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Sam's P.O.V.:

"How do I look?" I asked Melanie, my maid of honor.

"Beautiful, Sammie, just beautiful. Even though Freddie's going to think you look beautiful no matter what you wear." she answered, patting me on the shoulder.

I smiled. "Thanks Mel."

She just smiled back at me, and Carly, one of my bridesmaids, came bursting into the room. "Hey, guys, it almost time." she said, as she walked over to us. "Sam, you look great."

"Thanks Carls. Do you know how Freddifer is holding up?" I asked.

"I think he's doing alright. Although, Mrs. Benson is already bawling." Carly said, rolling her eyes.

I laughed, and turned back to stare at my reflection in the mirror. My long, wild blonde hair was cascading down my back, and I had a strapless white dress on, that went down to the floor. I looked down at my toes just peeping out from my dress.

I was wearing my old red converse, which me and Freddie had written all over when we were 16. Freddie had been in charge of one shoe, and I had the other. On mine was pictures of meat, and the iCarly slogan. I also had drawn a few hearts to fill up the space. Freddie's shoe had Princess Puckett written on the toe, and a drawing of a computer on the side. I'm sure he did that just to annoy me.

I had grudgingly agreed to do some of the old wedding traditions, like not seeing the groom on our wedding day, and wearing something borrowed, something blue, something old, and something new. My wedding dress was new, I had my old converse on, I was wearing a blue clip in my hair, and I had borrowed Freddie's old braided rope bracelet that I got him before we left of college. And, I hadn't seen Freddie all day.

The wedding plans had gone fairly well. Freddie and I didn't get in to big of fight's, just the usual stuff, and we actually had a lot of fun. At first, Freddie and I hired a wedding planner, but I ended up getting really annoyed with her. She just wanted everything to be fancy and over the top, which wasn't at all Freddie and me. I think something that makes us so perfect for each other is the fact we both enjoy the simple things in life. Like the fact after we're married, even though we could afford a big house, we're going to buy a small loft in Bushwell.

Freddie and I decided to get married in small, white church out in the country. I thought it looked great, and fit us perfectly.

We didn't invite very many people, just Carly, Melanie, our parents, Gibby, Guppy, Spencer, Wendy, my Uncle Carmine, my Uncle Buzz, and some of Freddie's crazy relative's. Melanie and Carly are my bridesmaids, and Freddie picked Gibby and Spencer for his groomsmen. The flower girl is (used to be) baby Stephanie, Freddie's cousin, who didn't think Fredward was funny until he smashed a pie in his face. We didn't really have anyone to be the ring bearer.

"Come on Sam. We better get up to the church. Don't want to be late for your wedding." Carly said, smiling, as she dragged me and Melanie out of the room I got ready in.

"Fredward can wait." I said, but I wasn't truly thinking that. I couldn't wait to see Freddie's face when he saw me walk up the aisle.

"Sam..." Carly groaned, and Melanie laughed.

We got to the front doors of the chapel, and Gibby and Spencer were already standing there. Gibby was going to walked Carly in, and Spencer was going to walk Melanie in. I took a deep breath as I stood at the back of the line. Nervousness was beginning to build in my stomach. I was about to get married, commit myself to one person, and have to live with one person for the rest of my life. It's not like I ever wanted to have a relationship with any other guys but Freddie, it's just, it was like taking my freedom away.

I took another calming breath, and realized how wrong I was. Getting married isn't going to take my freedom away. Being single is really lonely, I realized that firsthand when Carly was dating Freddie when were 16.

I sent a mental message to Freddie telling him I loved him, to calm down, and stop worrying, because he always worries.

The music started in the church, and the doors opened. Spencer and Melanie went in, and then Carly and Gibby. My heart started to pound, as I nervously walked forward.

I entered the front doors of the church, and saw Freddie standing at the front of the church. His brown eyes met mine, and I saw they were sparkling with tears. I smiled nervously at him, and he smiled back. He certainly didn't look like a dork or a nub standing up there his black suit, and his brown hair swept across his forehead.

After the really long walk up the aisle, Freddie held my hands, and we stood across from each other. Freddie shakily took my veil and lifted it over my head. We smiled at each other. The preacher talked for awhile, but I was so nervous, I couldn't focus very well. Then, it was time to say our vows. We decided to say traditional vows, because I was too lazy to try and memorize a long speech about how much I loved Freddie. He knew I loved him, and I know he loves me, so we really don't have to give a long speech to each other about it.

"Fredward Benson." I snickered at his first name. "Do you take Samantha Puckett to be your lawfully wedded wife?" the preacher said.

Freddie stared into my eyes. He was still having trouble not crying. I heard Mrs. Benson bawling in her pew. "I do." he said quietly.

I smiled, as the preacher turned to me. "Samantha Puckett, do you take Fredward Benson as your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do." I said, and Freddie squeezed my hands, and squeezed back, enough to make sure his hands hurt a little bit. I heard him give a little gasp of pain. I had to make sure he knew I wasn't going to be mushy gushy all the time.

"Then, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride." the preacher said.

Freddie smiled at me, and I whispered. "Well, lean."

He grinned, and kissed me.

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