Sam."

"Hi Freddie. I came because I missed you." She said, winking at me. Then, I understood. This was to add drama to the show, and Sam was probably getting paid. I guess I was supposed to play along.

"That's nice." I said meeting her gaze. "Well, Samantha." I added with a smirk. She glared at me. "Shall we go inside?"

"Yes, we shall." She said. "Fredward."

I cringed. She had to say my real name on national television. I followed her into the mansion, and I couldn't help but laugh, when I noticed she had her Chuck Taylor's on, instead of high heels.

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